How to Use Clippers on Your Dog’s – How Is The Right Way


Do you spend too much time getting your dog’s coat professionally groomed? There’s a solution. Use clippers on your dog to get the job done! It is important to choose the clippers that will work best for your dog. The pet industry offers a large selection of clippers, from very light and inexpensive trimmers good for whiskers and ears to more heavy-duty clippers with adjustable or interchangeable blades for different lengths of hair.

Most clipper companies share the same blade model numbers to identify the length of hair left on the dog. Clippers made for human hair have their own numerical identification system. Referring to the blade chart will allow you to compare blades according to their size in millimeters.

Clippers come in corded or cordless models. Most professionals use corded clippers, which tend to be more durable, have more power, and will not lose power as the battery starts to run out. As with all your cutting tools, proper maintenance of your clippers will make your job easier.

When to use dog hair trimmer

I have learned with all my pet ventures that the best start is planning.

Read about your dog’s breed standard. While you may not be interested in competing for “best in show,” these breed guidelines are written to indicate the appropriate grooming for your dog’s specific comfort, health and lifestyle.

Observe the professionals. Your vet, groomer, breeder or trainer will discuss certain details that will be important to your success in clipping your dog. They may even share some “tricks of the trade.” Watching a professional groomer work with your dog will prepare you for what to expect and help you overcome potential anxiety.

Before you use clippers on your dog:

  • Read the operating and safety instructions.
  • Practice holding the clippers in both the “off” and “on” position to determine your most comfortable grip
  • Acclimate your dog to the device (you and your pet will benefit if he is desensitized to the hum).
  • Bathe your dog.
  • Remove tangles and mats from his coat.
  • Make sure he is completely dry before clipping.
  • Prepare an environment that is safe and free from distractions.

How My Own First Experience Went

I bought clippers; read the instructions; watched videos; prepared my DIY “salon”; bathed, dried and detangled the dogs. Everything was at the ready.

I started with Luke, the male Lagotto (he is a bit less skittish). Luke was calm even with the slight noise of the clippers. As soon as I touched his leg with the clippers, he jumped — and so did I. Luke obviously had some kind of issue with his legs, so I decided to go to the tail. Same result.

I tried sneaking up on him. Coaxing, calming and holding the nape of his neck as the video instructed, I managed to get a few clean strokes down his back and sides. Feeling more confident, I tried his legs again. Same deal; he was simply not cooperating. I tried his face, and he freaked out — he pulled and jerked and tried to escape the vibrations, noise and me!

Hair was flying everywhere. I had more on me by now than Luke did! My hand ached from holding the clipper and trying to hold Luke. He became agitated, and I was frustrated. I finally took the scissors and tried to “even up” the cut. Luke looked like a disaster.

When my husband came home and saw the results of our day of grooming, he shook his head. He told me Luke looked like an unmade bed! He was right. The next day, I took both dogs to the groomer. In a few hours she had them looking great.

How to use a dog hair trimmer properly

Dog hair trimmer accessory is very easy to use. However, not so easy to the extent that any employer can use. If not careful, it is possible to hurt the dog.

If possible, you should clean your dog first. At the same time, groom the bristles. Thus, the trimmer will be more convenient. Puppy will also feel comfortable.

There are many different blade sizes for dog hair trimmers. Consider the dog’s hair length to choose the right trimmer blade. Choice of trimmer blades for regular shaving. Later when the hair grows this will be better.

You should keep the dog stood with harness on a dog grooming table. Avoid dog run and mischief. Slowly move the trimmer put on their plumage. Must go in the direction of hair growth. Your razor starts from the neck to the feet. Try to get rid of the hairs too long.

After cutting the back, cut to the abdomen and head, tail. You should cut off slowly and gently to avoid scratching your pet’s skin.

Perform a complete re-examination to determine that any unassembled parts are missing. Then dry and oil the trimmer.

Or if you can not use the trimmer, or cut dog hair becomes choppy. No worries. There are many spa services that offer hair removal services

What kind of dog hair trimmer is good?

There are many types of trimmers on the market. Durability, sharpness is also very different. To buy cheap dog hair and quality assurance you need to find out thoroughly. It is best to go to the pet store prestige or buy on the Amazon online shopping, choose products that are high buyer rated star.


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