Inspire Cardio Strider 2 CS-2 Review


The Inspire Cardio Strider 2 (CS-2) is ideal for home use to get you moving and aid your physical therapy without the risk of further injury.  It works in a similar way to the machines you would find at your physical therapy office, but is a much lower price.

Many physical therapists would recommend the Inspire Cardio Strider 2 to their clients.  The Inspire Cardio Strider 2 features a low step-through design, making it easy to get on and off the seat.

The Inspire Cardio Strider 2 is an effective recumbent elliptical machine, enabling you to keep your body moving, working both upper and lower body, without the impact on your joints that comes with many other forms of exercise.

Computer console with
Blue backlit LCD display

The Inspire Cardio Strider 2 utilizes a silent Poly V Belt Drive system together with a friction-free eddy current resistance system with 16 levels of resistance, starting at an ultra-easy 10 watts. This type of system means that there are no wearing parts and it is smooth and quiet in operation.

The Inspire Cardio Strider 2 comes with an easy-to-use and easy-to-read computer console with backlit LCD display to show your workout stats.

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UPDATE 2016 – New model now available, the Inspire Fitness Cardio Strider 3 CS3 Recumbent Elliptical:

Inspire Cardio Strider 2 (CS-2)

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Motivational tip:  Just a 30 minute workout on an elliptical trainer can burn approx. 310 calories for women or 378 calories for men, depending on the intensity of your workout.

Let’s take a closer look at the features in detail that the Inspire Cardio Strider 2 (CS-2) has to offer to help you decide if it’s the right elliptical trainer for you:

Features of the Inspire Cardio Strider 2 (CS-2)

  • Recumbent elliptical trainer.
  • Works both upper and lower body.
  • Low-impact.
  • Low-step through design for easy mounting and dismounting.
  • Comfortable seat with backrest (adjustable height and tilts backwards).
  • Flywheel:  20.28 lbs.
  • Silent Poly V Belt Drive system.
  • Friction-free eddy current resistance system for smooth and quiet workout.
  • 16 levels of resistance, starting at an easy 10 watts.
  • Stride length:  12” – 15” (based on foot position).
  • Easy to use computer console.
  • Blue backlit LCD display shows workout stats:
  • Resistance level
  • Time
  • RPM
  • Watts
  • Distance
  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate
  • 8 preset workout programs:  6 total body programs, 2 upper body interval programs.
  • Contact Heart-rate sensors built into handlebars.
  • Telemetric heart rate transmitter for use with a compatible chest belt receiver.
  • Handles Flip to switch between chest/back workout and biceps/triceps workout.
  • Bearing system on swing arm pivot points for durability and smoothness.
  • Dual-action handlebars.
  • Water bottle holder.
  • Magazine/tablet rack.
  • USB port.
  • Safety lock.
  • User weight capacity:  up to 300 lbs.
  • Dimensions:  32” wide x 59” long.
  • Weight of machine:  183 lbs.
  • Power:  AC adaptor.

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For peace of mind, the Inspire Cardio Strider 2 comes with the following warranty:


  • Frame – lifetime
  • Parts – 3 years
  • Labor – 1 year


  • Parts – 1 year
  • Labor – 1 year

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See what other customers who bought the Inspire Cardio Strider 2 have to say about it:


“I was looking for something new for my home gym and was advised by an expert to look at the Inspire CS2 Cardio Strider for its excellent arm motion option.  After trying the machine out with a challenge test which pushed me to my limits in 1 ½ minutes, I decided to buy it.  I have put this machine through its paces, trying out every program.  I’ve used it for working both my arms and legs together, my arms on their own, and my legs on their own.  It’s easy to adjust the machine for different user heights, I’m 5ft 2” tall but you could easily change it for a taller person.  The heart rate monitor works great.  The preset programs start off very easily with virtually no resistance, giving you a warm up.  After a minute or so the resistance gradually goes up and when it gets to around 7 I can really feel it!  You can use it manually to set your own resistance levels, increase/decrease etc.  You can increase muscle and build up range of motion whilst burning calories with this machine.”


“The Inspire Cardio Strider 2 came with clear instructions and was easy to put together.  This machine works well and appears to me to be gym-quality.  I’m happy with my purchase.”








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