Top 10 Best Airway Speakers In 2017– Buyer’s Guide


If you are a certified music lover, then you surely intend to have your airway speaker to give you fresh sounds. These speakers are of different forms and supports for various kinds of devices. However, whatever its kind is, one thing is for sure; this product will surely provide you the best sound you are looking. These top 10 best airway speakers in 2017 reviews will definitely give you the idea for the best airway speakers on the market today. This report can give you hint on how to buy and describe each of these products features, capabilities, and quality.

Buyer’s Guide

Before embarking on a purchase action, you need to know what you want. This guide emphasizes on the speakers themselves and the audio components. It is good to know that the quality is determined by the features of the speaker. The following are the components of good quality listening that you can achieve from airplay speakers.

What to Look for in a Good Airplay Speaker


You need to go for the best out of the rest. Most of the modern designs offer the best not only in the sound quality but also in design. The new design gives a refined appearance of a décor rather than just a standing speaker unit. These good designs are mostly the V5 series which have a woody design with variety colors.


The connectivity options matter a lot.  The best and latest models have more than one connectivity options such as Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Play-Fi. However, the best connectivity option depends on with the media source. For instance, when just playing the music from your phone, Bluetooth connection is enough. Similarly, AirPlay and Play-fi are the best for multi-room listening.

Sound Quality

The quality of the sound describes what the best speaker should look like. With the current technological advancement, there is no connection between size and the quality of the sound. You can get a small speaker with good quality and also a big speaker with low or poor quality.

What Influences the Sound Quality?

Listening Environment

Listening environment is a factor that affects the quality of the sound. In general, the type, size, and materials construction of the room affect the sound quality. For instance, an environment with less or no noise gives the best listening experience compared to a noisy room. The same applies to an enclosed environment with no openings that allow a lot of air in.


The construction of the room also has an impact on the listening experience and quality. For instance, a carpeted floor would have a varied quality from a hardwood floor. On the same, a lot of reverberations is experienced in rooms with low ceilings and arched walls. Therefore, the architecture of the house affects the sound quality and performance of the speakers.


When it comes to music, materials are categorized as either absorbers or non-absorbers. With that, it is necessary to identify the materials in the room like furniture and curtains and ensure that the ones that absorb sound are correctly placed. Basically, fabric surfaces and upholstered furniture tend to absorb sound. Therefore, you need to set the speakers in such a way that the listeners are at the center of the sound projection.

Audio Cables

The audio cable has a lot to do with the quality of sound. The main thing to consider while selecting a speaker cable is the resistance rating of the cable. Low resistance permits more power in relaying the quality sound. In order to get the best, ensure that you match the resistance of the cable and the impedance of the speaker.


Sensitivity is the measure of the sound pressure level (SPL) and is given in decibels (dB). The sensitivity simply describes the maximum volume that the speaker can attain from a given voltage. Even though there is no standard measurement for sensitivity, the higher sensitive ones have higher speaker volume.

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR or S/N)

SNR is just about clarity, and it determines how clear the sound is. You have at times heard some speakers giving some coarse sound while others give very clear sound. The speakers with higher SNR produces a clearer sound compared to the ones with low SNR.

These are the Best Picks for 2017

10. RUSSOUND AGO1 w/Airport Express AirGo Powered Outdoor Speaker

This airway speaker product from Russound will surely give you wireless freedom. With its Air Go Outdoor Sound System which has a portable enough amplifier speaker dock for an Apple AirPort Express. More so, using this product you can stream music from an AirPlay compatible device via the Apple Airport Express. Plus, this airway speaker has hot spot flexibility and has the ability to act as Wi-Fi repeater simultaneously. The Air Go can also offer a Wi-Fi hotspot while listening to the music at the same time. Finally, you can have great sound in this product because of its high performance, quality outdoor sound system. Also, the single large stereo speaker provides excellent sound quality and a wide sound stage.


  • Solid built
  • It can be left outside
  • Easy to set up
  • It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • The music is good
  • Heavy


  • Requires buying an old style Airport Express
  • Incompatible with the Airport Extreme Base Station

9. Libratone ZIPP WiFi + Bluetooth Multi-Room Wireless Speaker

Librastone’s airway speaker made it to the 9th rank of this review. This product produces amazing sound. With its deep bass, full midrange, crisp highs, 100-watts of power and a 360-degree full room acoustics, you can experience the best music. Prepare to experience immersive sound in one room or multiple rooms or even outside using this very cool product. At the same time, you can play all audio, and video apps directly from your mobile device without proprietary app needed, unlike another wireless device. Also, with its wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, it is supported Spotify, Connect, Airplay, and DLNA. Finally, it’s wireless and 10-hour range rechargeable battery can provide you extended use. Unlike other speakers that require AC power-convenient carrying handle, intuitive touch-control interface, speakerphone, and easy to use App.


  • Compatible with Spotify
  • Better sound quality
  • Longer lasting battery
  • Its stylish
  • Solid built
  • Natural and clear sound quality


8. Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System

Bose airway speaker will surely give you full lifelike sound from a small and has a lightweight system. More so, it uses Apple AirPlay technology to stream music from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or a computer running iTunes. This airway speaker comes with an attractive, compact design that suits just about any room in your place or even for outdoor use. You can stream to multiple rooms with additional SoundLink Air systems networked to your computer. Plus, the system also features an auxiliary input so you can connect and play music from other devices that don’t utilize AirPlay. Optional rechargeable battery lets you play the system, unplugged, in any room.


  • Easy to use
  • Very versatile
  • Has good stability over dual band WI-FI
  • Sounds great
  • Has a good volume
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space


  • Connection drops sometimes
  • Requires connecting a USB cable and downloading install utility

7. Sony SRSX7 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Wi-Fi Speaker System

Sony is a favorite company for manufacturing electronic products. Its powerful stereo sound with 32 watts of power is perfect enough to give you such quality that you are looking. This is the airway speaker that has a subwoofer with dual passive radiators for rich sound of 50 Hz to 20 kHz. More so, it has a Bluetooth audio streaming with AAC and aptX support. At the same time, it supports WI-FI audio streaming with DLNA and AirPlay support. Enjoy your DSEE and clear audio and deliver realistic and rich sound with this airway speaker from Sony.


  • Has an elegant design
  • Easy to set up
  • Portable
  • Decent sound quality
  • Relatively small
  • Bluetooth pairing is fast and easy


6. EasyAcc DP100 Ultra-portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with Microphone and Aux Function

This EasyAcc airway speaker is super portable with a unique design plus speakers on the sides. This product makes it easy to hear whatever is playing. Using its 4W audio driver that produces sound louder than that of ordinary single speakers, it gives you extraordinary audio experience. Be glad because this airway product now has the newest Bluetooth 4.0 and CSR 8615 technologies. These two let this airway speaker to connect to your devices as quick as possible and stable. At the same time, it has AUX function that allows this airway speaker to play the audio on any audio device via a 3.5 mm cable. Also, it has a built-in 2,200 mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 25 hours of playback time and a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls.


  • The battery is great
  • Has a breathtaking design
  • Easy pairing
  • Produce great sound
  • The buttons are of top quality


5. SONOS PLAYBAR TV Sound Bar/Wireless Streaming Music Speaker

Sonos airway speaker complements HD television screens with powerful, realistic sound from nine amplified speakers. Also, this airway speaker product uses your WI-FI in an easy to set up and expand your system over time. It just requires two cords; one power cord and one optical cable, which are both included in the package. At the same time, it has the capability to play all sources plugged into your HDTV. Understands and speaks most IR remote’s language. Finally, plays your favorite music and streaming services, including Prime Music, from a single app on your smartphone, tablet orcomputer.


  • Solid performance
  • Easy setup
  • Solid built
  • Produce great sound
  • No sound distortion


4. Portable Wireless Speaker – Lepow Modre Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Lepow’s airway speaker has a very powerful audio with a built-in impressive 360-degree surround sound speaker that delivers beautiful, clear, full-range sound. Plus, it has over 7 hours of playback battery life and a built-in microphone that allows for hands-free calling. Moreover, this airway speaker fits in the palm of your hand, making it very stylish and compact. Also, this product can connect wirelessly using any smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices within 30-feet. Plus, it syncs perfectly with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Likewise, it is made from stainless steel making it more durable and is also eco-friendly.


  • Very lightweight
  • Compact
  • Stylish
  • Easy to operate
  • Produce great sound


3. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III

Bose airway speaker made it up to the 3rd rank in this review. This product connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device using its own Bluetooth capability. Unlike any other mobile airway speakers of its size it can barely produce quality sound performance. Plus it has curved edges and thin profile for easy grab-and-go portability. Likewise, this airway product has its own silicone button panel that protects it from dirt and dust. The rechargeable battery on this speaker plays up to 14 hours of sound.


  • Easy pairing capability
  • Easy to operate
  • Produce excellent sound quality
  • Very stylish
  • Perfect for outdoor


2. AmazonBasics Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black

AmazonBasics proudly presents this airway speaker from them. Eventually, this product can let you play music from up to 30 feet or 10 meters from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your smartphone, notebook or tablet. This airway speaker has two internal 3W speakers and built-in microphone for hands-free calls. You can connects via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm stereo cable and enjoy up to 15 hours of wireless play on a single charge when listening to music or making calls.  Play all night long, for its battery is long lasting or if you prefer, you can use a wall charger or a computer.


  • Has a long lasting battery life
  • Produce great sound
  • The highs are very crisp
  • Easy to operate
  • Very stylish


1. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (Carbon)

This Bose airway speaker is the top rank in this review. Its the big sound with deep bass for a full-range listening experience can provide you enjoyment while listening to your favorite music. At the same time, it has wireless and ultra-compact exterior design for its portability. Moreover, the built-in speaker in this product lets you take calls out loud. Also, the voice prompts allow you to talk through Bluetooth pairing so that it will be super easy. Most importantly, you can play for up to 10 hours of full charge because of its long lasting lithium-ion battery.


  • Easy to operate
  • Produce quality sound
  • Battery life is long lasting
  • Has multi-function button for changing songs
  • Micro USB charger function
  • More Extended Bluetooth range



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