SAS Spirit Take Down Review


SAS Spirit Take Down Review

1.1 SAS Spirit 62



Accuracy and power

Archers who still prefer shooting a recurve bow can undoubtedly enjoy using the SAS Spirit 62. From what we’ve gathered, the available strengths range from 26# to 36#, which means that this option may be better suited for target shooting. Without a doubt, users can hunt using the Spirit; however, if they don’t have enough experience, they may miss their shots. When it comes to accuracy, the Spirit is a winner, as it makes it is most forgiving when it comes to the poor technique some beginners might employ. All in all, the model shoots straight and makes hunting quite fun, especially for inexperienced users.


The perfect choice for beginners

Since it doesn’t cost a pretty penny and is very easy to assemble and work with, we’ve seen that there are many buyers who say that the Spirit is the best possible alternative for people who are just getting into hunting with a bow. The product does not come with a bow stringer, and thus the owner has to purchase it separately or have it at hand before starting to assemble the Spirit. Considering the ease of use of this option, it goes without saying that we recommend it to all beginner archers out there.


Buy from for ($99.99) 


Reasonable weight

The hunting bow weighs in at three pounds. For some, this might mean that it’s a tad too heavy, whereas for others this weight may be just the right one to do the job. Since the manufacturers recommend this alternative for people whose height is up to 5’7”, it’s safe to say that the unit has been designed in such a way so that it doesn’t make hunting or target shooting cumbersome. The rise has been constructed out of three types of wood. Regardless of what prospective buyers might think after checking the product description, this recurve bow is definitely lighter compared to many of its competitors.

1.2 SAS Spirit 62

As quiet as possible

One of the advantages of using the Spirit Take Down Recurve Bow is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise at all. In fact, we’ve seen that many people who took the time to review the unit speak highly of how quiet it is. All things considered, you don’t want the noise of your bow to scare off the target; that couldn’t possibly happen if you were to use the Spirit, as it is close to being soundless.


Affordability at its best

Using a recurve bow is a cost-effective decision. Most models in the line are significantly more affordable compared to their compound counterparts, and this is the case with the Spirit, as well. We’ve seen that many online retailers sell it for less than one hundred dollars.




The hand orientation can’t be changed, so you need to purchase the bow for your exact needs.


Our verdict

If you are still in the market for a recurve bow destined for the use of beginners, we recommend checking out the specs of the Spirit. After all, it is one of the most critically acclaimed options out there, and many owners rave about how easy it is to assemble/disassemble and use.


Buy from for ($99.99) 


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