Best Drywall Stilts Reviews 2018


In this guide, we will show you the best drywall stilts to buy, so let’s begin. When you think of stilts, it can be tempting to imagine a circus performer or Acrobat. However, stilts have a long history of practical use such as fruit picking, wading through flooded regions, and more recently installing drywall.


Today, drywall stilts are made of aluminum and can reach varying heights usually anywhere between 18” to 40”. The best drywall stilts can simplify a tough and strenuous job since it takes the ladder out of the equation. With stilts, installing drywall also takes less time, allowing you to maneuver around with ease.

Best Drywall Stilts

If you install drywall on regular basis and are considering purchasing stilts, there are several key aspects to look for in a pair. The best also should be lightweight, feature easy height adjustment, and also have reliable support mechanisms.

Of course, safety should always come first when it comes to using stilts. Ideally, products should feature an anti-slip mechanism as well as a reliable sole that grips the ground firmly. One fall from 40” in the air can seriously hurt.

Other considerations to keep in mind are comfort and ease of movement. High-quality stilts come with extra padding on the brace and reliable buckles on the foot straps. In fact, some of the best units feature self-locking buckles, which reduce the odds of a disastrous fall.

Since drywall stilts aren’t the most popular product to buy, however, finding the right product for your needs can be difficult. Whether you’re doing a one-time DIY project or work in construction, there’s an affordable pair of stilts design with your purposes in mind.

Referring to the following product guide can aid you in your decision. We’ve compiled a list of the top stilts available today, which includes affordable and quality options. Keep reading to discover which set is right for you.

Top 10 Best Drywall Stilts Reviews

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  1. GypTool Pro Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro Drywall Stilts

This is an excellent pair of stilts that can be used to accomplish dry wall, painting, wiring and a variety of other tasks; this is a highly versatile product. It is manufactured with top quality aluminum material to last longer. Because of the lightweight construction, you can move with it very easily. Thanks to the convenient design, you don’t need to use any tools to adjust these stilts. It features different height levels ranging from 15” to 23”, so it matches many working environments. Strong aluminum structure of these stilts can tolerate up to 225 pounds of weight and help you to maintain a better solidness. The braces can be fully adjusted and therefore these stilts can be used by almost any person regardless of the size.

They are manufactured with rubber feet and they don’t damage the floor when you walk on it. As a measure to increase the comfort and assure more support, the calf braces are made with increased width and padding. Overall, this is a great choice to perform many tasks in both household and professional scales.


  • Made with aluminum
  • Adjustable height levels (from 15” to 23”)
  • Can tolerate up to 225 pounds


  • Extra wide calf braces
  • Rubber feet to prevent floor damages
  • Lightweight and compactness


  • Rubber feet may wear off over the time

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2. Pentagon Tool Professional Red Drywall Stilts Highest Quality

Pentagon Tool Professional 
Drywall Stilts

These stilts are made out of lightweight but strong aluminum material. They come with adjustable heel plates and foot straps for better stability and convenience. They also have self-locking metal buckles. One of the best set of drywall stilts to accomplish tasks like drywall painting, tasks related to drop ceilings, painting work, electrical work and various others. Thanks to the unique and effective wing bolt design, this product offers a perfect versatility. In fact, you don’t need to use any tools when working with this handy equipment. Because of the perfectly fitting components, you will not feel any wobbling sensation. The height of these stilts can be adjusted within a range of 18” to 30” and therefore it matches a large range of work environments.

Thanks to the strong aluminum material used, it can tolerate around 225 pounds of weight. As a measure to increase the flexibility and assure a firmer hold, they have added a dual spring technology. Integrated rubber soles of these stilts can prevent you from slipping. The leg bands are made with pads, so you won’t feel any discomfort even on the long run. It is perfectly recommendable for professionals.


  • Made with aluminum
  • Adjustable height range from 18” to 30”
  • Anti-slip rubber soles
  • Stable construction
  • Tolerates about 225 pounds of weight


  • Strong, durable and lightweight construction
  • No tools are required to adjust
  • Double spring technology to add more flexibility


  • Some users have experienced loosened straps

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3. Yescom Aluminum Tool Stilts 24″ to 40″ Adjustable Inch Drywall Stilt

Drywall Stilts

These red adjustable painter’s stilts offered by Yescom are easy-to- assemble, comfortable and reliable. Users love the sturdy construction, but some do note that they are expensive. These red drywall stilts are made of lightweight aluminum, and they have a size of 32.1 x 12.4 x 7.5 inches, a weight of 15.5 pounds, dual action springs, skid-resistant rubber soles, adjustable heel bracket, metal buckle straps and adjustable working height ( 24-inch to 40-inch).

The recommended load capacity is 227 lbs and the wing bolt design guarantees that you’ll be able to adjust these stilts quickly and without tools.

In general, users are extremely satisfied with the performance, design, and functionality of these red adjustable stilts for drywall taping and they don’t have any major complaints. A buyer shared that he had no problems to assemble the stilts and that they are sturdy enough to withstand his 220 lbs of weight. The reviewer also states that he would recommend these stilts to anyone who wants reliable, safe and reasonably priced drywall stilts.

Another customer mentions that he has worked as a drywall finisher for 25 years and these are one of the best professional drywall stilts that he had ever used. The purchaser also says that it’s very easy to adjust the height and that it’s a piece of cake to walk on these stilts. A happy user also mentions that he has regularly been using these stilts and he still hasn’t had any accidents.

However, one user complains that he had troubles figuring out how to adjust the height.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Light
  • Stable
  • Reliable
  • Adjustable heel plate
  • Metal buckles
  • Anti-slip rubber soles


  • Expensive
  • Might be difficult to adjust

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4. MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line SKY2115 Skywalker


This is a top-of-the-line product that can surely fit any professional task. The comfort of and the security of these stilts is increased thanks to the locking toe strap and ratchet ankle adjustment. The composite footplate is strengthened with top quality, strong aluminum truss. These drywall stilts are exceptionally convenient to use; the height adjustment can be done with an easy flip and switch system. You don’t need any tool to adjust the height levels. You can maintain the natural posture while walking on these stilts as fully adjustable ankle spring assist you.

It is built with a rubber sole in order to assure better traction on the floor, the durability of the stilts and prevent damages to the floor. It can practically tolerate about 225 pounds of weight. These stilts are somewhat heavier than most of the other models in the market. Also, this model is relatively expensive than most of the aluminum stilts around.


  • Strong built and better stability
  • Locking toe strap and ratchet ankle adjustment
  • Adjustable ankle spring
  • It can tolerate up to about 225 pounds of weight
  • 15” to 23” height variations


  • Helps to maintain natural walking posture
  • Flip and switch system to adjust height levels
  • Added rubber sole for better traction and prevent damages to the floor


  • Expensive
  • Bit heavier than the other models



5. SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Support Magnesium Drywall Stilts

SurPro Drywall Stilts

If you want high-quality, efficient and reliable stilts for painting or drywall taping, you might take a look at these dual support drywall stilts offered by SurPro. Users love the well-balanced design, but some do note that they are quite expensive.

These adjustable drywall stilts are made of magnesium, and they have wrap-around leg straps, a wide foot plate with inner-looping straps, three-position heel bracket, an adjustable working height ( 24-inch to 40-inch) and a unique dual design featuring two side supports for better stability and balance. There is also a new interlock side pole bracket, so you don’t have to worry about falling.

Overall, buyers have a very high opinion of the SurPro adjustable drywall stilts, and they praise their sturdiness and lightness. Moreover, users don’t have any complaints regarding their functionality and performance. A buyer mentions that he uses these stilts regularly and that the feels comfortable even after walking on them for a couple of hours.

He would recommend them to anyone who is looking for the best drywall stilts available. Another reviewer comments that his daughter has had these performance stilts for a couple of months and there are no visible signs of damage or wearing. The customer also mentioned that he was very surprised by the sturdiness and durability of these adjustable stilts and that his daughter uses them daily for dancing, walking, and even for running with no issues.


  • Light
  • Sturdy
  • Unique dual design
  • Wider footplate with inner looping straps
  • Adjustable height and hell bracket
  • Interlock side pole bracket


  • Expensive
  • Available in one color

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6. Pentagon Tools 1151 Black MAG Stilts 18-30 Mag Pros Magnesium Drywall

Pentagon Tools Drywall Stilts

Recommended for both light and heavy-duty installation jobs, Pentagon Tool Mag Pros is a pair of two drywall stilts each with an adjustable 18-30-inch system that you can customize to match your needs. Attainable in black and several other interesting colors, these tilts are professional looking. The quality magnesium used to make them is light and durable, while their ergonomic foot straps and heel plates are not only comfortable but also designed to maximize the productive of users indoors.

Buckles are self-locking and the dual spring action fitted in each stilt designed to cushion impact while maximizing the flexibility of users at the same time. Pentagon Tool Mag Pros is affordable, supports up to 228 pounds at full capacity, and has a one-year (full) manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Weight: 14.2pounds
  • Material: Heavy gauge aluminum
  • Height: 18-30-inches
  • Weight Capacity: 228 pounds

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7. Dura-Stilt 2440 Deluxe Stilts

Dura-Stilt 2440 Drywall Stilts

Do you install large batches of drywall whenever you are handling a construction project? To ease the process significantly without compromising stability, safety, and or the performance, this set of Dura-Stilt 2440 deluxe stilts is among the best accessories to use. Lightweight, durable, and attainable in three adjustable sizes, they are not only versatile but also recommended for doing all types of drywall installation jobs. The solid aluminum alloy used to manufacture them has an impressive 225-pound weight capacity while the plush strap on adapter that comes mounted on both stilts customize fit and their stability whenever they are in use. Each stilt adjusts (24-40-inches) to customize reach.

Operation is very simple while their decently sized 30.2 x 12 x 7-inch designs maximize speed and the performance of users significantly. Buy a new pair to have memorable experience every time.


  • Weight: 5.0 pounds
  • Material: Solid aluminum
  • Height: 24-40-inches
  • Weight Capacity: 225 pounds

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8. Pentagon Tool Professional 18″-30″ Silver Drywall Stilts Highest Quality

Pentagon Tool Professional Drywall Stilts

Tall Guyz from Pentagon Tool is a professional grade pair of adjustable 18-30-inch drywall stilts, each designed to smoothen the movement of users when working indoors on various types of flooring. Whether you are working on wood or stone, you will stay productive without compromising personal safety and or performance. Unlike some models that wobble over time, for instance, its sturdy joints and construction, in general, maintains its stability over the years. The high strength aluminum alloy used to make it improve its stability and durability further while maintaining a lightweight and trim outlook at the same time.

With an original set, you also get a flexible dual spring action system that absorbs impact well to smoothen the motion of users, an improved leg adjustment system (nylon ) that minimizes irritation and the risk of slipping, and an impressive load capacity of approximately 228 pounds.


  • Weight: 7.4 pounds
  • Material: High strength aluminum
  • Height: 18-30-inch
  • Weight Capacity: 228 pounds

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9. STKUSA Drywall Stilts 24″ to 40″ Height Light Weight Non-Slip

STKUSA Drywall Stilts

This drywall stilt can accommodate a maximum weight of 228lbs. Also it is adjustable from 24” to 40” hence accommodates more working heights. These drywall stilts are strongly constructed for added stable support. They have adjustable foot straps and heel plates as well as self-locking metal buckles. Additionally the double spring action permits flexibility and prevents sliding.


  • Up to 228lbs load capacity
  • 24″ – 40″ Adjustable height
  • Strong construction for more stable support
  • Drywall stilts with adjustable heel plates and foot straps and self-locking metal buckles
  • Dual spring action allows flexibility and prevents legs from sliding

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10. GypTool Pro 48″ – 64″ Drywall Stilts

GypTool Pro 48″ – 64″Drywall Stilts

For all your home improvement, construction and interior design tools, look no further than GypTool. They aim to leave to it that you carry handle your tasks with ease and professionalism. The company prides itself on having a very active team of professional guaranteeing on super-quality tools. And now, they present you GypTool Pro 48″ – 64 Drywall Stilts.

By failing to perform due diligence when selecting drywall stilts, it means not valuing your safety. And going by the huge numbers of stilts out there, it is highly likely that you may be spoilt for choice. Most of them have cheap materials although they claim to be the best. You don’t want to be disappointed a few days of using them. The worst that could happen is you hurting yourself for failing to be serious in selecting. GypTool Pro 48” – 64” stilts have your safety at the forefront. Made of high-grade light aluminum, there can be zero doubts about the safety and robustness of these units.

Additionally, since it is lightweight aluminum, walking with them will require not much effort. That property makes them an ideal choice for those who work long hours. Also, even those who feel they do not have much strength can use these stilts with little exhaustion.

What’s more, these stilts are designed for use by anybody. It is pretty easy to adjust the height whenever you want to work on something beyond your height. Featuring a wing nut design, changing the height has never been this simple.

GypTool Pro 48” – 64” drywall stilts let you adjust the height in 5 levels. Typically, it measures 48’ inches when in the normal setting. You can elevate it to 52”, 56”, 60” and the highest 64”. With that kind of height, you can be sure that not many tasks will proof to be too hard for you.

Also, GypTool Pro 48” – 64” drywall stilts are not rigid and will not affect you movement whatsoever. As a result, you can use them all them all day without expending too much effort when moving. Besides, never again will you ever feel tired after walking on stilts. To ensure that you walk freely GypTool Pro 48” – 64” Drywall Stilts come with a dual flex spring system whose sole purpose is to enhance the mobility of the unit.


  • Made with top grade aluminum
  • Adjustable height levels from 48” to 60”
  • Can tolerate up to 225 pounds


  • Extra wide calf braces for comfort and better grip
  • Rubber feet to prevent potential floor damages


  • Rubber feet may wear off over the time

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When you should around, you will find a large array of construction stilts to select. Some of these models may match your purpose perfectly while others may not. One of the most important things you should observe when purchasing drywall stilts is its strength. You must have an assurance from the seller about the amount of weight the respective product can tolerate. Also, it is important to pick a model that has solid feet. Also, you should have a sound understanding of the height levels of the product you are about to purchase. It is important to assess if the height of the product can help you to reach the level you intend. Have a good understanding of the adjustable levels. Meanwhile, you should never forget to check if the straps and footrests are comfortable enough and strong enough to hold the stilts onto your legs and feet. Models with wider and padded straps will be the best option for you if you really expect to spend long hours on the construction stilts.


If you haven’t used stilts yet, you must be wondering how to walk on them. When you are going to use them for the first time, you should probably have someone with you (to support you). Such assistance will prevent you from slightest accidents. Before you strap the stilts on, you should wear appropriate shoes (or boots) with treads (for better traction). For the first time, it is better to try the shortest height level (for the sake of safety). As your confidence nurtures, you may try the higher levels. You must ensure that all the braces and straps are adjusted to the size of your feet; don’t leave them wobbling.

The first time on the drywall stilts can be pretty exciting and somewhat terrifying experience for you. Of course, the ones around you might make a lot of fun of your efforts. Don’t lose your confidence over the first time unsteadiness; just let it go and focus on your purpose only. Gradually, you will find some steadiness. Just try to move a couple of steps probably with some assistance of a friend. Always remember that your legs are extended; be smart enough to lift them adequately. In fact, this strategy can be mastered ONLY WITH PRACTICE. As a safety measure, find a spacious place where you don’t get any glasses, sharp edges and any other potential dangers. As you grow confidence, try different surfaces. Once you are confident, try to carry some stuff (a box, tools, some weight etc). We cannot say for how long you should practice; the duration may differ from person to another. You should keep practicing until you feel fully confident.


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