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Market dog and GPS trackers are not exactly a completely new invention but they are becoming more and more popular as technology becomes better and dog ownership is becoming more and more popular, with lots of Out there, we have compiled a list of what we will consider the best dog trackers available in the UK 2020 and where to buy them, we have listed most of them. Watch family dogs every day but there may also be one or two sports dog monitors. Research shows that some people love dogs more than humans, only humans get empathy from the subjects. Equip your dog with GPS necklace technology today.

So, What’s A Dog Activity Tracker Device?

It is a dog tracking device similar to human equipment, which attaches to your dog’s existing collar. The device uses AT & T’s mobile connectivity, as well as GPS and GLONASS signals, to tracking and monitor your dog’s activities such as walking, running, exercising, playing, sleeping and other similar actions, in addition to being interesting, are also extremely useful in seeing health problems, behavioral changes, etc. and display all data in your smartphone application.

Best dog activity tracker comes with its own unique feature set to help owners easily select and use. Some will have GPS navigation devices which will help quickly locate your dog or warn you when your pet leaves the safe area of ​​the city, while other applications will count Wap’s goal setting feature to help you track fitness goals for dogs and more.

Each brand has different goals and a different price, it depends on the owner, your dog, the living environment to choose the best equipment.

Therefore, before buying the best dog activity tracker you should consider the user-friendly monitor level of each user, considering the suitability of the collar, weight, and durability of the application, how to set up simple applications and how to transfer data from the gadget to your smartphone.

In this review, I have selected the 8 best performance monitors that meets the criteria you are looking for, hoping it will help you in choosing your dog tracking device.

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

This all-in-one GPS and activity tracker is the ultimate device for dog parents.

  • Collar: Included, available in sizes XS, small, medium, large, XL
  • Subscription Plan Required: Yes
  • Battery Life: Up to 3 days
  • Water Resistant: Yes, up to 3 feet
  • Activity Monitoring: Yes
  • Safety Features: Safe zones, temperature alerts, LED light, vet records


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The Good
Long battery life • Tracks vital stats and patterns, including temperature, heart rate, calories • Easy to use
The Bad
Not a location tracker • Expensive, especially with subscription fee
The Bottom Line
Ideal for old, sick, or at-risk dogs, the PetPace Smart Collar is a comprehensive health and activity monitor.

PetPace Smart Collar

  • Collar: Included, available in sizes small, medium, large, and for cats
  • Subscription Plan Required: Yes
  • Battery Life: Up to 6 weeks
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Activity Monitoring: Yes

Best GPS Dog Collar: Black+Decker Smart Dog Collar

GPS Dog Collar
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Black+Deker Smart Dog Collar

Perfect for any pet owner looking for a well-rounded GPS dog collar.

$99.00 USD

With two-way audio and activity tracking, the Black+Deker Smart Dog Collar is a great, well-rounded GPS dog collar. It features a precise GPS tracking system as well as a daily activity monitor. You can see where they are, what they’ve been doing, and what routes they’ve taken that day using a simple app on your smartphone. This GPS tracker also allows you to set up custom safety zones and sends instant alerts if your dog leaves the area. You can even set up a number of these zones, so now your pooch can play at home and the park without notifications being sent to your phone continuously.

One of this collar’s most significant features is its two-way audio. With the press of a button, you can both hear whatever your dog is hearing and speak directly to your pooch. This may seem as only aesthetic to some, but being able to talk through your dog’s collar can be a huge plus if they get lost. Just imagine being able to speak directly to your pet’s rescuers before you even get there!

Still on the fence? This collar is also water resistant in up to three feet of water and is exceptionally durable. Plus, it also features an OLED display that keeps your dog’s name and your contact information visible should your dog get lost. A customized message can also be displayed for special circumstances.

Black+Deker Smart Dog Collar Key Features:

  • Activity tracker
  • Customizable safe zones
  • 2-way audio
  • Virtual dog tag
  • Water resistant

Best GPS Dog Tag: Tractive GPS 3G Pet Tracker

GPS Dog Tag
Tractive GPS 3G Pet Tracker

With live tracking and the ability to see your pet’s location history, this is a great option for owners whose pets tend to be on the go.

$69.99 USD

The Tractive GPS 3G Pet Tracker has a number of great features that easily pushed it into our top five list. It is lightweight yet durable, with a waterproof design. With this tracker, you won’t have to worry about losing your pet’s location in the middle of a chase! It does use a cellular signal to track your pet’s location, which can be both a pro and a con depending on your situation. On the one hand, this small tracker has a range larger that Bluetooth trackers on the market. Plus, you can see your dog’s location in real-time using an app on your smartphone. You don’t have to sit around and wait for a passerby to activate the tracking mechanism or scan the collar. However, it’s use of a cellular signal does mean that a subscription is required to see your pet’s location. The cost of this subscription starts at $5 but does differ depending on the plan you choose.

Like many GPS trackers, this GPS dog tag allows you to set safe areas and alerts you if your dog leaves one of these areas. It also allows you to see your pet’s location history. This might be particularly useful to those with hunting dogs, who might want to track the route their pet is taking.

Tractive GPS 3G Pet Tracker Key Features:

  • Live tracking
  • Waterproof
  • Safe Zones
  • Location History

Who Should Buy a GPS Dog Tracker

Every year, thousands of pets go missing from their homes and rarely find their way back to their family. No one wants to imagine that their pet might run off and accidentally get lost, but it happens every day. To give your pet the highest chance of returning home, a GPS tracker is a great option. When you can see where your pet is located in either real-time or after a rescuer scans their collar, they can never indeed be lost. GPS trackers give you peace of mind and can be invaluable in the situation that your pet gets a little too far away from home.

A GPS dog tracker is something that you won’t need until you need it – after your pet is already lost. It is important to purchase, set up, and attach a GPS tracker to your pet far before you might need to use it. Just like you buy health insurance but hope that you will never have to use it, a GPS dog tracker would never get used in a perfect world. However, as a pet owner, it is our responsibility to understand that pets can and do go missing, and to prepare for that situation.

While it would never hurt to purchase a GPS tracker for your pet, owners with particularly fast-running and courageous canines are likely to benefit the most from a GPS dog tracker. If you have hunting dogs or commonly take your dog on adventures in large tracts of land, it is probably in your best interest to equip them with a tracker as well.

Top Pick

Allow us to introduce the very best GPS Dog Tracker on the market, the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor.

Important Features to Consider

A GPS dog tracker should have a few important features. Here’s what you should consider when selecting a GPS tracker for your pet:

  • Durability. A GPS dog tracker isn’t much use if it breaks or malfunctions that second your dog jumps in the water or runs through some underbrush. When a canine gets out of the yard or house, they are bound to run through more rugged areas. It is important for a GPS dog tracker to be able to take a beating so that it will continue working when you need it the most. Waterproofing is particularly important, especially for water-loving dogs who are bound to run into a stream or pond the second they see it. The area where the tracker attaches to your pet’s collar should also be durable. After all, the last thing you want to find after following the GPS signal is the tracker laying on the ground and your furry friend nowhere to be seen.
  • Range. Equipping your canine with a GPS tracker isn’t very useful if it can never find a signal. Most GPS trackers run off cellular signals, and can usually connect anywhere your phone can find a signal. For many people, this might be suitable. However, if you live in a rural area or hunt with your dog, you should ensure that the GPS tracker will work out in the middle of the woods. Look for trackers that use multiple signals, and always test the tracker out in the location before you release your dog into the woods.
  • Accuracy. The point of a GPS tracker is to help you find your dog. If the tracker is inaccurate, however, it can be near impossible actually to locate your pooch. Imagine trying to find your dog in a location the size of a football field. Doesn’t sound like fun, does it? The more accurate a tracker is, the better.
  • Subscription plans. Most GPS dog trackers use cellular signals to keep track of your dog. There is a good reason for this. Cellular signals cover a wide range of areas while also remaining accurate. However, this does mean that many GPS dog trackers require a monthly subscription. Learning how much the monthly subscription is before you purchase a GPS dog tracker can prevent you from wasting your money. No one wants to buy an expensive tracker only to discover that the monthly subscription is unaffordable

What to look for in a good dog tracker

There’s a lot of dog trackers online you can buy these days which makes it better and worse for the ones looking for them. On the one hand you have a wide choice but on the other, it becomes muddled over which is a decent one and which is a waste of money, so we’ve listed some quick bullet points on what good GPS collars for dogs have in common.

Good signal range

This one should go without saying really. A great hound proximity device should have a decent enough range to communicate with the nearest signal tower. If it’s weak then it will lose signal and you just won’t know where your dog is. Poor signal can defeat the whole object of a canine tracking collar.

Good battery life

Another one that may be quite obvious is good battery life. If the GPS device will be ‘always on’ then this one may be a more important point that others. Check to make sure it will last a decent amount of time on a charge/new battery.


A good tracker should be waterproof so that it will continue to work in wet conditions such as heavy rain or even being lost in a river etc.

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Uses zones

The very best dog trackers of 2018 can utilise zones, this means that there are certain areas that are safe for the dog to wander into and won’t trigger an alert but then if they wander outside of the zone it will tell you. Some brands call zones GeoFences so keep an eye for that.


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