Best Sleeper Sofas to Buy in 2018


Sleeper Sofas had become popular in the 1970s when the Brits embraced a new era of open living and a more relaxed attitude when we used our living room. We still want to expand with them today, with the best people providing room for the whole family to stay comfortable. The first measure is the key, not just the intended space but the doors and corridors where your sofa also needs to pass. Also if you want to sleep a light sleep at noon this is the solution for you Most are ordered, so check the delivery time and if required assembly. The final price can vary considerably depending on the mattress you choose – things to keep in mind when shopping around.


This is the skeleton on which the sofa is built – while metal frames are readily available, the best sofa bed brands will almost exclusively use kiln-dried hardwood because of the superior durability this material affords. Frames made from pine or other more pliable woods will not last.

The frame of a sofa bed needs to be made from a durable material, because it will experience wear and tear as it changes back and forth between its two forms. Additionally, the edges should be smooth – sharp or rough edges could snag the sleeper’s fabric (or even that of your bedsheet or blanket), leading to general inconvenience at best, and rips and tears at worst.



By far the most noticeable component is the mattress, which determines the feel and comfort offered by the product (just as for any other kind of bed!):


Similar to innerspring mattresses, they have a support structure consisting of coils, topped off by a polyurethane layer. They typically yield firm, springy support. The average coil density swings around 345, and anything roughly twice this is considered high quality.

Memory foam

Memory foam is known to conform to the shape of your body, resulting in soft, pressure relieving comfort which is especially well suited to people who sleep in awkward positions e.g. side sleepers.


This is a combination of air mattress and innerspring technology, with the spring support core covered by an air mattress to offer somewhat better conformity.
Remember that the thickness / density in which these materials are used will have a significant impact on their performance, durability and price.

Operating Mechanism

There are multiple types of sofa bed styles available, operating on different principles to cater to different needs. Here are the most popular ones:

Lift And Pull

This is the conventional style of sleeper sofas, typically found in futons and similar products: you lift its seat up at a nearly vertical angle – this releases the lock – and then pull it down again to make up the bed.


Designed for long term, regular sleep use, this type of sleeper comes with a memory foam or innerspring mattress that can be folded out from its base in two motions.

A Frame

This sleeper requires you to pull forward its lower front panel, which unfolds its ‘A shaped’ structure into a flat sleeping surface. The bed is transformed back into the sofa by means of a cantilever system.

Clic Clac

This type has the most convenient conversion mechanism: the back is pushed forward slightly to unlatch the locking system, after which you can fold it down to make it into a flat bed.

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This is one of the most stylish designs, with an extra platform pulling out from underneath the sleeper and popping up in alignment with the ottoman end, effectively yielding a double bed.


Other Important Considerations

Primary Usage

What do you intend to use the sofa bed for mainly? If you expect to utilize it primarily as sitting furniture, you’ll need something that takes the pressure off your backside without sinking too far under your weight. A suitable candidate would be a convertible that uses a foam mattress.

On the other hand, if you plan to use the sleeper sofa chiefly for sleeping and / or accommodating guests in the middle of the night, you’ll need to a surface that can handle the sleeper’s entire body weight. An innerspring mattress would do the trick in most cases, but if you require extra conformity, then a memory foam product may also be considered.


Always keep in mind the room you’ll be putting the sofa bed in – both the aesthetics and the physical dimensions of the product will be affected by this. A living room sofa will need to be visually attractive as well as comfortable with upholstery that blends with the rest of the furniture.

For a den or study, you can forego looks in favor of practicality, comfort and economy – for instance, a cheap microfiber sleeper that is geared towards comfort will do fine.

If the room you’re planning on putting it in is a bit constrained, you’ll have to consider a futon or loveseat that saves space. If real estate isn’t an issue, you can go with a traditional sleeping couch that makes for a far comfier bed that allows two people to sleep easily.

Top Rated Sofa Bed Reviews

  • Best Overall: Red Barrel Studio Serta Martin House Sleeper Sofa

    With its tailored, timeless design, clean lines and eco-friendly production, this sleeper sofa from Red Barrel Studio makes the perfect addition to any style of living room—and the ideal place for guests to crash overnight. Make this sleeper your own by adding decorative pillows or throws; it’s neutral, polyester upholstery makes it ultra-versatile.

    Its solid, hardwood frame is wrapped with eco-friendly cushions made from polygon, a derivative of soy beans and castor beans. Plus, the entire sofa is formaldehyde-free, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your family or guests to potentially harmful chemicals. Wide loop sinuous springs that run from the front to the back of the seat guarantee your sofa won’t sag, while its foam-filled backs and pillows contour the body for extra comfort.

    In addition to its concealed, queen-sized spring mattress, this sleeper sofa features a super smooth rocking mechanism.

  • Best Overall, Runner Up: Signature Design by Ashley Larkinhurst Sleeper Sofa

    Traditionally designed and carefully constructed, Ashley Furniture’s Larkinhurst takes the number two spot for its timeless look and high-quality manufacturing. Upholstered with thick poly fiber, corded trim and decorative nail heads, this sleeper sofa would work well with a traditional or classic style of home décor.

    Built with a corner-blocked wood frame, tight back and high-resiliency foam seat cushions, this sleeper sofa is durable and supportive, but comfy enough for everyday lounging. Plus, its concealed, queen-sized innerspring mattress gives guests a comfortable place to catch their zzz’s. Measuring just under 7.5 feet long, this sleeper sofa is ideal for mid-sized spaces.

    This sleeper sofa is shipped directly from Ashley Furniture and arrives assembled, so you’ll be able to lounge (or take a nap!) as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

  • Best Queen-Sized Sleeper: Ashley Furniture Signature Design Alenya Sleeper Sofa

    Have some space to spare? Check out Ashley Furniture’s Alenya sleeper sofa. Measuring seven feet long, this sleeper sofa pulls out to a queen-sized bi-fold innerspring mattress, so your guests can really stretch out.

    This sleeper sofa isn’t just a comfortable addition to your living room, guest room or den, either. Its clean lines and classic profile make it super stylish and super versatile; it’ll pair well with any style of home décor. Plus, it’s upholstered with a polyester-nylon blend that’savailable in two neutral tones, so it’ll match any color palette, too.

  • Best Twin-Sized Sleeper: Signature Design by Ashley Twin Sofa Sleeper

    If you’re furnishing an apartment or just trying to find the perfect sleeper sofa for a smaller space, this pick from Ashley Furniture can fit just about anywhere. Its smaller footprint—at only 4.8 feet long—is ideal for studio apartments, smaller living rooms, office spaces or dens.

    And even though this sleeper is small in size, it’s big on functionality: Simply pull the supportive metal bedframe out to reveal a twin-sized innerspring mattress that can comfortably accommodate an overnight guest (or two if they really cozy up.)

    Available in three neutral colors, this sleeper sofa is upholstered with a thick polyester-nylon blend, so it feels super soft to the touch, but will still resist rips, tears and stains. Plus, its traditional design and easy-to-match color options make it simple to pair this sofa to most décor styles and color palettes.

  • Best Budget Sleeper: Divano Roma Furniture Bonded Leather Sleeper

    This sleeper sofa from Divano Roma is an incredibly wallet-friendly option, whether you’re furnishing your first apartment or just redecorating on a budget. Featuring a full-sized mattress, this pick is perfectly sized for smaller spaces, like a small guvest room, office or apartment. It’s approximately 5.8 feet long, so you’ll save floor space, but maximize space for your guests.

    Its ultra-durable bonded leather upholstery is available in two color options—black or grey—so you can match it with any décor. Because this sleeper is made with bonded leather, it can hold up to everyday use—you don’t have to worry about rips, tears or stains. And unlike genuine leather, there’s no need to condition this sofa every few months.

    The cushions are overstuffed for extra comfort, but if you’re looking for a super soft, squishy sofa, this may not be the right pick for you—it is on the firmer side.

  • Best Splurge Sleeper: Omnia Leather’s Jackson Sleeper Sofa

    Designed with clean, simple lines and upholstered with soft, genuine leather, Omnia Leather’s Jackson sleeper sofa will make any room of the house look more lux—and converts to a comfy full-sized bed for your overnight guests. For additional comfort, the backs, arms and hardwood frame are padded with super thick foam stuffing.

    Pro tip: Leather furniture is always a smart choice, especially if you have kids, pets or spill-prone guests. It’s resilient, easy to clean and ages beautifully—but the convenience of genuine leather usually comes with a higher price tag.

    Although this sleeper sofa does have a higher price point, it’s worth the investment: The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for both the sofa’s hardwood frame and its sinuous spring seating suspension. If you ever have an issue with your Jackson sleeper (for the lifetime of the piece!), simply contact Omnia to have it resolved.

  • Best Designed Sleeper: Wayfair Sarah Sleeper Sofa

    We love Wayfair’s Sarah sleeper sofa for its super-versatile, classic design and its whopping 96(!) color options. Plus, it’s available in several fabric types, like cotton, polyester, linen and synthetic, so you can pick the perfect material for your family’s use. (That’s a huge bonus for families with kids and pets—it allows you to pick a more durable fabric, like linen, that can hold up against spills, nails and stains.) If you’re not sure what color or material you want to order, contact Wayfair for free fabric samples.

    Real-life customers love this sleeper sofa because it’s made in the United States, beautifully designed and extremely comfortable, albeit a bit firmer than expected. One customer even shared that her friends ooh-ed and ahh-ed the first time they saw it in her house.

    Featuring a full-sized bed, super comfortable inner-soft cushions and a recessed support bar (so those sleeping won’t get poked in the back!), this sleeper sofa will help your guests snooze in style.


    Some could say that this material is cute, just a white sheet of fluffiness.You can fold it, use it day or night, and it will always retain its original shape. It’s just play-dough, which you’re able to always get back to the original design or shape. If you want to learn the full memory foam benefits, you can look further into our website.


    When it comes down to saving the most money when buying, you can check on sites like Craigslist on a daily basis for top rated bargains on second-hand sofa beds.

    Sometimes, you’ll have to perform some restoration to the microfiber or leather upholstery of the units, which can cost some money (when done right).

    And even then, you know in the back of your mind that this unit has been through some use (who knows by who and with home much care). However, no single person like myself and others can offer what giant retail stores and distribution centers can.

    Whether you are looking for a kingsize, queensize, twin, full, or a single… brand new and un-used sleepers are available at your request. If you need it to be made out of a specific wood, such as willow, pine, elm, or any other materials which are organic and eco friendly, expect to pay a premium.

    Typically, plywood bonded together makes up for most of the ones sold online., is the source we recommend. Their return policy is outstanding and their customer service gets things done!


    The whole point of getting any of the above foam mattresses, is to have them perform a “comfort” therapy on your back. Typically, regular innerspring mattresses are upholstered, weigh a decent amount, consumer typically hate, and overnight sleeps are below average.

    To have an awesome experience it’s crucial you get the measurements right, all brands would have this information available on their product listings.

    When you get your measurements correct, make sure to still use sheets to cover the foam. Dirt can easily get trapped inside, and it’s nice to have an extra layer of protection so clean-up is simple. This applies for king, queen, twin, full, and single memory-foam mattresses.

    Another added benefit to using foam over spring, is that they are 100% convertible. This means, you can sometimes roll them a cylinder and store away for later use. The design is simple and straight to the point, sizes are often 4″, 3.5″, 3″, 2.5″ as low as 1″. If you’re a light person, you can get away with a thinner foam mattress. But for heavier people, you’ll want to lean towards the large and thick mattresses for full comfort.


    Hopefully, we have provided enough information on picking the right types of sleeper sofa for you. Yes, there are many to choose from, but the ones featured above are the 5 best sofa beds found while conducting research and digging into user feedback.

    When you find the ideal look and price range of a pull-out sofa for you, consider investing some money into a memory foam mattress of good quality. Although there’s less of a variety to choose from, the three mentioned above are some of the most popular we’ve come across.

    Always remember, with any purchase, there is no need to rush into it. Take a good look at user feedback and be sure to trust your intuition. 

    A special goodbye from TopRateAnything, we’ll be sure to see you in next time.


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