Diamond Atomic DIA10014 Review


1.1 Diamond Atomic Package



Lightweight design

Bows in the current marketplace are getting lighter and lighter with every day that goes by. The fact of the matter is that, with a lower weight, a user is able to eye and shoot his target more efficiently than he or she would, were he or she to use a cumbersome alternative. The same goes for products that have been designed for youth. Youth archers can find it very hard to maneuver a heavy bow, and here’s where the Diamond Atomic DIA10014 comes in. Since the weight of this product is just 1.9 pounds, it goes without saying that nothing can beat its ease of use. Even young archers who are only trying to learn how to use a bow properly can benefit from shooting with this one. Furthermore, it comes with all the extras one might need, ranging from three arrows and a quiver to a three-pin sight.


Can be customized according to the user’s needs

The genuine advantage of purchasing and using the Diamond Atomic DIA10014 is the fact that it can be adjusted in complete accordance with the physical features and preferences of the person using it. For example, the draw weight can be set between six and twenty-nine pounds, whereas the draw length can be customized between twelve to twenty-four inches. The brace height measures six inches.  The bow comes pre-balanced and pre-scaled so that it fits the requirements of young users. In a nutshell, both girls and boys can have their cake and eat it with the Diamond Atomic DIA10014, and that’s all thanks to its excellent adjustment features.


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Accuracy at its best

Not only can this bow take a lot of abuse and as such, features a durable construction, but it also takes the cake when it comes to performing accurate shots. Of course, the fact that it comes with all the necessary accessories is by itself an advantage. Even so, the bottom line is that no other bow destined for young archers can compare with the accuracy and speed of the Diamond Atomic DIA10014. All of the characteristics make it an outstanding starter, considering that there are many reviewers who claim that they’ve purchased this model for their seven or eight-year-olds and have seen how they were able to take their archery skills to a whole new level.

A reasonable price for extreme performance

Unlike other bows destined for youth, this one is reasonably priced and can be found for less than two hundred and fifty dollars on many online retail websites, including Amazon. If you are not prepared to break the bank but you want to give an unforgettable gift to your son, daughter, or nephew, be sure to check out the features of this starter bow package.




The arrows in the pack aren’t particularly well-designed.

The RH alternative cannot be used for left-hand users.



Our verdict

Combining affordability, convenience, durability, and extreme power and accuracy, the Diamond Atomic package is worth taking into account if you are still in the market for a youth bow and are having trouble making up your mind on the right one. After all, it’s one of the top-rated alternatives in the line.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($180.46)


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