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Pet trackers especially GPS dog trackers have become very popular and the truth is that the market now has a bunch of them you can choose from. With so many models and brands available there are obvious areas that you must dwell on to make sure that you select a dog tracker that best serves your needs and those of your pet dog.

Tracker features – The dog trackers come in a wide range of features and the more you know about the features the easier it should be for you to select the best. Some only have location-based features but other offer you much more in terms of direction, distance travelled and the dog speed. Determine what features are most important to you then make your selection.

Cost – Just like buying any other item, it helps to have a budget in mind when going for a dog tracker. How much you are willing to spend on the tracker can help you narrow down your search and stay within your range. GPS dog trackers tend to be costlier than RF collars but then they offer better results and are better in quality. Still under the cost look at how you will be receiving the information because even though some devices offer free SMS alerts you would still need to subscribe to the services.

The size – When it comes to selecting the size of your dog tracker, the age and breed of the dog play an important role. Basically, the size of the dog should help you select a tracker that will be comfortable and light to carry for the dog. Most of the trackers are made for bigger dogs especially the GPS collars meaning you might want to settle for an RF system if you have a smaller dog for comfortable carrying.

Location type – Urban or rural should be the question you ask yourself when getting your dog tracker. Rural areas can be heavily wooded meaning a GPS system might not be very functional hence an RF tracker might be better. Understand your current location and its demands before purchasing the tracker.

Battery life – A unit that comes with rechargeable and replaceable batteries is more reliable because it ensures that your dog is thoroughly monitored throughout. Avoid settling for a tracker you will have to replace entirely once the battery runs out. You should also choose a tracker that offers you a good number of hours of monitoring before the battery needs replacing or recharging; some go for up to a week.

Ease of use and support – The dog tracker you choose should give you an easy time attaching to the collar and using for that matter. A unit that comes with a user manual can be a much better option. However, even with the ease of use, try as much as possible to select a tracker that offers you reliable support in that you can reach customer service for any issues or queries on the tracker.

What to pay attention to?

The above list comprises the most valuable features of any such device, but anything additional or unique can add value. For example, you may want a waterproof GPS tracker for dogs (which is useful for hunters with gun dogs or owners who like close to water reserves), and you’ll need to pay attention to the range that the device covers as well.

Comfort of a GPS tracker for dogs itself is another important consideration. For example, does the GPS device clips onto your pet’s existing collar, or does it come with its own special GPS collar for dogs? Is the device small and lightweight? What is the material made out of, and is it comfortable for the dog to wear?

Considering an overall price of a GPS tracker for dogs, and the service costs is important, but don’t get hung up on the money alone. As with most tech products, you will likely need to pay more for a better service and additional features, some of which can be useful and even necessary, depending on how you intend to use your dog GPS device.

Before buying your next GPS tracker for dogs, think of how it’s going to be used and make a list of the features that are most important to you. That way you can find a device that will meet your needs and fit your budget. After that, take a look at our breakdown of these 10 dog GPS trackers service costs and see how either one fairs against others.

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13 GPS Tracker for Dogs Costs Compared (2018)

1. WUF

Upfront Cost: $189.99
Subscription Fee: None
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The WUF dog GPS tracker is a wearable device that serves as a tracker as well as an activity monitor. This tracker also features a two way audio connection so that you can call your dogs inside when they stray to the far end of your garden.

The WUF GPS tracker for dogs also allows you to set virtual boundaries for your pet, and it’s one of the few dog GPS trackers with service costs being completely FREE.


Upfront Cost: $199
Subscription Fee: $9.50/month
Get it here:

The Voyce GPS tracker for dogs is a rather unusual looking dog collar device that focuses more on health and wellness information of your pet than actually being a GPS device.

If you are looking for a health tracker that provides information on your dog’s activity, respiration, heart rate, distance traveled and so forth, then this is the device for you. However, it’s far from being the top option if location tracking is very important to you.

3. Whistle

Upfront Cost: $79
Subscription Fee: $6.95/mo – $9.95/mo
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The Whistle GPS tracker for dogs is one of the pioneers of the technology that combined GPS tracking with additional features. It’s also one of the most popular options that many pet owners choose today; however, you’re paying both for a device and a subscription fee with Whistle.

This dog GPS tracker utilizes cellular technology to track and locate your dog at all times. A particularly small device, the Whistle slips right onto any dog collar and provides feedback through an mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

4. Nuzzle

Upfront Cost: $196.66
Subscription Fee: None
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Another good option on this comparison list of dog GPS trackers’ service costs is the Nuzzle, mostly because there are no subscription fees with this device; however, there’s a higher upfront cost.

Nuzzle GPS tracker for dogs connects via cellular connection, and as an added bonus of tracking your pet’s activity. This tracker comes with its own dog collar, but can also be detached and fitted to your pet’s existing collar, which can be very convenient for many pet owners. The Nuzzle app allows you to monitor your dog’s health as well as track multiple dogs if you have several collar attachments.

5. The Paw Tracker

Upfront Cost: $99.95
Subscription Fee: $9.95/month
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The Paw Tracker is similar to the Whistle, but is a less popular option and slightly more expensive on the upfront cost. It also has only one subscription fee option, which is on the higher end when compared to Whistle.

The Paw Tracker is large but lightweight, and this dog GPS device clips right on to your dog’s collar and relies on GPS satellites to locate your pet at all times. Once the GPS satellites have located your dog, coordinates are relayed via cell service to help you to find your pooch. Pretty simple, and it works.

6. Squeaker Buddy

Upfront Cost: $250
Subscription Fee: $99.99/year
Get it here:

The Squeaker Buddy is an LED lit GPS tracker collar for your dog, and so far, it’s one of the most expensive options in upfront costs we’ve seen when comparing dog GPS trackers service costs. But note that their subscription fee is for a year, unlike other pet GPS trackers that charge monthly; this breaks down to about $8.30 per month (still not cheap).

Squeaker Buddy dog GPS collar allows for your pet’s activity monitoring and provides information like your dog’s body temperature and heart monitoring. Information is displayed both through a mobile app and on a small OLED screen on the dog collar itself. Since it is built into a collar, the Squeaker Buddy is available in multiple sizes for different dogs.

7. Tile

Upfront Cost: $25
Subscription Fee: None
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Tile is a finder tool that is not specifically designed as a pet GPS system; however, it can be used as a dog collar tag. The small tag works with the Tile app on your phone. If your dog gets lost while wearing the tile tag on his collar, you can ring their tile from your phone when he’s within 100 feet.

While Tile is clearly the most affordable one when comparing GPS tracker for dogs service costs, it is slightly impractical for a lost pet. However, the Tile app also allows you to activate a unique “Notify When Found” feature. This feature works by notifying you any time that another Tile user passes by your pet wearing their tile collar tag. This individual passing by will trigger an alert through the Tile system to let you know where your pet was last seen.

8. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

Upfront Cost: $199
Subscription Fee: $6.95/month
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The Link AKC Smart Collarfor dogs is a GPS enabled dog collar and winner of the CES 2017 Best of Innovation award (source). This dog GPS collar not only provides GPS information but also tracks your pet’s activity and provides custom activity recommendations based on the data from your dog.

The GPS collar also has temperature alerts, a remote light that can be turned on so that you can see your dog in the dark, and a remote sound feature to communicate with your dog from a distance. Tech experts rate this GPS tracker for dogs very high, so don’t be put off by the lack of reviews on this one; it’s a new device that is about to go big next year.

9. Pod 2 GPS + WIFI Pet Tracker

Upfront Cost: $199
Subscription Fee: 12 months free, then $49.99/year
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The Pod 2 GPS with included WiFi Pet Tracker is something a little different on this comparison list of dog GPS trackers service costs. As the name suggests, it has a GPS technology as well as built-in WiFi pet tracker, which can be useful in some situations, and totally useless in others.

Pod 2 GPS + WIFI Pet Tracker (yes, that’s the official name) is not only small and lightweight, but it also has a top-notch GPS tracker and activity tracker built into it. This means that you can not only track your dog’s location, but that you can also keep track of his activity level on a regular basis, just like a few other devices I’ve mentioned above.

10. Tractive GPS Tracker

Upfront Cost: $67.95
Subscription Fee: starts at $5/month
Get it here

When discussing GPS tracker for dogs and its service costs, naturally I should mention the now very famous Tractive dog tracker. Similar to Whistle, it is one of the most popular trackers for pets and is used by majority of pet owners who choose to track their dog’s activity.

The Tractive GPS Tracker for dogs is a small and simple pet tracking device with a built-in GPS capability, similar to many others I’ve already mentioned on this list. It works with both Android and iOS devices, and you can track your dog’s movements wherever you are. Take a look at Samantha’s video review of Tractive (linked below) to learn more about how this device works.


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