Best Small Dog Grooming Table Reviews


Whether you own a dog with a high-maintenance coat or you are considering starting up your own mobile pet grooming business, the first thing you’ll need to get started is a good dog grooming table! The truth is the dog grooming table can also be beneficial to them. When it comes to large dogs, a specific table can help reduce the work for the dog as much as possible for the groomer. With smaller breeds, greater benefits are definitely for the groomer.

Types of dog grooming table for small dogs that you are interested in

Rotation grooming table for small dog

When you are working with a small dog, a rotation grooming table can be an asset. Do not have to move on the table to check your feet to see if they can even help you save time and keep the dog more comfortable.

A hydraulic or electric grooming table can also be rotated for this purpose. There are also tables sitting on the table. They are ideal for small breeds.

These boards are small and tend to keep the dog from wanting to walk out of the edge. They usually come with a grooming table arm as well. This table can sit on a counter for the groomer to work on the dog or can be placed on another grooming table.

Folding Dog Grooming Tables for small dogs

These are the most popular grooming tables, and they work well with little dogs for a variety of reasons:

  • The smaller, lighter varieties do not need more balance sheets.
  • Folding tables for easy travel and transportation.
  • Small dog breeds do not need large grounds.

Why do you need it? The best reason to use a folding grooming table is that you are traveling with it or just trying to save space at home.

Hydraulic Dog Grooming Tables

On the advice of the professionals, it will almost direct you to a quality cleaning brush for your small and medium dog. They are designed with the comfort of a groomer in mind.

Actually, not all dogs are of the same size, so working on a gradual adjustment will help reduce stress on everyone involved.

Electric Dog Grooming Tables are not necessary for small breeds

If you are in the salon and looking for a table to prepare for your small dogs, an electric grooming table might be too much. This table is designed for large breeds.

It can be lowered to the ground quickly so that large dogs can step on it and then lift up to a comfortable level to groom. Although the groom may be your small dog on this board, you do not necessarily have a electric dog grooming table for your small dog.

Qualities of Good Portable Dog Grooming Tables

Before deciding which grooming table is right for you, you need to understand the things that distinguish the best grooming tables from the no-so-great grooming tables.

Whereas those in the former category will help make grooming time easier, those in the later are often frustrating to use. In some cases, they may even endanger the pups who climb atop them.

Some of the most important qualities to seek in a grooming table include:

  • The best grooming tables enable you to adjust the height of the platform. This not only allows you better access and ease of use, it can also make grooming more comfortable, which can be especially important for those grooming more than one dog.
  • Good grooming tables come equipped with an adjustable arm and grooming loop. Even the best-behaved pups usually need a little “encouragement” to keep them in position for an extended grooming session, and the best way to accomplish this is with an adjustable arm and grooming loop to keep pooches in place.
  • Grooming tables should be easy to clean. Tables with myriad cracks and crevices will collect hair and quickly become a furry mess. The more smooth surfaces and corners a table has, the better. Additionally, the mat should be easy to remove so that you can wash it between uses.
  • Safe grooming tables feature a non-slip surface on which dogs can stand. Most quality tables feature a soft rubber mat to ensure your dog’s feet stay comfortable and that he won’t slip off the table while he’s wet.
  • The best tables are sturdy, yet light enough to allow easy movement. You don’t want a flimsy table that will fall apart or fail when it is in use, but if you can’t lift the table and move it around easily, it won’t be very portable.
  • Really good tables have a shelf or basket beneath the table. These types of places give you a convenient place to store towels, combs, dog hairdryers and other essential grooming tools. Slotted shelves are ideal, as they won’t collect water during use.
  • Good portable grooming tables feature rubber-capped feet. Rubber-capped feet will not only provide more stability, they’ll help protect the floor underneath from damage.

Dealing With Difficult Dogs on the Table

Some dogs don’t seem to mind baths and grooming time, and they are happy to hang out on the table while you snip, clip and comb their hair. This is particularly true of those who have been groomed frequently since a very young age (which is a good reason to start grooming early if you have a dog with a high-maintenance coat).

However, many other dogs consider grooming to be roughly akin to root-canal work.These dogs will resist your attempts at every turn, and generally make the process very difficult. Some may even act aggressively and try to nip at the hand holding the clippers.

Others are simply scared of the entire concept, from the loud noises made by blow dryers to the idea of sitting on an elevated table. And while nervous dogs are easier to handle than aggressive dogs, they are still difficult and unpredictable.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can employ to help make your dog feel comfortable and reduce the amount of chaos that occurs while they are sitting on the table.

 Introduce your dog to the table in a positive manner. Before you even start thinking about grooming your dog, introduce him to the concept of sitting and standing on the elevated table. For example, you can just put him on the table (without using grooming loops) and give him lots of praise and a treat. Repeat this tactic a few times to help drive home the point that the table is a fun place to be.

 Start grooming high-maintenance dogs from a very young age. Dogs are extremely adaptable animals, and they learn what to expect from life through experience. If your dog has been hopping up on the table for most of his life, he’ll likely learn to tolerate the table without much fuss. You can start grooming most dogs at about 10 to 12 weeks old.

 Provide a stable ramp or set of stairs so that large dogs can safely and confidently access the table. Small breeds can simply be picked up and placed on the table, and they will usually take this in stride. However, large breeds may become frightened and struggle mightily when you attempt to lift them in the same way. Just provide a safe way for them to climb up themselves (consider dog stairs or ramps), and they’ll feel much safer from the get go.

 Always select a stable and sturdy table of the right height. Wobbly tables make for nervous dogs, and if the table wiggles enough, they may be compelled to jump down. Additionally, you want to ensure it is easy for you to work around the table, so the job will proceed more quickly. Make sure the table sits at a comfortable height for you, and you’ll both feel better.

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Solve problems Height With Small Dog Grooming Table

Cleaning your dogs, or a group of dogs in your home for dog care programs is a really hard job. So it’s no surprise to see that caregivers who have spent years agonizing wrist or shoulder problems.

By choosing the right small dog grooming table will help you eliminate the health problems. Here are four issues that you will find beneficial from a dog grooming table can be adjusted for your small dog:

  1. Your Neck: When looking down at the dog, you are craning your neck in an annoying corner. This can stretch the muscles, cause headaches and lead to stress throughout the back.
  2. Your shoulders: Working on a dog is in front of you and at optimum heights can help relieve stress on the shoulders. The dog will be raised to a comfortable level, allowing you to easily carry out without a lot of hassle.
  3. Your Back: Many groomers want to sit down while working on a cut. If you have a non-adjustable table at other heights, it makes you feel uncomfortable, so find a way to reduce the strain on your back with a adjustable chair or something.
  4. Your pet: Adjusting the height of the table to a comfortable level while working on a small or even moderate dog can help pets feel less anxious. Because the groomer does not stress to contact with animals, there is a good chance that the groomer will be relaxed and this will make the dog more comfortable.

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On the market there are a lot of grooming table for medium and large breeds. The biggest challenge for small dog breeders is to find an ideal small dog grooming table. The problem is that different brands have different ideas about perfect size and weight. Below is a list of the best small dog grooming table that we recommend for you to choose.

Top 6 Best Small Dog Grooming Table Comparation

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Flying Pig 32″ Small Size Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame Foldable Dog Pet Grooming Table

Best small dog grooming table by Flying Pig Grooming

First in our list is the Flying Pig Small Size Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame Foldable Grooming Table with compact size. The length of 32 ” means that this is one of the smaller tables of them and suited to the needs of the performing dog. However, there is still a fairly high allowance here at 330lbs. There is also the use of fine non-slip mat on the surface. This table is basically built as if it is a much heavier task table for larger varieties, only with reduced dimensions.

It has a weight capacity and builds anti-rust, but is a smaller, folded model with smaller breeds. Other benefits here include adjustable arms and rings, and baskets. It seems like a grooming table that designers have thought of everything that a user needs.

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Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets

What is the 2nd? That is The Master Equipment Small Pet Grooming Table – Part of a wild card entry for this guide because it does something completely different from the other grooming tables. This is essentially a table on the table. It provides a little extra height for small dogs and better maneuverability around the body and claws.

Best small dog grooming table by Master EquipmentIt’s a cute idea, with a spinning round table with bright colors with a well-rounded grooming loop. The shooting facilities are really quite conducive to getting all the hard to reach places.

Then, there is the added benefit of table stability with rubber feet and non-slip, easy surface cleaning. The only real problem here is the size. 18″ diameter without height adjustment. If the dog is fit then that is great, and you can enjoy some great cuts. If it does not then it will not work.

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Pingkay High Quality Pet Dog Cat Show Fold Grooming Table

Best small dog grooming table by Pingkay

Pingkay Pet Table is ranked 3rd on this list if you really want to have a slightly smaller length. The table size is 30 “long, so it took two inches for the Flying Pig competitor, and had a floor height of 33.5″. This may be a bit too small for some dog owners who prefer a less work space to place their stuff.

But, there are additional benefits here. This model weighs less than the Flying Pig at 250 lbs. It also boasts a pleasant static free surface that is also easy to clean and does not slip thanks to the pebbled rubber. Other users prefer that it is quick and easy to set up, portable and nice and definitely. So it still ticks most boxes right.

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Yaheetech Professional 32″ Foldable Pet Grooming Table W/Arm

Best small dog grooming table by Yaheetech

The fourth in our list is the Yaheetech Professional 32 “Foldable Pet Grooming Table W / Arm, with a length of 32 inches that seems to be a standard size for these small desks. With the Pingkay option above, it has a maximum power output of only 220lbs, significantly lower and may prove to be a bit restrictive to those used for heavy-duty dog grooming table. It is sold as foldable and can be adjusted for different varieties and although this is true, there are limitations.

There are some comments on height adjustment. There are many who feel that this small dog grooming table is not suitable for small breeds. If the user is about 5ft4 then they are struggling, anyone 6ft tall or more may have problems back after a while.

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Giantex Large Portable Pet Dog Cat Grooming Table Dog Show W/arm

Best small dog grooming table by Giantex

Giantex Large Portable Pet Dog Cat Grooming Table is the fifth in the list best small dog grooming table our. The first thing that all new shoppers need to do here is to ignore all these conversations is a big table in any product name or description. The larger ones are less than 48 inches long and 32″ long. However, there are still some significant weight and strengths to this small dog grooming table that some owners may not be expecting.

Has a solid steel frame and weighs 330lb. The other benefit here is that it comes with an adjustable grooming table arm that clamps on to improve portability, as well as storage trays and nylon loops. The main problem is that it is a bit heavy for some and also has some quality control grip with clamp.

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Oxgord Pet Grooming Table

The last place on our list is the OxGord Pet Grooming Table for small-medium dogs and cats breeds.

Best small dog grooming table by Oxgord

It’s a bit bigger than the models mentioned above, at 36 inches. But 4 inches can make a lot of difference to the dog owner that wants a little more security and work space. This makes this grooming table near the average size table different from Pingkay or other options below, but has a small mobile nature, needed for small breeds.

There are many familiar features here that all dog owners should expect. There are folded metal frames that adjust to a good height and firmness. Some feel that it is a bit heavy to pick up and move because this feels like a heavy duty option than a small portable option.

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Flying Pig Bone Pattern Grooming Table

About: Flying Pig makes another appearance on our list with their Bone Pattern Grooming Table. However, unlike the rectangular model detailed above, this one features a bone-shaped working surface.


  • Non-skid, bone-pattern texture ensures dogs can stand comfortably and safely
  • Comes equipped with proprietary stainless steel foldable, adjustable grooming arm and loop
  • Available in small, medium and large sizes (see dimensions below)


  • 32″ long x 21″~18″ wide x 31.5″ high
  • 38″ long x 22” to 18″ wide x 31.5″ high
  • 44″ long x 24″~20″ wide x 31.5″ high

PROS: Although this model doesn’t receive the same kind of praise as the Super Durable model, the Flying Pig Bone Pattern Table still largely impresses most owners and is suitable for a variety of grooming activities.

CONS: The larger sizes are on the heavy side, but most groomers still reported that it was easy to move as necessary. In general, complaints were quite rare.

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What Makes the Best Dog Grooming Table?

If you’re going to be grooming your dog at home, there are a few things that you’ll need, one of them being a dog grooming table. Some of these high quality, best dog grooming tables will keep the mess at a minimum, providing a place for you to put your dog up and adjust their height while you trim their fur, clip their nails, and other necessities.

I feel that the below list of the top five best dog grooming tables will ensure that your home pet grooming experience is a successful one. There are many different reasons to groom a dog at home, and all of them are good. For one, it’s a money-saver. Also, grooming your pet provides you two with a chance to bond more closelty.

You’ll also get to do first-hand maintenance on your pup to make sure that there aren’t any skin abnormalities or possible infections on them. While some of these best dog grooming tables might seem a little pricey, they’re worth it in order to ensure that grooming is convenient and clean. Consider it an investment into your dog’s healthcare.

If you’re a professional dog groomer—or thinking about becoming one—you know the importance of having a versatile, clean work area. These best dog grooming tables below will provide you with a sense of organization and cleanliness and will save your back—no more bending down to work!

I have listed my top five recommendations based on many hours of research and reading, followed by a quick overview of the characteristics of each dog grooming table and its pros and cons, according to satisfied and dissatisfied customers. After the listing I will review how you should go about selecting the best dog grooming table for you and your dog so you can use it successfully.

How to Pick the Best Dog Grooming Tables?

Best Dog Grooming Tables

So, you’ve got your list of best dog grooming tablesand you’re looking it over. I’ve listed all the pros and cons of these tables, and exactly what matters the most. But how do you know which table to pick and which one is best for your specific dog?

Take into account your dog’s size. Though all of these grooming tables for dogs are quite sturdy and well-made, your dog’s length and physical space that he or she takes up may be too small for the table space provided.

Make sure you check the dimensions we’ve listed and make sure your dog will be comfortable on those. Also, if your dog is large, you’ll want to choose a pet grooming table that has adjustable legs. That way, you won’t have to lift your dog onto the table and struggle with that.

If your dog has a nervous temperament and doesn’t like tables, you’ll want to get the best dog grooming table with adjustable legs (such as the Z-formation ones I talked about). Some canines may need to be kept at a lower level until they become more accustomed to being a few feet off the ground. If that’s the case, you’ll want to be sure that you can provide that flexibility for them without compromising on quality.

Several of the tables I showed you have built-in leashes that you can use to make sure your dog stays in place. This is a great detail, especially for those of us who have dogs that can get a little wild sometimes (or always). However, there is the matter of safety to be considered. Never, ever leave your dog alone when you have the leash around his or her neck. If the dog falls, that could end up in a tragic accident. If you’re worried that that might happen, skip the dog leash on your pet grooming table altogether and keep them on the table using treats and other behavioral tactics. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

So, to review: when picking a product out of articles like this best dog grooming tables list above, consider your dog’s dimensions and temperament, and keep safety in mind as well when deciding whether to use an attached leash or not.

Make sure you do your due diligence and research every item properly, consider the fact that the above content is simply a list of best dog grooming tables that have been rated by customers, groomers and other people online and is a result of research and reading, not testing. Get more information from other sources before deciding on your next purchase, especially if that purchase is a costly one, like a dog grooming table. Happy grooming!

We want to make sure that our readers are aware that we are NOT sponsored by any of the manufacturers and dog companies mentioned in this article. Please note that we do our best to provide accurate information, but we highly encourage dog owners to always double-check other sources for additional tips on best dog grooming tables so that you can make a more accurate decision of what’s best for you, and your canine.

The above overview of best pet grooming tables for dogs should give pet owners a good idea of best rated dog supplies, but please also make sure that you read the more about top dog grooming table reviews from multiple customers before you purchase any dog products. Sometimes, those reviews from pet parents can provide more information than any dog supplies website ever could. Finally, I hope this list was helpful, and if you tried any of these dog products, please let us know of your experience in the comments below.


As you can see, choosing the right small dog grooming table is a great thing. Size and weight are the most important factors in finding a grooming table for your small dog.  Besides, you need to consider the structure of the frame, the different height adjustments and additional features. Do not assume that there will be a proper arm or ring, or a basket. Be sure to compare the specifications of the best grooming tables before you buy to have a small dog grooming table that matches your small dog.


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