Getting in your hand 12 tips on how to get healthy nails naturally within a short time!


You should take a meticulous look at your fingernails. If they are not strong and healthy looking with dents, ridges, or areas of unusual shape or color, you should think about your recent care for them and improve it. In fact, many poor nail conditions can be prevented through good fingernail care. That is the reason why today I am going to introduce 12 explosive tips on how to get healthy nails that you should focus on.

12 Tips On How To Get Healthy Nails – Healthy Nails Care Routines:

Like a terrific skin care regimen or a great new haircut, well-manicured, healthy nails are an essential part of a pulled-together, neat appearance – one that can work as an asset in both the business and the social world.

Nevertheless, some researchers said that both women and men fall prey to myths about ways to care for nails. Another danger: most of us rely on the spa or nails salons, some of which may not be giving the best treatments or advice.

1.      Watching Your Nails To Catch The Signs Of Health Problems:

The first tip on how to get healthy nails that I want you to focus is that you should watch your nails and catch the sign of health problems. Hence, you can find proper ways to care for your nails.

Most of the time, nail problems can show environmental attacks – the exposure to the use of drying nail products, harsh cleaning chemicals, or just normal physical abuse, like excessive use of fingertips or typing.

An expert suggested that your nails conditions can sometimes reflect a health issue. Here is some of what they say to look out for:

  • Yellow-tinged nails with a slight blush at the base are associated with diabetes
  • Pale nail beds are related to anemia
  • Thickening and yellowing of the nail, slowed growth rate are the signs of lung disease
  • Half pink or half white nails are the signs of kidney disease
  • White nails will show liver condition

A group of doctors in Ireland found in 2005 that the very first signs of the bone-thinning disease – the osteoporosis – may be detected in your nails. A recent study that is conducted by a group of professional researchers discovered something called “disulphide bond”. This symptom is presented in both bones and nails and was lower in people who are living with osteoporosis.

Of course, if you have some doubt about any health problem, you should discuss any concerns or findings with your doctor.

Besides, people should drink a lot of juice because juice provides a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals that are good for the building of nails. Thus, I recommend you learning super healthy juice recipes and health boosting juice recipes.

2.      Remember Toenails Count:

Everything that you choose to apply to your fingernails can also be applied to your toenails. Toenails are said to be even more prone to some health problems due to the careless pedicures. It is because your feet are often put inside shoes, which is a moist, dark environment as can be an ideal place for fungus to grow and nourish more easily. If you get frequent pedicures, you should take your own instruments and do not let the tech dig around the cuticle or under the nail. In addition, instead of straight across, you should cut toenails at an angle to reduce the risk of ingrown toenails, which can be painful and sometimes lead to an infection.

Besides, you should learn useful ways to boost energy with foods because if your body does not get enough energy and nutrients to go, your nails will be also weakened.

3.      Choosing Nail Tips Over Full Extensions:

Many experts indicate that, in general, nail extensions are very bad for nails as they can lead to bacterial or fungal infections frequently, and sometimes they can cause long lasting damage. If you have to wear nail extensions, you should opt for just tips. While nail extensions can still lead to problems, the potential damage will be less because of the smaller covered surface area.

4.      Change Shampoos:

While almost women know when a shampoo is not proper for their hair, many do not know whether or not the shampoo agree with their nails even when their hair looks amazing. Experts say that this is especially true of detergent shampoos, or the ones for oily hair, which are designed to take lipids and other natural oils away from people’s scalp. If you see that your nails are dry due to the soap product you are using that strips the oils, you should know that it can be the main cause of your dry nails, and you should consider changing it.

5.      Do Not Overdo Hand Washing And Limit Contact With Cleaning Chemicals:

As healthy as it can be to wash your hands regularly, you should not overdo it to avoid wreaking havoc with your nails. If you are in a profession where regular hand washing is compulsative, you should use moisturizers as often as possible and rub a little extra around the cuticles a lot of times per day.

When you do laundry or housework, by wearing rubber gloves whenever possible, you can minimize your connection with harsh cleaning chemicals, such as dishwashing liquid.

Không rửa tay quá nhiều lần và dùng các chất hóa học tẩy rửa hoặc đeo găng tay khi tiếp xúc

Moreover, if you want to get strong nails and also stronger hands, you should do some simple exercises for hands to meet your expectation.

6.      Avoid Rough Emery Boards:

Those old-fashioned orange emery boards are extremely harsh for nails, leading to small cracks and fissures that lead to tears and breakage. Instead, you should file your nails with a fine, smooth file and do not saw back and forth. Instead, you should just file in one direction, and do it evenly and slowly to decrease the risk of breakage.

7.      Avoid Acetone-Based Polish Removers:

The single product that all dermatologists agree that you should avoid if you are suffering from brittle nails is acetone nail polish remover. It has been documented time and again that it can strip the nails, leading them to become brittle.

8.      Limit Professional Manicures:

While it is hard to fight against the pampering luxury of a manicure or pedicure, a recent study showed that those people who indulged frequently were the most likely to suffer from brittle, dry nails. The doctors theorize that exposure to more harsher ingredients and chemicals may be one reason. Experts said that one way to reduce problems is taking your own tools to the manicure. This will definitely help to reduce risk of infections and keep nails healthier.

9.      Taking Biotin Supplements:

In a lot of studies, many researchers discovered that the supplements of biotin – a kind of B vitamins – can increase the nail thickness and prevent breaking and splitting. In a respected research conducted in German that evaluated 45 people who have severe nail issues, experts discovered that if people consume 2.5 milligrams of biotin in a regular basis for months, their nails will be benefited with 91% of the 45 citing great improvement. To get the effect, it is crucial that you take the prescription with the therapeutic level of 2.5 milligrams a day. A lot of nail products also include the supplement MSM and silicon, the 2 other nutrients that are linked to nail health.

There is a supplement that will not work: gelatin. Experts say that soaking in or eating gelatin will do nothing to boost nail strength, and a liquid soak can eventually weaken and actually waterlog nails. Stern adds there is little scientific evidence that supplements or nail products containing calcium, yeast, or fluoride have any significant impact on nail health either.

10.      Moisturizing The Cuticle And The Nail Bed:

While there is not many medical data that show the nails growing effects of moisturizing the nail bed, this habit can make cuticles look greater and protects nails against the break due the lack of moisture. If your nails are vulnerable to breakage, it means that your nails really need to be moisturized. You should put oil around the cuticle to moisturize the overall nail, which may decrease the incidence of splitting, cracking, and chipping.

The beauty of a person is not all about nails or just any single part of your body. Thus, to get flawless appearance, you should also care for other parts on your overall body, such as skin. Thus, I recommend you learning useful home remedies to get rid of dry skin and simple ways to whiten skin fast.

11.     Using Nail Hardeners Rarely – Or Not At All:

An expert said that the home taking message is that lots of hardeners can harm your nails rather than giving goodness. She reminded people that these toxic products are not studied clinically, so most statements are not based on science. If nails are not exceptionally fragile and weak, most people should not make use of a nail hardener.

In fact, healthy nails means flexible nails, so if people want to keep their nails from breaking, they should totally avoid anything that can make them more brittle.


12.     Do Not Cut Or Manipulate Cuticles:

The last tip on how to get healthy nails that I want to introduce is that you should not cut or manipulate your cuticles.

If you have your nails groomed professionally or do them yourself, the number one recommendation is leaving your cuticles alone.

Cuticle is a natural barrier to bacteria and fungus. If you breach it, you will lose the protection of your nails. This will not only make your cuticles look worse with ragged, swollen, and red signs, but it may also leave a nasty infection that can harm the nail bed as well as lead to long lasting nail damage. And while the regular cuticles cutting habit holds a potential harm, if you push them back, you will also face other problems.

Besides, to get stronger nails, you should also not bit them. If nails biting is actually your current problem, I recommend you learning ways to get rid of nail biting fast.

All of the above tips on how to get healthy nails effectively are for a lot of people out there. I have studied them for a long time, and now, I am glad to share them with anyone who desires to get stronger and healthy nails.

If you feel the tips on how to get healthy nails I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.


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