The food for the beautiful Poodle dog hairs


A beautiful Poodle dog hairs is always a wish with every Poodle owner. But to have such a dog, you have to know how to look after the hairs and pay attention to their nutritional content, eat enough, correct dosage and ensure science. But what food should we eat for Poodle to eat beautiful hair is always a question many people are looking for answers.

What does beautiful Poodle dog hairs look better?

The food for beautiful Poodle dog hairs includes foods rich in vitamins, fatty acids and rich in minerals. When dogs are provided with foods that contain the above substances, make sure your dog will smooth the hair in 3 weeks.

The food for the beautiful Poodle dog hairs

Types of food for Poodle to eat more beautiful hair

Egg yolk

You should consider when giving chicken eggs to the diet, should not abuse too much. Feeding the egg white or duck eggs, goose bumps make dogs more abdomen and indigestion. But if to save and your Poodle has matured, digestive system healthier then you can boil eggs for Poodle to eat beautiful coat.

Pork skin

Poodle eat pork skin and fat helps clean coat fur smoother. A food is not considered beneficial, but when feeding Poodle, will smooth it smoothly in a simple and effective way.

Omega 3 fish oil

Poodle food for fish oil Omega 3 helps us better eyes and silky hair. Especially not the color of hair. Omega 3 fish oils are available in many pharmacies. Sometimes you give Poodle with a dose depending on their weight, which will give them a coat that everyone wants to touch.

For large dogs, professional dogs, sometimes you give the dog some freshly eaten beef. With a small dog such as Poodle, the dog should eat beef should be gradual, not to eat suddenly and too much at the same time.

Flowers of anise

Use a small flower bouquet, and mix it with dog food. This is a very good herb for dogs to smooth the hair. This way little people know and do but according to the experience of the dog owners have shown that this method is very effective.

Let’s apply a scientific one on the way to help the fur of your Poodle dog hairs becomes shiny slightly.

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