OnBeat Headphones Charge Your Smartphone


When  you’re on the go, charging your smartphone or tablet can be quite difficult if you don’t have battery cases, but that can all change now with OnBeat Solar Headphones that can charger your phone while on the move. The headphones charge your device using solar energy while still providing high-quality sound in an eco-friendly package. The idea for the headphones first came to inventor Andrew Anderson a year ago after frustration of limited mobile battery life after listening to a lot of music, which drains battery life.


The headphones come with an integrated flexible solar cell that covers the headphone and that captures solar energy while out doing your everyday activities via its  55cm3 active solar area and two 1000mAh Li-Ion batteries, providing a 5.5v charge capacity. That energy is then stored in two light-weight Lithium Ion batteries held within the two ear cups for a balanced weight and fit on the head. And for days when the sun isn’t out the headphones are able to be charged via USB directly from your computer or mains socket. Not only do they deliver in quality, they are lightweight and fully adjustable folding headband with custom developed ear-pads to make sure you get a comfortable fit for hours of gaming and music. They also come with an an integrated remote for controlling the volume of the music in your ears. Get a set if you pledge 25 pounds or about $37 on its Kickstarter campaign.

Solar Powered Headphones 


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