SAS Takedown Youth Review


1.1 SAS 30lbs



The perfect choice for young archers

The SAS Takedown is normally destined for the use of children or teenagers who are just beginning to learn the basics of archery and bow hunting. However, we’ve seen that there are many people who have reached and went over the age of 60 who claim that this is the perfect alternative for their needs, as well. As long as you’re only starting to learn the works of this amazing activity, you are likely to benefit from using this product. It might be worth mentioning that, since this is a recurve bow, you won’t benefit from the convenience of adjusting the draw length and draw weight. As such, you’ll have to make do with a draw length of 28” and a draw weight of 30 lbs as these two cannot be customized depending on the physical features of the person using the bow.


An inexpensive alternative that does the trick

Based on the info that we have gathered during our research, the SAS Takedown Youth Recurve Bow is one of the most cost-efficient options you’re likely to come across while prospecting the market. While the vast majority of online retailers usually sell it for around two hundred dollars, we’ve seen that Amazon offers it for a reasonable cost. Even though the list price is around one hundred and eighty dollars, prospective buyers can often times be lucky enough to purchase the unit for less than one hundred.


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Durability at its best

Featuring a Dacron string and a Magnesium Alloy riser, this model is among the most durable products in the line. You don’t have to take our word for it. Just go through some of the reviews gathered by the unit over time, as there are many individuals who have praised the reliability and sturdiness of this alternative. After all, it’s common knowledge that a bow can take a lot of abuse from a beginner, and this one does just that.

1.2 SAS 30lbs

Excellent camo graphics

The bow design might not be the most important factor you’ll have to consider when making your final call. Even so, it seems that it is worth mentioning that the graphics of the SAS Takedown make it a sight for sore eyes. The bow’s downright beautiful and definitely explains why some archers still prefer the looks and feel of a recurve over the ones of a compound.




As is the case with the vast majority of the products manufactured by this brand, this recurve bow is strictly destined for the use of right-handed individuals. Unfortunately, left-handed customers should choose another option.



Our verdict

In conclusion, the SAS Takedown Youth might be worth giving a shot to if you’re in the market for an affordable recurve that makes it possible for your son, daughter, nephew or niece to start learning how to shoot a bow. The product is lightweight and comfortable to hold and seems to be highly recommended both for target practice and for hunting.


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