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Your canine pal has the sniffles, she’s just not acting like herself, no interest in her kibble, uh, is her stomach upset? Is she having a bad day or seriously need a vet’s visit? Is it a fever? Huh, like that’s a thing! Well, regardless of the signs and symptoms raising concern, you may want to check her temperature first. It’s not only helpful but also a little intimate and relatively easy with the best dog thermometer.


First of all, dog fever is a thing, and every dog owner should have a pet thermometer on hand. Obviously, it must be a separate rectal thermometer for dogs specifically than the one used for the human members of your family. Once you have a good quality best dog thermometer, it needs to be a permanent part of your pet first aid kit.

Even though there are some methods to take a dog’s temperature without a thermometer, they will never be as accurate as using an actual device. But just in case, you can keep your eyes open for some of the most common signs of fever, which include:

  • Sudden lethargy
  • Shivering
  • Excessively warm ears
  • Sudden loss of appetite
  • Coughing
  • Nasal discharge

In this article, I will briefly discuss taking a dog temperature, why you need to do it and most importantly how to take a dog’s temperature the right way using a pet thermometer (video and full guide below). Here are the best dog thermometer choices we’ll discuss:

Dog Thermometers Price Quality Rating
iSnow-Med Non-contact Infrared Pet Thermometer $$$ C 3.7/5
VitalEarth Eco-Friendly Baby Thermometer $ A+ 4.3/5
Clinical Digital Thermometer by The Fitness Family $ B+ 4.3/5
Advanced Monitors Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer $$$ C- 2.7/5
Intu-MedPet Digital Vet Thermometer $$ C 3.7/5

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Why and when we need a dog thermometer

Every pet owner must have the best dog thermometer in their pet first aid kit.

Knowing how to tell if dog has fever without thermometer is very difficult and won’t give you an accurate measurement. The same can be said about measuring your dog’s temperature in case of a heat stroke.

Fever in dogs is the most common reason pet owners will have to take dog’s temperature. Symptoms of a dog having a fever are very vague and could be a sign of many different underlying health conditions. That’s why it’s so important to take pet’s temp accurately.

If one or more of these symptoms is accompanied by a fever, it may be an indication that something serious is going on. You’ll need to seek veterinary care immediately.

Temperature of the environment is very important for your dog and for accurately assessing your pet’s condition. I recommend you read a short science-based guide on dog temperatures from Purdue University (the PDF can be found here).

How to take dog’s temperature using a thermometer?

Once you have a rectal pet thermometer for dogs on hand, the process is easy:


Many dog owners don’t realize that their pet’s normal temperature is not the same as that of a human. The normal body temperature of a dog is between 101° and 102.5° Fahrenheit. Therefore, a temperature over 103° F is considered feverish. For more tips and information on this, you can read our full guide on taking a dog’s temperature here.

What Is the Best Dog Thermometer?
top 5 best thermometer for dogs choices

1iSnow-Med Non-contact Infrared Pet Thermometer

The first best dog thermometer on the list is the most popular option from iSnow. Most pet owners have that quiet dislike for traditional thermometers that work best only when used for taki`ng rectal temperature. It’s easy to see why! Pets are generally uncooperative when they’re sick, and inserting a thermometer that way upsets them.

Not to mention, glass thermometers could break and expose pets to mercury. If that has long been your dilemma, then this non-contact ear thermometer from iSnow-Med couldn’t come at a more opportune time.

A precision thermometer specially designed for big-eared animals, this gives you the temperature of your pet in a second without need for contact. It is infrared operated. You then have a tool that is more acceptable, especially at a time when your pet is understandably indisposed.

The iSnow-Med Non-contact Infrared Pet Thermometer comes with an LCD monitor, a soft backlight, a buzzer alarm to warn if temperature is exceeded, a C and F switch, and 32 memory recalls of previously taken temps for better monitoring. This handy device is calibrated for animals, and is battery operated.

Most users of this pet thermometer have relegated their mercury thermometers to the trash bin because they found out that this reads faster, is more reliable, and is a lot safer. Some reviewers do say that the readings from this thermometer are not accurate. They say when read multiple times in the span of just a couple of minutes, they are consistently getting different readings.


  • This non-contact ear thermometer is a good alternative to traditional rectal thermometers
  • Infrared operated as opposed to dangerous mercury
  • Comes with an LCD monitor, a soft backlight, a buzzer alarm, a C and F switch, and 32 memory recalls
  • Specifically calibrated for animals
  • Battery operated

  • More expensive than a traditional best dog thermometer that measures rectal temperature
  • Less accurate than a traditional best dog thermometer that measures rectal temperature 


Weight: 0.2 ounces

Special features: dual scale, include a carry utility case, temperature range: 90°F — 111.9°F and 32.0°C — 43.9°C, include lanyard enhancement, ASTM E1112 approved, include 5 probe sheaths and a replaceable coin-type battery

Best use: Dogs, puppies, kitten, cats, rabbits

Description: An accurate, reliable, dual-scaled with a reasonable temperature pyrometer. You name it, the ADC 422 Veterinary Thermometer offers it. Being ASTM E1112 approved, this thermometer has found use among many professional breeding firms. It’s accurate to .1°C or .2°F making its results reliable. Like with most measurements, you’re advised to take at least 3 readings and though it may take up to 4 minutes to obtain your results, it’s all worth the wait. However, the slow response may see your pet dead thus be keen on when to use it.

ADC pyrometer includes a lanyard enhancement for easy removal. For easy transportation, the product comes with a carry case and probe sheaths for protection purposes. Lack of a memory recall technique render it less helpful for breeders but that can be corrected on purchasing chart records.

In addition, this veterinary measuring system contains a replaceable 1.55V (Lr41) battery that can provide up to 1500 temp measurements making it highly reliable and durable. Note, you get to enjoy all the benefits at an affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Highly accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Slow response
  • Does not recall the last temperature

Related: The thermometer is commonly bought together with a Prestige Medical Clinical I. It’s an affordable medical latex-free PVC tubing used in determining the pet’s heart rate. The 2 product work in conjunction to determine whether or not the pooch is ill. The chest piece is crafted from stainless steel for an effective sound conductivity.

Check the price on Amazon


Weight: 0.3 ounces

Special features: 10s response, FDA approved, mercury free

Best use: Dogs, pets, kids, adults, rabbits, quails

Description: Fast, safe, reliable and simple. Your request is the Enji Prime FDA Fast Digital Thermometer command. With a quick response of 10s, this thermometer saves you the agony of having to wait for the result amidst panic and stress as you try to figure out your pet’s health condition. The fast response reduces any discomfort associated with the measurement technique too.

Being mercury-free and FDA approved guarantees you a safe use. The digital display is highly accurate and easy to read. In short, this is the thermometer to go for when in need of a top-notch accuracy. You can measure the pet temperature orally, rectally or axillary which translates to reliable results.

Note, though, temperature and response time may vary depending on the body part in question, and thus it’s advisable to take note of the manufacturer’s recommendation of the most reliable method. What’s more? You get to enjoy the benefits at an affordable price. You can also rip more benefits on purchasing probe covers and record charts.


  • Quick response
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Safe (no mercury)
  • Easy to use


  • The beeps on turning the thermometer on or on wrapping up the measurement task can be annoying

Related: The aforementioned product is frequently bought together with a Total Tea Detox Kcup. It’s a natural detox known to relieve the pet off constipation and bloating. The two product are included in the pooch first aid kit thanks to their affordability, safety, and reliability.

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Weight: 0.8 ounces

Special features: temperature range: 90-108 degree Fahrenheit, 10s response, large display, not for oral use

Best use: dogs, cats, puppies, rabbits, cows, horses, quails

Description: With a reasonable temperature range, Nutri-Vet Digital Thermometer is designed to take measurements for both big animals and fowls. It has a large display too for an easy, fast reading. The 10s response just adds to the mesmerizing nature of this pyrometer. The final reading is marked by a beep which making its use easy.

Note, however, the thermometer is not ergonomically engineered for oral use, in fact, the rectal method of temperature measurement is the most recommended. Nonetheless, Nutri-Vet provides accurate and reliable results fast and with ease.

Its tip is not flexible and the beep can scare your innocent pooch thus be keen to follow the laid out instruction before use. Always use different thermometers for different animals to avoid the spread of germs/diseases. Take at least 3 readings for an accurate and precise conclusion. Amidst all that however, you can rely on the thermometer for either indoor or outdoor use, in thickets and hostile wilderness weather condition.


  • Quick response
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate readings


  • Short-lived
  • Lack adequate instructions from the manufacturer

Related: Pet owners purchase Zilla Terrarium Digital Thermometer as an alternative. Though pricey, the product measures both the humidity and temperature of your pet, has a wide temperature range and contain 2 separate probes that provide positioning for the readings.

There you have it! An in-depth review of the top rated dog thermometer in the current market. They’re the experts’ recommendations thus are definitely worth your while.

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2VitalEarth Eco-Friendly Baby Thermometer

The second best dog thermometer is from a better known brand and has been an Amazon best seller for over a year. This thermometer from VitalEarth is gentle enough for humans and their babies, so it should be safe for pets, too. It gives a digital reading in 30 seconds or less on its illuminated display. It is safe for taking underarm, oral or rectal temperature because it contains no mercury, lead or BPA.

It is made of high-quality material with a flexible tip, so it is comfortable to use even for taking rectal temperatures. Pet owners recommend this thermometer because it has the accuracy of a mercury thermometer without the accompanying dangers posed by the toxic substance. It reads fast, too, which is very important when you’re trying to keep a very restless pet still.

There are various colors available, and users find this helpful in assigning a different color for a different usage, such as blue for oral, or green for rectal. It is important, too, to designate a for-pets-only thermometer even though the VitalEarth Eco-Friendly Baby Thermometer and type can be used for humans.

This is second best dog thermometer because it has an easy-to-read display which illuminates in the dark, memory recall of last temp taken, an auto-shut off feature and a plastic case that stores it away when not in use. It is priced very reasonably, and even comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Reviewers complained that they did not get a reading within 30 seconds. Some buyers were also disappointed that there is no alarm to let you know when it is finished reading your pet’s temperature.


  • Gives a digital reading in 30 seconds or less
  • Illuminated display
  • Contains no BPA, lead or mercury
  • Made of high-quality, medical-grade material with a flexible tip
  • Available in multiple colors which is great for color coding thermometers for different pets or different uses

  • Reviewers complained that they did not get a reading within 30 seconds
  • Some buyers were also disappointed that there is no alarm to let you know when it is finished reading your pet’s temperature

Most helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “Simple, easy-to-use product. Produced accurate test temperatures, taking an average of 35 seconds per read. I was able to easily change from celsius to fahrenheit- a feature that …”


3Clinical Digital Thermometer by The Fitness Family

This digital thermometer boasts fast and accurate readings. It is FDA-approved for human use, and has been widely used for pets, too. Its features made this thermometer highly recommended by pet owners. This thermometer from The Fitness Family has a large display that makes reading easy and reads in 10 seconds.

It beeps when reading is complete and stores previously taken temperatures. This is the third best dog thermometer as it switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius reading depending on the user’s preference. It’s also equipped with an auto power off feature, uses a bendable material on the tip and comes with 10 disposable probes and a pre-installed battery.

Pet owners agree that this thermometer is one of the easiest to use. It operates with a single press of a button, reads easily on a large display, and gives the user the option to display temp in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You don’t need calculators or conversion formulas or charts to get the temperature in the unit that you understand most.

It reads quicker than most brands of this type, and has a distinct beep that users say is lower in pitch and louder than others like it. Nothing beats the price, too, so it’s affordable to buy several pieces as spare.


  • FDA approved for human use
  • has a large display that makes reading easy and reads in 10 seconds
  • Beeps when reading is complete and stores previously taken temperature
  • This is one of the best dog thermometers as it switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius and has an auto power off feature
  • Uses a bendable material on the tip and comes with 10 disposable probes and a pre-installed battery

  • Some users noted that it took longer than 10 seconds to get a reading
  • As with any of the best dog thermometers, you will find a few negative reviews from pet owners that were not pleased with the accuracy of this device


4Advanced Monitors Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer

Feeling your pet’s nose to get his temperature is unreliable, and doing the rectal or oral method can be quite difficult and stressful to you and your pup. Fret no more, this digital pet ear thermometer by Advanced Monitors reads temperature in 1 second with pin-point accuracy. Nothing can be easier or faster than that.

It works great not only when your pet is sick, but also during periods of breeding, pregnancy, vaccination, post-surgery and trauma. So, instead of struggling with your pet, a bit of cuddling will suffice – position the instrument towards the inner ear and a beep will sound off after you activate it, then another beep follows telling you it’s done. It’s that fast and simple, and dog owners simply find this product amazing.

Some pets may have an issue with the beeping, but that’s quite normal considering that animals have a very keen sense of hearing. Pet owners also need a little time to get used to the Advanced Monitors Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer. You have to read and follow the instructions on the manual, get the proper positioning of the thermometer when using it, and constantly practice. It’s important to get the hang of it before there’s an actual need to use it. Nothing could be worse than having to practice with a really sick dog.

For dog owners who have been using this and have relied on it for monitoring their dogs’ health and their own peace of mind, they say that it’s a great value for money. While it’s easier on your dog than a rectal thermometer, it’s much less convenient.


  • Reads a temperature in 1 second
  • Reads temperatures via the ear instead of rectally
  • Beeps when reading begins and when it is complete

  • Because the temperature is taken in the ear, some pets were sensitive to the beeping alarm
  • You must follow instructions specifically and place the thermometer in the correct place inside the ear to get an accurate reading, which takes some practice

Most helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “I bought this thermometer to use with our dogs and cats. Works great, much safer than a rectal thermometer and very quick. Makes a beep when you activate it and a beep when it …”


5Intu-MedPet Digital Vet Thermometer

Pet owners and professionals who only trust taking rectal temperature over other measures will find this pet-specific digital thermometer the perfect gadget for the purpose. While you may prefer other ways of taking your pet’s temp, professionals and some pet owners perform prefer to perform it via the ear. That’s when this instrument from Intu-MedPet comes in very handy!

It also works for taking oral temperature, which can be done as fast as 6-8 seconds. This instrument comes with great features, such as: easy to read temperature display, reading that’s switchable to Celsius and Fahrenheit, long and powerful sensor probe that measures temperature orally or rectally with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 C, suitability for big animals (farm cows and horses) and fowl.

Long-time pet owners say that the Intu-MedPet Vet Digital Thermometer is more economical than other thermometers designed for pets. It even measures room temperature. If you’re raising puppies, this product should come in handy in helping monitor proper room temperature to keep them warm and comfortable. Buyers are quite impressed and are happy to find the price to be really affordable.

Reviewers do advise against using it as non-contact thermometer lest the results will be inconsistent. Unlike with the other ranked best dog thermometer choices, sadly, there are numerous reviews stating that this product does not give accurate temperature measurements.


  • Easy to read temperature display
  • Readings are switchable to Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Equipped with a long and powerful sensor probe that measures temperature orally or rectally with an accuracy of +/- 0.1° C
  • Suitable for big animals (farm cows and horses) and fowl

  • Reviewers do advise against using it as a non-contact thermometer lest the results will be inconsistent
  • There are numerous reviews stating that this product does not give accurate reviews

Most helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “I tried this thermometer out at my clinic. We treat only cats so the thought of being able to get a temp without having to be indignant was of great interest. Another reason I was …”

That one moment when our canine pal behaves indifferent, no interest, no appetite, sniffles etc. may leave us stressed wondering whether they are just moody or are really sick. Luckily, one of the key steps to ruling out a suspected illness is temperature measurement. That calls for the best dog thermometer and based on the overwhelming variety out there, selecting just the right one for your need and budget can be tricky. Well, you can follow the comprehensive guide outlined above for an easy selection.

However, if researching and comparing products is never your thing, check out the recommended thermometer reviewed above for a quick, quality pick.

Time to have your say: did we include your favorite dog thermometer in our review? If so, which is it? If not, which is it and why is it your favorite? The comments are right below.


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