How To Groom A Dog


Has your dog looked a touch haggard lately? Your precious pooch deserves to feel sensible concerning himself, however you will not need to pay a fortune at the groomer’s so as to wash him up. Learning a way to groom a dog reception will solve your drawback — and still facilitate your dog look and feel his best.

Steps for Dog Grooming
Bathe Your Dog

Wash your dog completely before you start grooming him to get rid of any excess dirt, oils and rubbish. continuously use dog-friendly shampoos and merchandise, like Pet Head, that don’t contain harsh chemicals that might irritate your dog’s skin. If you are bathing your dog for the primary time — or trying to find a better thanks to eff — then look at our bit-by-bit guide the way to provide your dog a shower.

Once you are done, dry your dog off with towels or a blower.

Detangle Your Dog

Brush out your dog’s hair or fur employing a detangling brush, sort of a Chris Christensen wood pin brush. Tangled and matted hair will stop you from visualizing the top result, thus detangling the hair prior time helps you avoid this confusion. Trim off any massive mats with scissors.

Clean the ears


Once you are done with drying your dog’s fur, this is a good time to clean the ears to make sure they are dry and free of wax build-up. Keeping the ears dry at all times is very important to prevent bacteria growth, so this extra check can be important.

The ear of a dog has its unique structure and one needs to be careful not to go in too deep as they could damage the ear drum causing the dog imbalance and hearing problems. The external canal just inside the ear is where to clean as this is what gets dirty. The canal has ridges and folds which can gather wax and debris. Build up of dirt and wax may cause irritation from allergies. Poor air flow inside the ears may cause infection.

The amount of hair and secretions in the ear will differ according to breed as this is often genetic.The more you groom your dogs the lower the chance for infections. Cockerspaniels and Basset Hounds are a good example together with other floppy eared dogs. The need for regular cleaning is emphasized by the results of infections like scratching, shaking head and rupture of blooded vessels plus a bad odor due to discharge.

To save most time when cleaning the ears, pour the ear solution into the dog’s ears and massage the base of the ear gently to remove excess debris and wax in the ear canal. Watch out for your clothes, as your dog is likely to shake its head once you let go your hands.

In addition, be mindful of the condition on the ear flap. If you see it’s dirty, clean it using cotton wads dabbed in otic ear solution.

Trim toenails


You should trim your dog’s nails whenever they are long. If they keep getting snagged or “click” on the floor as your dog walks, you know its time to get the clippers. Long unkempt nails can become ingrown or cause serious infections. Clip the dewclaw nail just inside the leg as well.

If you are just learning to groom a dog yourself, you may have never dealt with the dreaded toe nail clippers before. These clippers can prove to be pretty scary for dogs, and this can lead some to acting aggressively if they have had a bad experience before.

For this reason, as a pet owner it is a good idea to get your dog used to his or her feet being handled from a young age. If you do this, nail clipping will be nothing for the dog. However, if your need to groom a dog that is aggressive (may bite), you may need someone else to hold the dog while you cut; a muzzle may also come in handy.

If you are new to the nail clipping process, try cutting the dog’s nail at a minor angle, taking small snips as you go. If you cut back the nails too far and accidentally clip the quick (this is the pink part just under the nail), it can cause bleeding and a lot of discomfort for your dog, resulting in a dog that dislikes grooming time in the future. Be careful with dark nails as the quick is difficult to see.

Be sure also to have a bottle of styptic powder immediately available, just in case you cut the quick. If an accident occurs and there is bleeding, use the styptic powder and apply pressure on the wound. Avoid removing the clot after bleeding has stopped.

Keep in mind that not trimming the nails regularly will cause the quick to grow longer inside the dead part of the nail. And, when this happens, it can increase the possibility of bleeding when you do finally cut the nails.

A good tip is to trim the nail when wet as its softer then. Better still, consider using a dog nail grinder instead.

If you want to keep them short and healthy naturally, consider also walking your dog on cement, as it wears the nails down.


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