PetChatz HD Pet Camera reviews


Do you worry about your dog when you’re not home? What if there was an easy way to check on her without having to leave work or go home early from an event? Not only do dog cameras, like the PetChatz HD Pet Camera, allow you to check in on Fefe, you can give her a treat and talk to her as well!

I work from home, so our dogs and cats aren’t alone very often. For that reason, I worry about them even more when we are gone for the day. I always worry that they’ll get bored and get into something they shouldn’t or feel sad and depressed that their people are not home.

I have heard wonderful things about the PetChatz HD Pet Camera, and this device offers many features that other similar products do not. I was really excited to try it out and see what all the hype was about.

As with any consumer product, there are things that I love about the PetChatz HD Pet Camera and some things that I wish I could change. Overall, it’s an excellent product. But, is it worth the expensive price tag?

You’ll have to keep reading or watch my video review above to get all the details, but I can tell you that this device makes it easy to check up on your pets when you’re not at home. It’s got some great features that may sway your decision on which pet camera is going to be best for you and your furry companions. You will also be pleased to know that this pet camera is made in the USA.

The Pros

  • Two-way video and audio so your pets can see and hear you
  • Dispense treats or a soothing scent remotely, using the app
  • See your pet with an HD low-light camera
  • Record and share videos of your pets
  • Receive an alert from sound or motion detection
  • Can be mounted in front of plug in, leaving no wires exposed


The Cons

  • At this time there is no android app, but it is in development according to the company’s website
  • Requires high speed internet, if you want a clear HD experience


What is the PetChatz Greet and Treat Videophone

As you’ll see from Dave’s Top Guide Pet Gadget page, PetChatz isn’t the only device that allows you to interact with your pet from anywhere, but it’s the Cadillac of these devices. PetChatz not only lets you see your pet and dispense treats, it allows your pet to see you, lets you record a video and dispense a soothing scent. It’s the only device we’ve reviewed that lets your pet call you with “PawCall”.

You don’t have to, but it is recommended that you mount the device on the wall overtop of a wall outlet. The benefit of this is that there will be no wires sticking out, for your pet to chew. In addition, PetChatz is made of durable material. Designed with no sharp corners or edges, keeping your pets safety in mind. The PetChatz app gives you onscreen instructions to connect your PetChatz to your Wi-Fi and finish set up. If you get stuck, their customer service is more than happy to help you. After the device is setup, you can access it through a smartphone, tablet or computer. Be sure to check out their video “How to Train Your Pet for PetChatz” to learn how to train your pet to work with PetChatz!


The Camera

Originally, PetChatz came with a VGA (640 X 480) camera without night vision. Now it comes with an HD (1280 X 720) 30 fps, low-light camera. Unlike some of their competitors, PetChatz allows you to record your pets and their shenanigans. It even has motion and sound detection which can send you an email notification if an event happens within the range of the PetChatz unit. The sensor has about an 8 foot (2.4 meter) distance within a 54 degree angle.



Another unique feature is PawCall. PawCall is actually a button that allows your pets to call you. When your pet presses the button, you receive a notification that your pet is calling you. You can turn it off or on, depending on if you are ready to take a call. The device has a blinking light that lets your pet know that you are available to take a call. You can encourage them by giving them a treat reward when they do call.


Dispense Treats

The treat dispenser holds 100 small treats which are very healthy. The PetChatz Treatz have no cheap fillers like grain, wheat, corn, added fat, artificial flavors or bi-products. They are made with fresh, single source protein in chicken, liver or salmon flavors. These can be enjoyed by dogs or cats. You can order refills on the company’s web site. Users will be notified if the number of treats gets low. You can use your own similarly sized treats, but it isn’t recommended by the company.

Another unique feature is the ablility to give your pet a calming scent from a combination of essential oils which are applied on a pad. They come in packs of 10 and should last for several weeks. Pets relate scents to experiences. Using these scents allows you pet to relate these smells to the fun they have with PetChatz.

PetChatz HD Pet Camera Review

Okay, so the first thing I will mention is the amount of features that this pet camera has. Wow! It’s unbelievable all of the tings that this little device can do. Some of the coolest features I personally liked are:

  • 2- way audio AND video
  • compatible with iOS, Android systems AND through your web browser
  • pet safe design
  • allows you to save and share videos and photos of your pets
  • treat dispenser
  • sound and motion detection
  • aromatherapy scent releaser
  • streams DogTV

Reading down through that list, I’m sure you noticed a few features that aren’t offered by any pet camera on the market. Most notably, the 2-way video is AMAZING! As you can see in my video review above, not only can you peek in and check on your pet, but she can also see you!

Pet cameras are ideal for dog’s with separation anxiety, because it gives them an opportunity to hear their owners’ voice. With the PetChatz HD Pet Camera, your dog will have the chance to see you as well, which will help to soothe her anxiety.

You’ll also notice that this camera is compatible with handheld devices that use iOS or an Android system, and you can connect to it through your web browser. I know most of us have smartphones and tablets now, but not everyone does.

This camera can be used from any computer with internet access, so that’s a great bonus for anyone that doesn’t have a smartphone or doesn’t have access to one during the day while they’re at work.

Worried that your dog may get excited when he sees you and paw at or rub on the device? No worries! The design was made with pets in mind, so it has round edges, no corners and the cord is hidden behind the device so there is no risk for pups that chew.


While the design is pet safe, I don’t really like the fact that it mounts on the wall. First of all, you mount it over the electrical outlet (which is why the cord is hidden behind the device). You have to attach the metal mount to your wall, which is a no-go in our house.

I don’t like attaching anything to the wall, because it leaves holes behind. This also means that you should probably pick one location for the PetChatz HD Pet Camera and leave it there. If you want to move it around you’ll have holes around every outlet in your home.

The company does have a fix for this – a stand that you can buy separately which allows you to set up the camera anywhere you like without having to attach it the wall. This is also a good investment if you plan to move the camera around your house or take it with you while traveling. Unfortunately, the stand alone will cost you $60!

If you are okay with attaching it to the wall, the PetChatz HD Pet Camera won’t take up a whole lot of space. It measures 9.5″ X 5.8″ X 14.6.” As you can see in the photo above, it’s even small enough to attach to your dog’s kennel if you want to.


If your’e unfamiliar with DogTV, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a television station made specifically for dogs. The creators use research about what sounds attract dogs, what colors they can see and the canine attention span to create shows that will capture and keep your pet’s attention.

As I mentioned, you can dispense treats with this camera as well. As you’ll see in my video review, it plays a quick tune every time the camera turns on, which your dog will quickly figure out. Using the free app or your web browser, you can dispense a treat whenever you want.

One of the most unique features offered by the PetChatz HD Pet Camera is the aromatherapy scent releaser. While many similar products dispense treats, this is the first of its kind to dispense scents.

You can use essential oils or the company’s scent pads to release aromatherapy fragrances that will help to calm your pet. Aromatherapy can also be used for many other holistic healing practices in dogs.

Be sure to check with a holistic veterinarian or someone trained in aromatherapy for canines before trying this practice on your own. While some fragrances may be beneficial, others can actually be harmful to your dog.

Some common ailments that can be helped with aromatherapy include:

  • reduce anxiety
  • reduce inflammation
  • activate memory
  • boost the immune system
  • fight off infections

If you follow my videos and article posts here on Top Dog Tips, you know that I try to use as many holistic methods with our pets as possible. To say that I was overjoyed to see aromatherapy as an option with this pet camera!

If you download the free PetChatz app, you’ll also be notified when the pet camera detects motion or sound in your home. You’ll be able to see what your pooch is barking at or calm him down when he’s just nuisance barking to pester the neighbors.

Is it all good?

As I mentioned, this pet camera does require that you attach it to the wall. You do have the expensive option of buying the optional stand, but the basic model requires attaching to your wall with hardware.

The biggest drawback to this pet camera is most definitely the price. Pet cameras aren’t a necessity for caring for your furry companion, so chances are you probably have some extra money set aside to buy one. However, while you can purchase other models for around $100, the PetChatz HD Pet Camera sells for about $380 on Amazon!

That’s not just a little bit expensive – $380 is outside the realm of possibility in most pet owners’ budget. The PetChatz Pet Camera does offer a lot of amazing features that you won’t find on any other product of it’s kind, but you’ll have to pony up a pretty penny if you want one.

In my review I also mention some of the accessories that you can purchase to go with your Petchz HD Pet Camera. I’ve already told you that optional stand will cost you $60. You can also purchase a 3 month supply of treats (about 900 treats) for $40, a bottle of PetChatz calming essential oil for $20 and a package with 10 calming Scentz Pads for $8.

You can also buy a guard that will protect your PetChatz device from scratching paws and biting jaws. The guard sells for $60. In my video review, I mention the PawCall button that you can purchase, which allows your dog to call you when he needs you. While this is an awesome accessory, it’s going to cost you an extra $100 if you want one.

Basically, the device itself is expensive, and if you want to purchase some of the accessories that go with it you’ll be in well over $500 before you’re done. There is some good news, though. The company offers refurbished items at a reduced price on their website.


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