Best Flea Collars For Dogs 2020 Reviews


One important aspect of your dogs health includes the treatment and protection from fleas, ticks, and other common pests. Fleas multiply rapidly and cause a host of problems for your dog including pain, itching, allergies, and the potential to transmit disease. The best way to treat and protect your pet is through a flea collar that delivers medication through the natural oils produced by your dogs skin. With the variety of collars on the market, we’ve reviewed some of the Best Flea Collars For Dogs, to help narrow down your choices.

Thankfully, some manufacturers have identified this problem and figured out ways to stop these little bugs from ruining your dog’s life.  No longer do you have to watch in misery as your dog continually itches with the existence of products like flea collars.

However, they’re so many of these products on the market these days that it’s hard to tell which one is the best flea collar for dogs. Honestly, most of them look the same and offer the same features/promises.

Due to this, we felt it would be a good idea to provide you with a guide that discusses all you need to know about these products and goes over the best ones on the market.

In the section below, you’ll find a detailed discussion of the best flea collars that’ll help you pick the right one for your pup. The goal here is to find the perfect flea collar for your dog’s particular needs.

As you’d expect from a product review section, this part of the article will discuss some of the most popular flea collars on the market: outlining key features, pros, and my thoughts on the overall product quality.


Premium’s Flea collar uses 100% natural essential oils like Clove Oil and Lemon Grass to kill and repel fleas, ticks, lice, and mosquitos. By using all natural ingredients, this flea collar offers a allergy-free, harmless way to protect your pets from unwanted pests. More so, This adjustable collar offers 8-months of continuous protection from harmful pests, while it works to prevent and control Sarcoptic Mange. Unlike oral flea medication, Premiums flea collar kills pests on contact, no biting necessary.


  • Waterproof
  • 25-inches Long
  • 8-Month Protection
  • Easy to Apply


Petsmont Premium Flea collar uses plant-based ingredients including Geranium, Peppermint, and Lavender for safe, non-toxic protection. Lasting longer than traditional medications, this collar repels and kills ticks, lice, mosquitos, and larvae for up to a year. Each collars made from Thermoplastic Elastomer that’s environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and comfortable to wear, all year-long. This one-size-fits-all collar features an adjustable band that offers a perfect fit for your pet, simply cut off and discard the excess.


  • No Nitenpyram, Permethrin, or Diatomaceous Earth
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarntee
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • 1-Year Protection


If you’re looking for a safe, effective way to rid you pet of fleas, look no further than the flea collar by DYEOF. This collar kills and repels fleas, ticks, eggs, larvae, and mosquitos for 8 continuous months, no biting required. This hypoallergenic collar uses ingredients that are safe for your pets sensitive skin, without losing its effectiveness. DYEOF’s flea collar uses an adjustable band that’s customizable to your dogs size, suitable for 7-week old puppies to seniors.


  • 8-Month Protection
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Safe For Puppies
  • No Unpleasant Aroma


HOEOR’s flea and tick collar uses an advanced formula to kill and repels common pests for 8-months. This long-lasting collar stops and repels flea and tick infestations within 48-hours, all while protecting your pet from other infestations including lice, eggs, and mosquitos. This adjustable collar fits dogs of any size or breed, and uses water resistance technology for pets that spend a significant amount of time in water.


  • 8-Month Protection
  • Suitable For Puppies
  • Kills Within 48-Hours
  • Allergy Free


Bayer introduces their Best Flea Collars For Dogs under 18-lbs. This collar uses a low-concentration formula designed to slowly release medication, without overwhelming your pets skin and causing side effects. This non-greasy, odorless formula delivers 8-months of flea and tick protection from head to tail, and it won’t wash away or lose its effectiveness during bath time. With Bayer’s Animal Health Flea collar, your pet’s also protected against live, mosquitos, and Sarcoptic Mange.


  • For dogs 18 lbs or less
  • Low Concentration
  • Non-greasy
  • Unsuitable for puppies


The flea and tick protection collar by Lovatic gives your pet 8-months of protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and lice. It uses essential oils like Citronella and Eucalyptus that slowly gets released through your dogs skin, killing pests on contact. This collar adjusts to fit dogs of any size, including puppies as young a 7-weeks, and it’s comfortable to wear without digging or scratching. Since this collar uses all natural ingredients, there’s no toxic chemicals or side effects, and it’s safe for humans.


  • Water Resistant
  • No Toxic Chemicals
  • 8-Month Protection
  • Eco-friendly


Torrix offers an adjustable flea collar that fits comfortably on your pet, delivering 8-months of pest protection. This collar uses a mixture of essential oils that kills and repels common pests, without introducing your pet to harmful chemicals. Torrix’s flea collar undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its allergy-free, eco-friendly, and safe for humans and pets. Additionally, each collar uses water-resistant technology that allows it perform effectively, even after repeated water exposure.


  • Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
  • 8-Month Protection
  • Odorless, Non-Greasy
  • All Natural Ingredients


Bayer Animal Health Flea collar offers 8-months of protection against fleas, ticks, and lice for dogs over 18 lbs. This 25-inch collar adjusts to fit your dog properly, while the remaining part gets cut off and thrown away. During the first 24-hours of use, this collar kills 95% of existing infestations and begins to repel further infestations immediately. Using a slow-release, low-concentration formula of natural ingredients, your pet receives the most effective pest protection without being exposed to harsh chemical or negative side effects.


  • 8-Month Protection
  • Kills Within 24-hrs
  • Low-Concentration
  • Large Dogs Over 18lbs


What is a Flea Collar for Dogs?

Fleas collars are specially designed to protect your dog from the horrors provide by fleas. Generally, you make a flea collar by mixing flea-killing chemicals with plastic and molding them into a thin strip.

The result is a product that intends to give dog owners a sense of comfort through protecting their dog from ailments caused by fleas like hot spots, scratching and other nuisances.

In an ideal scenario, a flea collar is a preventive measure rather than a treatment. See, it’s always better to stop something before it starts rather than fixing it later. You want to end the flood before the water even reaches the outer limits.

Therefore, the idea behind these collars is to provide a defense against the fleas before they start making your dog’s life a living hell. Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t types that are effective in killing the fleas after infestation.

Regardless of your dog’s flea scenario, flea collars are a worthwhile option to consider. They’re a practical, quick solution to a problem that has haunted dogs for ages. Don’t let your dog become miserable with the affliction of constant scratching.

Types of Flea Collars

There are three types of flea collars: repelling, treatment, and treat & repel flea collars. Each type has a specific function regarding how they deal with the flea problem. Below, we’ll discuss the differences and their methods of getting rid of these awful bugs.

Repelling Flea Collars

These flea collars have one job: repelling the fleas before they even get into your dog’s fur. They have one goal and try to accomplish it by emitting a gas that fleas find revolting. As a result, the fleas will hopefully ignore your dog.

Therefore, these collars try to get rid of the fleas before they become a problem. But in the effort to this goal, these collars offer no sense of treatment against already existing flea problems.

In light of this, if your dog has already existing flea issues, these collars aren’t the right ones for you. The two options below are going to fall more in line with your dog’s particular needs.

Mainly, these collars are the nuclear option for dog owners who anticipate fleas will be a future problem for their dog. For example, a dog owner living in a woodsy environment should consider these collars as an option.

Treatment Flea Collars

Treatment flea collars are for the poor dogs that already have a flea infestation making their lives miserable.  These collars “treat” the condition rather than preventing it from happening in the first place.

In doing so, they’re two ways these collars achieve this goal: medication that seeps into your dog’s skin or active ingredients that spread using your dog’s natural oils. Either way will work to remove the horrifying sense of constant itching from your dog’s life.

Unlike the repelling flea collars, these collars make sure to kill the fleas rather than making them ignore your dog. Due to this, these collars are often advertised with words like “treat” or “cure” somewhere on their box.

Overall, these collars are a way to get rid of an already existing problem through eliminating the threat. If your dog has fleas, these collars are an option you need to consider.

Treat & Repel Flea Collars

Treat & repel flea collars combine the desired effects from the two before mentioned types into one product. In doing so, you can expect them to have high prices but the most effective results among flea collars.

By combining the uses of both the other types, you can confidently use these collars in any situation with fleas. Whether fleas have already burrowed themselves into your dog’s fur or not, these collars will help alleviate the issue.

Due to the multifaceted use, these are the collars I’d recommend. But the high cost does put a burden on the wallet. So, if you aren’t looking to pay an arm and a leg for a flea collar, you might want to look into the two other types.

After all, a flea isn’t supposed to be a long-term replacement for a regular collar; therefore, the higher price of these collars can seem a little extravagant. But personally, these collars’ effectiveness make the price not a big deal for me.

How do Flea Collars Work?

Since there are three different types of flea collars, this section is split into three parts. Each part will discuss how each particular type works to rid your dog of the nightmare effects caused by fleas.

Repelling Flea Collars

Repelling flea collars are relatively simple; they emit a gas that makes your dog unappealing to fleas. Due to this, fleas will avoid invading your dog’s fur. Ideally, these collars are a preventative measure to ensure your dog never has a flea problem.

But this action of only “repelling” fleas leaves a lot to be desired for most dog owners. Let’s be honest; I don’t expect most dog owners to be forward thinking about their dog having a potential flea problem.

In fact, I’d expect most dog owners don’t think about fleas until they start becoming a noticeable problem. After all, it’s human nature to wait until the last minute to address a potential issue.

So, if you’re like me and wait until the last minute, repelling flea collars are probably aren’t a smart idea because it will do nothing to cure a flea infestation. And as a procrastinator, I likely won’t do anything to prevent an issue before it becomes an issue.

Treatment Flea Collars

Treatment flea collars work quite a bit different than repelling flea collars. See, these collars are meant to combat an ongoing infestation of fleas. In doing so, they’re very aggressive in addressing the problem.

With this aggressive approach, these collars rely on medication that drips into your dog’s skin or chemicals that spread throughout your dog’s body in their natural oils. Both are extremely effective in eliminating those fleas from your dog’s fur.

But, as you would expect, this isn’t a collar you want to use in a preventative manner because you’re dealing with chemicals. For example, these collars are designed to kill the fleas either when they bite or on the first contact with your dog’s skin.

In other words, their use should be reserved for circumstances involving a very aggressive flea infestation. There’s no reason to use these collars in preparation for flea season because their aggressiveness is more likely to activate the flea collar’s side effects.

Treat & Repel Flea Collars

As the most effective type of flea collar, the treat & repel collars combine the beneficial aspects of the other two types into one product. How they mix the two varies from collar to collar.

Regardless of the method, each one of these collars has the goal of being able to handle any flea situation imaginable. However, it’s crucial you find the one you’re comfortable in using.

If you’re wondering how to tell the difference between the types of flea collars, an easy way to know is how they advertise the product. For example, the treat & repel flea collars will have words like “kill “or “eliminate” on the box. Phrases like “kill the fleas and their larvae” are commonly seen on these products.

In comparison, repelling collars will use lighter toned words like “repel” or “ignore.” And as previously stated, treatment collars will use words like “treat” or “cure.” In the end, it’s really about picking the right type for your dog’s situation.

Benefits of Flea Collars

Given the widespread usage of flea collars among pet owners, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they provide your pup/you with numerous benefits. In this section, we’ll go over some of those benefits and explain how they might help better your dog’s life.

Reduces the Risks of Various Skin Issues

With the use of a flea collar, you limit the risk of exposing your dog to flea saliva, which causes allergies, scratching, and itching. In doing so, you’re avoiding the ailments that come from excessive scratchings such as hot spots and skin infections.

Less Expensive Than Other Flea Related Products

In comparison to the other flea prevention products, flea collars are on the low side of the spectrum regarding their price. Therefore, if you get a high-quality one, they represent quite a bargain.


Along with being less expensive, flea collars offer the most extended sense of protection among flea killing products. In fact, some even offer up to 12 months of stability before they need replacing.

Prevents Tapeworms

Fleas have the nasty habit of sometimes carrying and transmitting tapeworms. If you don’t know, a tapeworm can cause your dog’s stomach to become upset. And in puppies can make them suffer from anemia, slow their growth, and cause intestinal blockage.

Stops Flea Infestations From Coming Inside Your Home

If your dog doesn’t have fleas, there’s no risk of your home becoming flooded with them. And since it’s rather unhealthy living with fleas, this is a benefit that betters both your and your dog’s life.

How Effective are Flea Collars?

As you might expect, a flea collar’s effectiveness will vary from product to product. But with a high-quality one, there’s no reason to suspect it won’t be completely effective in providing your dog with a flea-free life.

In fact, while other flea related products might be more convenient, these flea collar can offer longer lasting results with some even saying they can provide up to 12 months of flea protection.

Overall, it’s all about making sure you choose the right product for your dog’s circumstances. And ensuring the product you do want is a proven high-quality, flea-killing product.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Flea Collar for Dogs

As a consumer, you need to know what you want in a product before deciding what to buy. Therefore, this section will discuss the things you need to consider before choosing the best flea collar for your dog.

Your Dog’s Flea Situation

When buying a flea collar, the first thing you need to understand is your dog’s flea situation. You need to know whether you want to prepare, treat, or both before deciding on the right flea collar.

After all, knowing this will make it much easier to navigate the flea collar market. It will give you an idea of the exact model you want to buy.

For example, if you have a backyard with a lot of shaded areas, places fleas love to hide, then preparing beforehand might be the option for you. In this case, a repelling or repel & treat flea collar would be the right type for your particular needs.

On the other hand, if your dog already has severe flea issues, a treatment or repel & treat flea collar would most likely be the most appropriate option. Honestly, understanding the type you want to buy makes the process much less time-consuming.

Water Resistant

Like any collar for your dog, you need a collar that is water resistant. It’s essential to obtaining the best possible experience with a flea collar. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a flea collar and find out that it can’t handle a little rainstorm.

And honestly, most dogs love water. Why would you buy a product that prohibits them from exploring things they love? It doesn’t make sense logically or money wise. So, make sure the flea collar you buy is water resistant for both you and your dog’s benefit.

Toxic Ingredients

Since we’re dealing with products that use toxic chemicals, you need to thoroughly research the ingredients inside the flea collars you’re considering. It’s imperative you make sure the chemicals inside the collar are safe for both humans and dogs.

After all, some manufacturers don’t care about your pets and cut corners to make more money. And your research into the chemicals will help you avoid buying from these awful companies.


For some reason, flea collar manufactures thought it’d be a good idea to create them with a strong odor. But I can tell you this wasn’t a good idea because most of the time the smell is incredibly pungent.

With this in mind, please make sure to buy an odorless collar. Don’t be the owner who throws out a collar because of an entirely unneeded feature like having an odor. It will become a waste of your money and time.

Protection Length

How long a flea collar last varies: some last one-month, others can last up to eight months. Therefore, it’s essential you take the time to figure out the right length of time for your dog’s needs.

If you’re overly concerned and hate the idea of replacing the flea collar every month, instead buy a flea collar that works for eight months. In this case, it’s a more convenient option for this type of owner.

In comparison, if you need a flea collar for a short period, there’s no reason for you to spend more money on a flea collar that offers a more extended protection period. In the end, it’s about what is right for you and your dog’s circumstances.


You’d be surprised how many dog flea collar reviews mention that the product didn’t fit their dog. And most of the time, there was a simple solution to this issue; reading the size chart and measuring your dog’s neck.

In light of this, make sure you adhere to the manufactures size chart and correctly measure your dog’s neck. Honestly, the size chart is there to make your life easier. So, please allow it to do its job.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll answer some of the questions that will inevitably come up in your search to find the best flea collar for dogs. Hopefully, it will make your decision about which flea collar you want much easier.

Are flea collars safe? 

In most circumstances, flea collars are a very safe product, as long as; you don’t allow your dog to chew on them. In other words, if you read the instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems.

But if you have multiple dogs, it’s essential you make sure you don’t allow the other dogs to chew on the flea collar during play accidentally. It could cause them to get poisoned or have some serious neurological problems.

Additionally, some side effects come along with flea collar use. These side effects are considered minimal; however, they include hair loss, scratching, and redness.

Do flea collars make dogs sick?

If used correctly, there is no reason why a flea collar should make a dog sick. However, the chemicals in the collar are toxic and can cause severe issues when ingested such as poisoning and neurological deficits.

Therefore, make sure your dog doesn’t chew on any flea collar to avoid these harmful issues from hurting your dog. And if they do chew the flea collar, it’s essential you know the signs of flea collar poisoning.

Most likely, these chemicals are or similar to amitraz or propoxur. This site did an excellent job of outlining the signs of flea collar poisoning, so, you can prepare for this nightmarish scenario.

Can flea collars be worn by all dogs?

The majority of the time a flea collar will be entirely safe for your dog’s particular circumstances. However, there are some scenarios where flea collars aren’t suitable for use.

For instance, flea collars aren’t meant for pregnant, senior, or nursing dogs.  In each of these cases, there are specific detrimental issues that make the use of a flea collar problematic.

Due to this, make sure you consult with a vet before purchasing a flea collar for your dog. By doing so, you’re making sure there isn’t a potential health issue that could arise from the flea collar’s use.

Can dogs swim (bath) while wearing the collar?

It depends on the collar. Some are entirely safe for dogs to wear in the water but others aren’t. Regardless, it’s a good idea to remove them before your dog goes in the water because flea collars are rarely completely waterproof.

See, many flea collars will start wearing down after constant exposure to water. Due to this, removing them before bathing or other water-based activities will reduce the risk of the collar wearing down.

However, the best flea and tick collars for dogs will be water resistant because it doesn’t limit what your dog can do. If your dog does accidentally enter the water with their flea collar, it won’t mean you have to buy a new one.

After all, dogs are very mischievous and often end up doing the very thing we tell them not to do. Therefore, it’s essential you seek out a water-resistant collar to protect not only your dog, but also your wallet.

– Other than Flea Collars, How can I Prevent/Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks on my Dogs?

Among dog owners, flea collars are a popular choice to fight against the plague that fleas represent. However, these collars aren’t the only product on the market that act as flea control for dogs.

Other products include spot-on treatments, oral medications, shampoos, tick dips, powders, tick sprays, etc. Each one of these items is explicitly made to fight these annoying little nuisances.

If you want to learn more about these options, PetMD does an excellent job going over each one of these options and more in this article.


As we all know, fleas are tricky little things. Hopefully, with all this new information, you’ll be able to fight back against their planned assault on your dog’s fur. In fact, you now have an avenue, flea collars, to gain the upper hand.

So, please use the information in this article to decide whether or not this avenue is worthwhile for your particular dog’s circumstances.

After all, if you do decide a flea collar fits your dog situation best, you can feel confident knowing that you have all information needed to successfully pick out the best flea collar for dogs your money could buy!



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