New LG Bluetooth Speakers Sport Serious Sound Upgrades


LG’s Bluetooth speakers have earned themselves a name when it comes to quality sound – and now LG is upping the stakes with a new Bluetooth speaker line that promises to be even more useful for the active lifestyle. These pod-like speakers represent all new shapes and sizes, and we can tell right now that at least one is probably going to make it onto our list of the top Bluetooth speakers.

Down to the details: There are three new LG speakers, the PH2, PH3, and PH4 (odd names, but lets go with it). They are all very different products, despite being in the same line. The PH2, for example, is a tiny little speaker that looks more like a round cosmetic case or fuzzy hockey puck, with a small strap that allows you to hook it onto various objects (like a bike, we imagine). It’s around 3.8 inches in diameter and has 2.5 watts of power.

LG PH Speakers Close
Hard to believe this is all one line of Bluetooth speakers, isn’t it?
The second option is the PH3, which looks almost exactly like one of those decorative candle holders, complete with glowing light on top, except that the bottom portion is all curved speaker surface. It’s also pretty small, with only 3 watts of power, but that candle top is still pretty neat and you can switch the LED light colors to five different options, based on your mood. Of course, you’re intended to leave this speaker at home on the coffee table or desk.

The last speaker, the PH4, is more traditional: It’s a familiar cylinder shape with significantly more power and features that encourage you to take it outside: This includes water resistance and 360-degree sound.

We have to admit some disappointment with battery life, however. The PH2 will only last for up to six hours, while the PH3 and 4 will last up to 10 hours. The low battery life is probably a side effect of the small size, but it’s still sad to see no improvement in this spec.

We’ll learn more about the PH line in coming months as LG reveals details on pricing and release dates, so keep on eye on these interesting little speakers!


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