Counting How Many Calories Does Exercise Burn?


Here’s a list of exercises and how many calories they burn, depending on the amount of time spent performing them. Being physically active doesn’t necessarily mean having to sweat it out at the gym – you’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn performing everyday activities such as housework or gardening.  Besides the obvious benefits of exercising to burn calories (losing weight and improving the way you look), being physically more active also helps to boost your mood and helps to relieve stress.  Couple exercising with healthy eating, and you will not only help to control your weight, but you will help to reduce your risk of getting a variety of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Bear in mind that the figures given here are examples of average calories burned for a woman weighing 152 lbs and a man weighing 185 lbs.  Actual calories burned while exercising will vary from person to person, depending on your age, how much you weigh to start with, and the intensity of the exercise or activity.





Light housework/cleaning 30 86 105
Gardening 30 138 168
Walking, slow pace 30 86 105
Walking, fast pace 30 172 210
Jogging 30 465 566
Cycling, slow pace 30 207 252
Cycling, fast pace 30 345 420
Bowling 30 103 126
Golf 30 148 180
Aerobics 30 224 273
Dancing 30 155 189
Swimming 30 207 252
Tennis 30 241 294
Gymnastics 30 138 168
Football 30 241 294
Martial Arts 30 303 369
Pilates / Yoga 30 86 105
Skiing 30 241 294
Elliptical Trainer 30 310 378
Wii-Fit, general exercise 30 86 105
Push-Ups 10 91 110
Sit-Ups 10 91 110
Weight Lifting 10 34 42
Skipping with Rope 20 230 280
Rowing 20 161 196
Step-ups 20 236 239

To see how many calories you are burning whilst you are exercising, you might like to invest in a Wrist Monitor Calories Counter that you can wear while working out.  It’s a great way of seeing exactly how many calories you are burning as you perform your chosen activity.

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N.B. It is advisable to consult your doctor/health care professional before undertaking any new diet or exercise regime.

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