Camping cooking gear reviews 2018


In fact, traveling and picnicking are no more difficult … preparing a three-mile meal on two stoves in the rain, and especially the meal must be neat and fast. fast You just want to make things easier.

However, whether it is your weekend or your main family holiday, preparing meals while still living under the canvas is a worthwhile pleasure. Make the most of your kitchen stove by choosing versatile and portable cuisine, you will definitely have limited space, but choose wisely and you can still get some snacks. (It takes a lot of time to leave the morning espresso. And do not forget, everything is more delicious when eating outdoors.

Sure, a tuna packet fills the tank, but there’s nothing better than making a real gourmet meal outside. Toss up to the car at the campsite or miles into the backcountry, so something you desperately want.

Whether checking out your own listings or giving chefs your life, these camping camps will surely satisfy you. We have tested a variety of devices to bring you the most efficient pieces and ship to cook a meal worthy of MasterChef. So burn the butane, blow the clouds away, and create – because anything better than sausages and beans.

1.OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set

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Three is better than one when it comes to something as useful as spatulas, and this set includes three pieces you’ll reach for over and over. It includes a medium silicone spatula, a silicone spoon spatula and a small silicone spatula.

The medium spatula is designed for stirring, scraping bowls and pots, and pushing batter into the corners of bakeware. The spoon spatula has a shallow bowl that makes it perfect for scooping and transferring ingredients from bowl to pot, while it’s also great stirring. The small spatula is surprisingly useful for stirring small amounts or for scraping the last bits of mayonnaise from the jar.

These are heat resistant to 600 degrees and dishwasher safe. They’re safe for all nonstick cookware and bakeware and won’t discolor, warp, or melt.

2.Camp Chef Everest 2-Burner Camp Stove

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We arrived at camp before the rest of the group and I quickly got to setting everything up. I’ve never been one to read the instructions on a new piece of gear, and I’m glad to report that the Camp Chef Everest stove didn’t break that streak. The set up for this stove is simple and intuitive — everything snaps easily into place.

And when it was time to cook, the push-button start made lighting the stove a breeze.

As we cooked dinner that evening, someone said with awe, “I think this stove is actually nicer than the one in my apartment,” a comment which garnered nods of agreement from hungry onlookers. Certainly with its removable grills and stainless steel drip tray, the Camp Chef Everest is easier to clean than my apartment stove. Maybe it’s a sign I should start living outdoors.

As I mentioned, this stove is incredibly easy to set up and operate. Simply open the lid to snap the windscreen in place, attach the fuel line and fuel bottle, and you’re ready to go. From box to first use, the Everest took less setup time than my boyfriend spent fixing my co-worker’s badly pitched tent.

Boil Time

The next morning I awoke to the sun streaming through the trees and the steadily rising temperature of a Southern California summer. I bounded from my tent with the knowledge that there is one thing that stands between a good morning camping, and a bad morning camping: coffee.

Luckily for me, and our novice camping friends, the Camp Chef Everest boils water in about two minutes, thus making it more effective than both my home stove and home microwave. Seriously people, if you need to find me, I’ll be outside with my new love, the Camp Chef Everest stove.

3.Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife

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The Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife is a Santoku chef’s knife for your culinary adventures in the woods. It features a full tang blade and a rubber grip handle, and it really does perform like a champ in the camp kitchen.

Ease Of Use
Santoku knives are usually designed with scallops in the blade so that certain foods won’t stick to it and you can continue cutting with ease. This knife does not have those scallops, so potatoes and chicken were a bit of a challenge but, otherwise, cutting cooked food was a breeze.

The sheath is a bit of a blunder. Which direction do I put the knife in? If you put it in one way it looks like it fits better and all of the style lines line up, but the knife is not secure. If you put it in the other way, it looks and feels like you’re going to cut through the side of the sheath but the knife holds in place.

Steel Quality & Edge Retention
Folks familiar with kitchen cutlery will know that it needs to be sharpened more often than not–this is due partly to the fact that those knives are pretty thin and don’t really have a good angle on which to create a grind. Gerber built this knife up thicker and sharpened it like a standard backpacking knife so it holds a great edge even after cutting through pounds of steak tips on the trail (I eat like a king when I’m climbing the sides of trap rock hills).

This isn’t the type of knife you want to bushwhack but it’s going to hold up pretty well if you use it for its purpose–food prep. Still, because of its beefy design, you could go off and use it in other situations if needed. In one case, I cut kindling with it and had no issues. I had to lop off a couple of ratings points for the sheath because I don’t think it will stand the test of time. It held up fairly well for me so far, but I may end up making my own sheath out of Kydex, as I want to keep this in the cutlery lineup for backpacking and car camping.

Having just purchased a new set of kitchen knives, I can tell you that based on price alone, this is a great deal. After using it for a while–in the kitchen and in the woods–I can further confirm that this knife is worth its asking price.

4.Tembo Tusk Skottle Grill

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We were introduced to TemboTusk (and founder, Jerry L’Ecuyer) at the 2015 Off the Grid Rally, and we immediately became obsessed with his cooking skottle. We love and use ours so much that we partnered with TemboTusk to create an Overland Bound edition. It’s perfect on the trail, or in the backyard and arrives at your door as a complete outdoor kit. The Overland Bound Carrying Case is available separately for current Skottle owners. Check it out!

The Overland Bound Edition Skottle Grill Kit contains:

  • Pre-seasoned Skottle Harrow Disk made of carbon steel – (made in the USA)
  • Solid Black detachable legs for easy setup
  • Solid Black water resistant carrying bags for the Skottle grill and legs (available separately)
  • Coleman 10,000 BTU Single Burner (propane fuel cylinder not included)
  • Grill and Carry Cases come with a 1 Year Warranty

The Skottle is designed for ease of use, portability, and uses a simple Coleman Single Burner as its source of heat: the burner hangs in the custom designed frame under the bottom of the Skottle pan.

The carry bag will hold the Skottle pan, burner and up to four 16oz gas bottles.  The legs have a separate storage bag with a Velcro closure.

5.MSR Windburner Stove

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MSR has had a long history of quality, ground breaking technology and durability and their WindBurner stove system is no different. Over the last 2 years this system has kept me feed and hydrated all over the world. From the Southern tip of South America to closer to home in the Australian Alps it has consistently been a conversation starter with fellow hikers and not looked like letting me down.

Technology behind the WindBurner

In 2007 MSR launched the Reactor it’s ultra-efficient and windproof stove system, which provided the ability to rapidly boil water in extreme conditions, it was the first stove to employ radiant heat and primary air combustion while regulating canister pressure. The WindBurner uses the same Reactor technology however its in a more user friendly package for lightweight hiking and solo use.

When the WindBurner is running, gas travels from the canister, through a pressure regulator, to two jets that inject the fuel into a cavity under the porous disc. Here, the fuel mixes with air and flows through the pores in the disc. Ignition occurs in the upper level and at the surface of the disc. The flame spreads evenly over the disc, creating broad, consistent heating. Flame temperatures reach 1980 degrees Celsius and the protective mesh above the disc reaches 871 C.

Final Word

The MSR WindBurner stove system operates fast, reliable & is basically windproof, this gives you the confidence to hunt out the windiest spot to use the WindBurner & test out the hype.

While the WindBurner may not either be the lightest, fastest, cheapest or most efficient stove on the market it sets a new benchmark for the overall stove experience. The WindBurner’s performance, durability and ease of use at the end of a long day on the track makes the WindBurner a highly desirable piece of engineering.

6.GoSun Sport Solar Stove Cooker

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I have used a solar oven in the past, but it was homemade and took hours to cook. The Go Sun boasted about being able to cook a) in about an hour or less on sunny days, b) cook even on overcast days.

I gave the Go Sun solar stove five different test runs, each with a different food that I would have available should I lose power and need an alternate cooking source.

Now before I begin my review, I need to state that I am NOT a cook. I can follow a recipe, but putting things together on my own is not my forte. So my test foods might seem overly simplistic. But I did that on purpose. I wanted the outcomes of the tests, be them good or bad, to be a result of the stove and not my lack of complex cooking skills.

We actually had two parts to this test. First we cooked some chicken legs plain. No seasoning or sauce. Then on the second batch of legs we added some BBQ sauce.

Now normally it would have been advisable to cut the chicken into pieces, removing the bones to ensure that it cooks more quickly. But I was feeling kinda lazy that day, and stuck the legs in whole.

7.Swiss Advance Crono N5 Pocket Knife

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A good multitool is indispensable. And one that weighs in at a scant 41 grams is downright amazing. Made of German steel and constructed in Switzerland, this handy pocket tool has a bit of everything, including a fork, screw driver, fish scaler,  square, wire cutter, ruler, hexagon, screw wrench, and more. This is the epitome of an EDC (everyday carry). Get one, give one, and be ready for whatever life throws at you.




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