Top 10 Adjustable Tablet Stands 2017 Reviews


Among the most prized possessions that one can have in this era of technology is a SmartPhone or a Tablet. These gadgets have brought the world closer home, and one would go to great lengths to protect them. Positioning them while in use is also an issue of concern to many, and this is why many people take time to check out the market for tablet holders. We know that finding a sturdy, durable, portable, yet adjustable stand is not an easy task, and this is why we invite you to read through this list of Top 10 Adjustable Tablet Stand 2017 Reviews to determine the best for yourself.

10. Adjustable iPad Stand for Desk: Lamicall Multi-Angle Tablet Stand

This stand is not only easy to adjust at different angles but is also ideal for both horizontal and vertical viewing. As such, whether you are watching videos, typing, viewing photos or even recording videos, you are assured of a comfortable level of positioning for your tablet. It comes with rubber pads on which the feet of your tablet can comfortably stand. The rubber pad protects the tablet from accidental scratches and sliding.

The Lamicall Multi-Angle Tablet Stand is made of alloy steel material which is highly strengthened to avoid dents or accidental falls. Despite this strong material, it is very light in weight for ease of portability.

9. Pwr+ Silver Metal Pivoting Flex iPad Holder Stand for Apple

If you have an Apple Tablet, the Pwr+ Silver Metal Pivoting Stand is the one you might want to choose. It is specially made for Apple iPad 2 3 4models only and not compatible with any other model.

The stand is not for use at Point of Sale display but can provide you with the much needed strategic positioning for use while browsing, reading and watching videos at home or office. Additionally, it can be useful at exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. The material from which it is made is light-weight, very durable and sturdy. It is also adjustable for various viewing angles.

8. Barsone Multi-Angle Portable Tablet and Smartphone Stand

You have a broad range of colors to choose from should you decide to buy the Barsone Tablet Stand model. It is made from solid aluminum and hence compatible with Blackberry and Lenovo. Its light weight makes ideal for use during travel, at home or in the office.

This model has just recently hit the market and is, therefore, a perfect gift item for family and friends. The new fashion and style give the stand a luxurious feel. It is also perfectly angled to allow you watch movies and generally operate your tablet at a comfortable position.

7. Prepara iPrep Foldable/ Adjustable E-Readable, Phone, and Tablet Stand

Whether you want to use your tablet to follow a recipe in the kitchen or to watch a match in your living room, the Prepara iPrep Foldable Tablet is what you need. It will keep your tablet steadily supported and safe while in use. The design of this stand was specially made for popular tablets like Apple iPad, iPad Air, Android, iPad mini, Samsung, Kindle, Nexus and Microsoft Surface among others. It can hold your tablet either in a portrait of landscape position without fear of slipping off.

The stand has an adjustable hinge that offers four different angles of viewing. At the back is a non-slip rubber holder that keeps your tablet in a secure position.

6. Moko Tablet Stand, Portable Fold-up Rubber Holder

The Moko Tablet Stand is compatible with just about any tablet and Smartphone that is no more than 8 inches thick. These include Apple iPad, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S7, Nexus, Galaxy Note 7, Windows devices among other. However, a tablet that has a case or sleeve will not fit in the stand.

The stand supports your tablet in both landscape and portrait positions, and the angles are easily adjustable to your level of comfort. The material from which it is made is strong and durable, not to mention foldable and portable. The holding area is made of rubber, which goes a long way to protect your tablet from scratches and damage caused by sliding.

5. iPad Stand, Kitbest Folding Tablet Stand, Portable Mini iPad Stand

The Kitbest Folding Tablet Stand comes with outstanding features that will leave you awed. It is conveniently sized to fit into just any bag or pocket. This is because once it is folded; it takes little space to store, making it an ideal gadget for travel. It is a multi-functional gadget that can be used for reading books while on a plane, to make presentations in class in addition to being a tablet holder.

The stand is compatible with many tablets and is loved by many because of the many viewing angles and positions one can adjust it to. Whether you choose to have it in the portrait or landscape position, it is all yours for the asking.

4. Cell Phone Stand, Lamicall S1 iPhone Stand

The Lamicall S1 iPhone Stand comes with features are designed to make sure that your mobile phone enjoys maximum protection. To begin with, the height of the hooks where the device is fitted is long enough to ensure that tablets of various sizes can comfortably fit. This stand also allows you to charge your phone while it is supported, unlike some others.

The holding area is rubber protected, and this prevents your device from damage and sliding. The stand is compatible with Galaxy S7, S6, Sony, Apple, Nexus and iPhone 6.

3. Kitchen Tablet Mount stand, iKross 2-in-1 Kitchen Wall Stand

The iKross Mountable Tablet stand is compatible for use with tablets of 7-12 inches and it offers full support for your gadget. It is adjustable to about 6 to 8 inches for easy viewing, and as its name suggests, it can be mounted on a wall. This saves you on space and makes the operation of your gadget much easier and more comfortable. The solid metal base makes it the perfect mount for just any room in the house. It comes with two mounting brackets as well as stand-alone legs, which makes it a multi-purpose tablet holder.

Should you decide to mount it on the wall, you are assured of clutter free space. Mounting it also means that your device will be protected from accidental spills while on the kitchen tops or your office desk. The extra wide rubber holding pads are fitted to protect your device from damage.

2. Amazon Basics Adjustable Tablet Stand

If you consider your tablet to be lightweight, the Amazon Basics Adjustable Tablet Stand is what you might need for your tablet. When not in use, it can be folded and stored up or packed for travel. It is ideal for e-Readers of between 6 to 12 inches ranging from Kindle Fire, iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Kindle Keyboard and the new iPad.

It has two vertical pivot points that enable you to position your device at basically any angle that you are comfortable with, even if on an airplane. The upright position is the best while you are reading or browsing, while the horizontal position works best while watching videos. The base is designed in a way that prevents it from skidding, and this gives you the assurance that your device will be safe.

1. Anker Multi-Angle Aluminum Stand for Tablets

The Anker Multi-angle Aluminum Stand for Tablets is specially designed for e-readers, tablets, and Smartphones. Whether you are operating Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, OnePlus, Google Nexus or iPhone, you can never go wrong with this tablet holder.

The stand has been given an angle adjustment precision of 1 degree per adjustment, and this means that you can position it to virtually any angle that you are comfortable with. If you are worried about just how much weight it can hold, you will be glad to know that the Anker Stand can hold up to 11lb and it will take years for it to begin showing any signs of wearing off.


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