There’s nothing more summery than packing up the car, rounding up the kids and heading for a sunny campsite. And while you don’t need much for a happy holiday under canvas, a good quality tent is a definite essential. While a glamorous beach holiday abroad can be all well and good, for us nothing beats getting away camping with the family. Whether this is your first camping holiday or you go away every year, nothing can beat heading off to the countryside, pitching your tent and relaxing in the great outdoors – you’re going to have a great time!

There are some key things to look for when buying a new model: make sure the tent has a completely waterproof rain fly (the outer later) and a coated nylon floor, so you don’t wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle. The more guy ropes a tent comes with the better (for added stability), and groundsheets are essential – they protect the tent’s floor from rocks and stop condensation forming if you’re camping somewhere chilly (like, say, Britain). Be wary of the number of people a tent claims to sleep – for some, you have to halve that number unless you fancy sleeping like sardines.

It’s always very important to find one among so many cheap tents for sale because most of us think the “low price” (or “inexpensive”) is the same meaning with “low quality”. Of course, the cheapest tent hardly can be a good one, even very good.

The KEY is it can delivery whatever you need!!!

So, in this article, we don’t show “best affordable tents” or “best inexpensive tents”. We show you top 3 lowest price tents which are rated at least 4/5 stars.

The useful recommendations below will give you a broad background of cheap camping tents but very interesting information so that you can choose a best one

Larger family tents are often heavy and bulky, but if you’re planning a week-long trip with the car it makes sense to pick something really spacious since you’ll only have to erect it once. We’ve tested out a range of sizes and found eight great quality options for all budgets. Fancy sleeping in something little different? A canvas bell tent is great fun, and children will adore sleeping suspended in a tree tent.

best family camping tents of 2018

REI Co-op Kingdom 6 ($439)

A quality build from a company that knows a thing or two about camping, the REI Co-op Kingdom is our top camping tent of 2018 with a ton of livable space at an excellent price. The hubbed pole design creates near vertical walls, so the peak height of 75 inches is enjoyed throughout most of the tent (traditional dome-style tents are only roomy in the very middle). Further, the Kingdom has been thoughtfully designed with plenty of interior storage, a center divider, and very large doors on both ends.

The Kingdom’s customizable rainfly is also one of our favorites on the market. The rainfly is easy to secure with Velcro closures that attach to the ends and side poles, and it can be adapted to warm conditions by rolling up the sides for extra ventilation (weather permitting). One end of the tent is completely covered by the rainfly, making a vestibule with decent space for shoes or other small outdoor items. The other end has an awning and a weatherproof door, should the rain turn sideways. This end also has the Connect Tech Zipper, which allows you to add either a vestibule or garage—we suggest springing for the ultra-spacious Kingdom Garage if you can.

Cabela’s West Wind 6-Person Dome Tent

— The new Cabela’s West Wind 6-Person Dome Tent nails all of our primary requirements in a family camping tent. It boasts one of the best and most usable vestibule systems we’ve seen, is relatively freestanding, is 6’3” tall, and it’s affordable. While it’s not the most inexpensive family tent on this list, it offers the best overall value. It’s well designed with plenty of mesh for airflow in fantastic weather as well as has a full-coverage rain fly. It’s 9’6” x 12′, giving it an 83.2 square foot floor while the vestibule adds in 19 more square feet. Better yet, the dome system uses four different pole sections giving it great stability (better than just two poles). And it comes with a gear loft and a hanging entertainment system that will let you slip a tablet into a pocket so that kids can watch a video while laying in their sleeping bags. Highly recommended. (If you want a perfect rectangular interior, try the similar Cabela’s Guardian version — it’s just as good.) Learn more: 4-person | 6-person | 8-person

Marmot Halo 6 ($599)

If car camping is your thing and you want premium weather protection and interior space, we love the Marmot Halo. In terms of structure, the Halo has a lot in common with a backpacking tent, featuring a taut DAC pole design that stands up well to serious wind. With circular poles around the top—hence the name “halo”—you get added mesh panels for ventilation and stargazing in clear weather. Another defining feature of the Halo is bountiful interior space: the walls are nearly vertical and its 96.7 square feet of floor area is significantly larger than the REI Kingdom (83.3 sq. ft.) above.

The biggest downside of the Marmot Halo is price: nearly $600 makes it one expensive tent. In addition, the main vestibule is spacious but can’t compete with the Kingdom’s truly massive Garage add-on. But we love the build quality, which far exceeds most of the competition. If you spend multiple weekends camping each year and want a topnotch home away from home, the Halo can be the one.
See the Marmot Halo 6

 Yakima SkyRise 3 Rooftop Tent ($1,499)

Rooftop tents have gone from niche to mainstream in only a few short years. The appeal is obvious: a tent attached to the roof of your car expands camping and road tripping opportunities exponentially, not to mention you’re sleeping elevated off the ground. Tepui makes a number of premium options—the tough Kukenam Ruggedized is particularly impressive—but we think Yakima’s SkyRise offers the right combination of price, usability, and weather protection. The 3-person model is comfortable inside with an integrated foam mattress, set up is relatively simple (watching Yakima’s online videos will help), and the strong aluminum poles and full coverage rainfly perform admirably in rough conditions.

The biggest impediments with a rooftop tent of any type are the associated cost and bulk. At $1,500, the Yakima SkyRise 3 is one of the more affordable fully waterproof models, but the price doesn’t include a roof rack system (you may need to upgrade from the standard rack included with your vehicle). In addition, the tent sits on top of your car (or pickup bed) and takes up most of that space, so there’s no room for attaching skis, bikes, or a roof box. But with the ability to set up camp just about anywhere, the unique SkyRise gets a spot on our list for 2018.

Coleman Sundome 6 ($79)

Realistically, a healthy number of people only go camping once or twice a summer in good conditions, and don’t need all the bells and whistles of the tents above. If this sounds like you, give serious consideration to the Sundome 6 from Coleman, which isn’t made from the fanciest fabrics but likely will got the job done. Most importantly, the price that’s often around $80 is a steal compared to some of the fully-featured tents on this list that are six times that much.

What do you sacrifice by going with such an inexpensive tent? We’ve found the materials feel pretty cheap, including everything from the clips and poles to the tent walls. Also, the rain fly covers the main portion of the tent body but leaves part of the sides exposed. This shouldn’t be an issue in most conditions, but we do prefer full coverage for serious rain and blowing winds. However, the roominess, durability, and weather protection all exceed what we would expect at this price point, which is why we have the Sundome so high on this list.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 ($700)

If you camp year-round including occasionally on snow, then we recommend checking out the Big Agnes Flying Diamond. With robust fabrics and a sturdy pole structure, it lets you hunker down and seal out the outside world. In achieving this awesome weather protection, Big Agnes does cut out the kind of interior space that lets you stand and move around in all areas. The back sleeping area peaks at just over 4 feet in the 6-person model, but the front room is a more manageable 5.5 feet.

Even among premium 6-person models, the Flying Diamond’s $700 price tag is a big investment if you won’t be spending a lot of time in windy and rough conditions. In good weather, however, a creative fly design does let you convert the vestibule into a front porch awning with some trekking poles or tarp poles. All told, the Flying Diamond isn’t for everyone, but it’s one of the best true 4-season camping tents available.

Cabela’s Hybrid Cabin Tent

— Like we said, Cabela’s has doubled-down on making a wide variety of great tents. The Hybrid Cabin blends the best features of heavy-duty cabin tent designs with lighter dome tents that have better rain fly coverage. You get a massive tent that can be split into two rooms with plenty of windows and interior mesh pockets. We particularly like the mesh ceiling for those clear summer nights. Learn more: 8-person

*Runner-up: The Cabela’s Getaway Cabin lineup comes in some interesting options. The 6-person is basic at a great price while the 4-person includes a built-in screen house while the 8-person includes two-doors and a big vestibule.

Best Budget Family Camping Tents

It’s hard to recommend a truly great budget, a.k.a. cheap, family camping tent because big tents and cheap materials just don’t go well together. The stress placed on poles and materials in a 4-person tent are way less than they are in a 6-person tent. You risk breaking poles during setup, and if there’s a few strong gusts of wind, cheap tents can collapse while you’re inside them, which tends to freak out kids and dogs. So pole breakage is your key risk, other than having tie-downs break or seams leak. So proceed with caution and invest in a roll of high-quality duct tape for in-the-field repairs. That said, we usually error toward Coleman or Alps Mountaineering when we’re looking for truly inexpensive tent options.

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent — The great thing about the Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent is that it’s one of the few inexpensive 8-person “budget” tents that has a surpisingly usable design. It uses multiple poles to create a big rectangular setup, and while you need to stake it down for decent results, it’s relatively solid when you do. The rainfly offers good (but not fantastic) coverage. The single door in the middle works out well. Treat this tent gently during setup, and it should get you through at least several good trips. Learn more: 6-person | 8-person

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent — The under $100 price is fantastic and the rainfly offers decent coverage. Be careful when you bend the poles to set it up, and when you tie it down, do a good job. Avoid heavy winds. In fact, let’s say all this again: Be careful when you set it up and avoid heavy winds. Learn more: 4-person | 6-person

ALPS Mountaineering Meramac 6 — The Meramac 6 is a great budget 6-person family camping tent. You can often find it for less than $150, and while there are some cheaper tents out there, ALPS Mountaineering has a level of quality a couple notches higher than most of its entry-level competition. Just make sure you use at least two people to set it up and go slow and easy with the poles. No vestibule, but the rainfly has excellent coverage down the sides. Learn more: 4-person | 5-person | 6-person

Super Cool and Sort of Wild Family Camping Tents

Heimplanet Nias Cairo Tent — The Heimplanet Nias Cairo Tent looks like a cross between a stealth bomber jet and an alien cargo box. It totally rethinks tent setup and design. Instead of heavy poles, it uses an inflatable support system. All you have to do is pump up the inflatable poles and the tent nearly sets itself up. So cool. On the flip side, it’s not much for windows, but if you don’t want to look like everyone else’s camp, this tent is for you. Oh, and yes, it’s a bit spendy. Get the camo version to complete the alien look.

Tentstile Connect Tree Tent — This astounding hammock-like “tree house” tent only sleeps two, but it’s 100% fun that will delight kids and all but the grouchiest adults. You need three stout trees to set it up. The cool thing about the Connect version of the Tentsile lineup is the you can connect three tents together to setup a sort of super-camp tent system. It’s certain to create some awesome memories, because seriously, who doesn’t like tree houses? Who doesn’t like hammocks? If you’re not sure about connecting multiples together, check out the sweet Tentsile Stingray, which can sleep three adults or two adults with two children. The bottom line is, if you’re going camping in a spot with plenty of trees, pick up a tentsile tent and don’t look back.


Shopping for a camping tent like shopping for a removable house, there are a variety of designs, styles, sizes and features to consider. A big family with three generations wants to go camping together each month, they will need a large tent which can divide into some rooms. An active young girl needs a light convenient tent for alone trips. A newly married couple wants a warm tent which can put on their minivan.

Defining your needs clearly and you will have a variety of tents for choosing. Based on the purpose of the trip, the number of people and financial condition, you can make a good decision when the market of camping tent provides a large range of choices.

Whether you have less experience in choosing camping tent or not, you should take a glance at the useful information and advice given in this article. I will suggest some ways (both online and offline) to buy a good-quality tent for camping trip and also a number of reasonable tents for consideration. The more you understand about one product, the better you can purchase yourselves.


Choosing a good tent with reasonable price is not easy, especially when you do not have much experience in purchasing this kind of product. Pay more does not mean you will get the best quality one. If you need more advice or information, you should spend time online and read reviews from other customers of reliable purchasing website such as Amazon. Let’s make a wonderful summer trip with your great camping tent!


There are some important things you need to remember, even when online or offline purchasing. To purchase cheap tents for camping, you have to define:

  • The purpose of a camping trip: A vacation at the beach, a long-distance trip with a minivan, an adventurous trip to discover jungle, …
  • The number of your group: Only you, a couple, a small family with two children, a big family with around ten members or a large group of young people, etc…
  • Your financial condition: “How much is okay with you?” is one important question you need to answer.
  • Tent features: The number of doors, three seasons or four, the weight of the tent, fabric materials are some of the things you have to decide when choosing a good tent. Let’s give a detailed list of criteria and you will get more chance of seeking the most suitable one.

One advantage of buying offline is that you can touch directly and take a real look at tents. It is suggested that you should take the time to set up a real tent. Set-up time is one criterion for the decision-making process. If you do not find difficult to set up or the tent does not take much time and your energy, you should put it in your final list for purchasing.


You can find camping tent at sports stores or departments with large selections of products. Some good and reliable offline place for purchasing camping tent are Walmart or Target.


Where to buy a cheap tent?

The online commercial is developing so fast and there are many websites with various prices and discount policies for choosing. The advantage of online shopping is the ease of finding information, or even ” tents on sale”, “deal”, “clearance” events. You can search Google with those keywords like : “best cheap tent“, “cheap camping tents“, “cheap tent for camping” or “cheap tents for sale“, then:

One of the top online websites is – a reliable online place for purchasing and making best decisions (by considering all Amazon customers’ reviews and rating points).

How to search a product on Amazon?

It is easy to use Amazon as a searching tool for your purchasing. You only need to type what you want to find into Seach box, then search results appear. On the left column, you can refine by choosing different criteria which are suitable for your selection. Some popular criteria are the number of Average customer review (should be 4+ rated), price (for example: from $100 to $500), condition (new, used, …) and other features depending on chosen products.

Then a short list appears for you to choose. You should take a look at Amazon customers’ reviews. This is really helpful because of they give true comments about products and their experience. The quality of the reviews means how well other people agree with a particular review and how it is useful.

It’s much easier to find best family camping tent for the money online

A product with 4+ rated and more than twenty reviews seems to be a remarkable one. You should pay attention to it and spend more time on reading other reviews to come to the final decision.

If you have any question, just post in Customer Questions and Answer section. They will be replayed quickly and reliably.

One more suggestion is our website. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Another good thing of buying tent from Amazon is, they always show you ads which give you the discount camping tents or the best deals of tents on sale.

You can find a camping tent easily due to clear catalogs with a tent for brands (Coleman, Big Agnes, Ozark Trail, …), size (4 people, 6 people, 8 people and 10+ people), shape (dome, cabin, standing), seasoned (3 season, 4 season, rain, wind, cold weather), purpose (car camping, pop up tent, instant or E Z tent, beach shelter)… You can also read our deep reviews of tents and get tips and guide for all things related to camping. It is very smart when you combine Amazon and our site to find out the most suitable camping tent for your trip.


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