Diamond By Bowtech Core DIA10006 Review


Diamond By Bowtech Core DIA10006 Review


The Diamond by Bowtech Core DIA10006 is among the most highly recommended alternatives out there today. Some of the core benefits it offers to users are ease of use, accuracy, affordability, and overall, excellent value for the price. Let’s see why the DIA10006 is one of the favorite choices of bowmen nowadays.


Ease of use

Above all, the package is remarkably easy to use. While it has been designed strictly for right-hand users, the model offers all the advantages of high-end products with the difference that it poses no technical difficulties to users, regardless of their level of expertise. It can be used by shorter men and petite women as it features an adjustable length and weight, both of which have been praised for efficiency. What’s more, with the variety of extras it comes with, the unit pretty much has all one has ever been looking for in an archery bow.


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Accuracy at its best

If we were to judge the DIA10006 just by its product description, it would be easy to realize that it is close to impossible to miss a shot when using this bow. From the 10x magnification to the roof prism type and the multi-coated lens, the bow makes it possible for owners to have a clear look at their target and decide whether or not they want to shoot it.


All the accessories you might require

Often times, well-seasoned bow users will refrain from ordering and using packages. This situation occurs because these archers have the experience to know which item goes with what other product they might have come across. Depending on their preferences, they might not be impressed by the number of extras provided in such a package. However, we’ve seen that this is the perfect option for rookies and beginners who still have some learning to do. The DIA10006 package is composed of the actual bow, a 3-pin sight, a 5-arrow quiver, a whisker biscuit type rest, some string silencers, an octane stabilizer, a ¼ inch peep, as well as a wrist sling.

Offers great value for the price

The Diamond Archery model is, in itself, an investment one can find it hard to say no to. Many of the people who took the time to review it speak highly of the value it offers for its price point, considering that most of its competitors in the line cost a lot more. Plus, the hunting bow shoots fast and accurate, while sacrificing nothing with regard to quietness. In addition, another characteristic of the unit that has been praised time and time again seems to be the fact that it is well-balanced and requires no counter weight. Since it’s light and easy to use, it gives buyers the chance to practice as much as they feel like.




Even though this is not a deal-breaker, the arrow rest isn’t very robust and might not be durable enough to satisfy the needs of all owners.



Our verdict

In short, the DIA10006 is a tremendous alternative for individuals who want to take up bow hunting but have little experience in the field. Considering that the package contains a multitude of accessories that would cost more were you to buy them separately, it’s a safe bet also for people who might be looking for an affordable option. Moreover, it’s lightweight and easy to use and makes shooting as accurate as possible.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($368.87)


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