Explain the dry or wet condition of the dog nose


Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell. The dog’s nose is much more elaborate than the nose of other animals. Parts to distinguish the taste of it is also particularly large. Owners can recognize their health status through the dry-wet state of the dog nose.

Why does the nose of the dog get wet?

dog wet nose

It is because the wet nose of the dog can be infected with airborne particles, but in the nose there is a lot of hairless, odorless particles entering the dog nose, their brain will form a system. analysis. The nose of the wet dog, not the nose, produces anything that causes the nose to become wet, the dog can lick the tip of his nose with his tongue, keeping his nose moist and quick. Licking the tip of the nose is a very difficult move for us, but very simple for dogs.

Why is the dog dry nose?

dog dry nose

What causes the nose of the dog to dry? Wet noses are due to their tongue licking, so at some point, in a certain environment it can indicate whether the dog is sick or not because it will no longer have the energy to do simple movements. this. Like people when they are sick, we may be uncomfortable with the body so we do not pay attention to brushing our teeth or washing our face. And when dogs are sick too, they are not interested in doing these things.

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One of the reasons why dogs are dry is because they have been sick for a long time and can not lick their noses anymore. When the dog has a fever, it also causes dryness of the nose, because of high body temperature can not lick nose, nose will be prone to dry and cracked.

Parvo disease early is also a major cause of the nose causes dry dog (if they have been infected). In addition, it leads to nails and cushions at the feet cracked. In normal conditions, the nose of the dog must always be slightly damp, slightly cool when touched. In the market today there is no medicine for nose dogs, but if your dog’s feet are cracked, you can buy German TRIXIE Pfotenhauer, which will help keep the soles of your feet soft. smooth, no pain.

And if the situation when the nose of the dog is dry, but not related to their health may be due to the time they wake up, because they can not lick their nose when they sleep. If your dog is in this situation, you do not need to worry. Always pay close attention to pet health every day by checking the condition of the nose regularly, wish your dog is always healthy.

Q. I read that a dry nose means a dog is sick. Is this true?

A. To really get to the bottom of this, we need to understand why a dog’s nose is wet in the first place. Tears are constantly produced to lubricate the movement of the eyes. Because this lubrication is so critical to eye health, the dog’s body routinely produces more tears than are needed. These excess tears flow through the nasolacrimal (literally “nose-tears”) duct and out the base of the nose. (People experience this when crying.)

As the tears drip down into the dog’s face, the dog licks her nose, spreading the tear fluid over the nose, which wets it. Then, evaporation causes the nose to be cool. The moistened nose is better equipped to dissolve airborne chemicals, which contributes to a better sense of smell.

No More Tears (or Wet Nose)

When a dog is sick, the body uses up more internal water in the process of fighting disease. This increased use, especially with a fever, causes relative dehydration, even if the dog is drinking a normal amount of water. This dehydration results in decreased tear production, and hence a dry nose.

The same dry nose, however, could be because of fluid loss from panting on a hot day. And some dogs (such as Poodles and Lhasa Apsos) are prone to blocked tear ducts, so there is less fluid flowing through the ducts to moisten the nose. The bottom line is that the dry nose may be an indicator of dehydration, but it indicates illness only if it’s coupled with lethargy and other symptoms.

In other words, a sick dog may have a dry, warm nose, but a dry, warm nose can also be the result of something other than illness.


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