Best Dog Nail Clippers for Thick Nails in 2020


To keep the dog healthy, regular pay attention is incredibly a lot of vital. Otherwise, the dog becomes sick. Nails ar one in every of the required elements of taking care of the dogs. because the soul the dogs conjointly ought to cut their nails. If the dog nails aren’t cut frequently, then several diseases unfold from nails. it’ll bring the germs of various diseases in its nails from the surface. If nails grow tall, then it becomes cytotoxic. once the dogs tweak somebody then the germs can unfold among the individuals. thus to stay individuals and dogs safe, nails ought to be cut frequently. it’s not like as we will cut our nails with a blade or nail cutter however the dogs’ nails can not be cut with blades. Dog nail clipper is required for cutting the nails of the dogs. you’ll simply cut the dog nails with a dog nail clipper. Nail clipper may be a should for those that have dogs. however you do not understand that nail clippers are sensible within the market. For your convenience, we have a tendency to ar about to give you the elaborated pointers on the most effective dog nail clippers for thick nails. If you follow our pointers, you’ll get it on all yourself. allow us to begin the initial discussion right away.

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Can you imagine, what would happen if you are doing not cut your nails of your hands or legs for three months? after all, nails can grow to large size. currently consider the dog therein place. individuals typically don’t need to chop the dog’s nails. If the dog’s nails don’t seem to be cut, then they’ll bring the germs from outside with the nails. The nails are terribly sharp. and eventually, the nails are deadly for accumulating a great deal of germs. Then the poisoning of the nails will lead an individual even to death if the dog tweaks somebody with this toxic nails. thus to avoid these junk issues we’d like to chop the dog nails. And conjointly to stay the dog healthy and delightful the importance to chop the dog nails is large. The beauty care necessities ar quite broad for keeping the dog healthy. Hopefully, you currently sure enough perceive the matter.

Dog Nail Clipper Buying Guide

Purchasing a group of nail clippers for your dog won’t break the bank as they’re fairly low-cost to shop for. it’s perpetually value searching around for the most effective dog nail clippers as shown on top of for the tiny quantity additional.

Nail clippers don’t seem to be that sophisticated and there ar many various decisions however below ar some factors to think about.

Safety of Cutting Dogs Nails

Ensure that you employ a dog nail clipper that’s dedicated to solely cutting dog nails and zip else. There ar several dog homeowners which will merely use any clippers that may simply slip onto the dogs fast.

The best dog nail clippers shown below ar rock bottom and if you’ve got a dog, its a really tiny value to pay.

Many nail clippers for dogs have a security guard thats goal is to forestall over temporal order of the dogs nail. If you’re unaccustomed cutting dogs nails, this is often a wonderful feature that you simply ought to rummage around for.

Alternatively, if you’re terribly assured and searching at upgrading your cutting try of clippers, you may select clippers while not a guard. the explanation for dog homeowners doing this is often for a clearer vision.

How To Cut Dogs Nail Safely

It very is hit or miss once cutting your dogs nails. Some dogs merely don’t care whether or not you chop their nails whereas some dogs cannot stand the location of the clippers starting off of the cabinet.

To cut your dogs nail safely, attempt the subsequent steps:

Calm your dog down and guarantee they’re in an exceedingly snug position
Hold the dogs foot gently
Place alittle portion of the nail within the clipper blades
Do not cut if the dog is fidgeting
Cut clearly and feed your dog a treat for being sensible
If you mistakenly cut too so much (over trimming) take care to prevent it injury as presently as attainable. If you chop too quickly, it will cause a pointy pain to your dog and injury. If you are doing this, the dog can bring it to mind and start to dislike the nail cutter.

each nail that a dog has on their paws is created of the nail and therefore the “quick”. The latter is pink once visible and has the task of passing blood to the nail. If you chop into this, there’ll be an outsized quantity of blood and cause plenty of pain to your poor dog.

Simply Pets Large Dog Nail Clippers

The Simply Pets veterinarians designed dog nail clippers focus on the safety aspectsof cutting yours dogs nails. They use a protective guard to ensure you cannot over trim the dogs nails as well as having a safety lock to avoid injury whilst in storage.

The handles are made with completely non slip rubber with an ergonomic designfor comfort. The overall clipper is very lightweight with the stainless steel blade being heat treated to ensure that it is long lasting and durable.

They have recently been improved with this latest version to increase accuracy and smooth cutting. As peace of mind, the manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.

Overall, they are the best overall dog nail clippers that can be used for thick nails and smaller puppy nails. The safety first approach is critical when trimming nails as its very easy to go wrong.

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If you want to cut the nails of dogs and cats together with a single nail clipper, then this clipper is for you. Although dogs and cats have different nails, the company has designed it in such a way that it can work in both cases. However, its effectiveness is ideal for thick nails. Against the thick nails, its performance is unquestionable. They will give you one set of nail file for free. It has a heavy stainless steel blade used on its head. So no matter how much thick the nails are, it can trim all within a moment. This is very good at clean cutting. It is a lot easier to use. You just need to put the nails in between the blades and the rest of the job will be finished immediately. The big thing is that they will give you a replacement guarantee with it. Because of these advantages, they have a very good average rating on Amazon. So we did not think twice to include it in our today’s Best Dog Nail Clippers for Thick Nails review. You can take it without any thought to cut the nails of your loving dog.

GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs

SAFE: They have attached a quick safety sensor to it. So there is no fear of your dog to get injured. This sensor will protect from overcutting. If the nails go out of the safe position into the clipper, the sensor will alarm you immediately. But you need not worry about that if your dog’s nails are big. You are getting lot more space in it to keep nails. It is pretty safe for dogs.

 REPLACE GUARANTEE: There are very few producers who offer the replacement guarantee for their products. Their products are very good in quality that is why they have the courage to provide a replacement guarantee. Because they know that their nail clippers will not stop functioning so easily. If you are not satisfied with purchasing their clippers, they will replace it or give back your money. Since they are offering such facilities so you can try it out at least once.


If you go through the Amazon page, you will see that they have included many features with some offers. We will not go to the details of all the features. We will just pick up the necessary features from there. Then you can understand what can be done with it. So let us look at their top five features.

  • Every time it will give you a clean cut
  • It is very easy to use. New users can also trim nails with it
  • It has sensor guards which protect the nails from the overcutting
  • The rubber of the handle grip is very soft which offers the maximum comfort
  • You will get replace Guarantee in it. If you are not satisfied the clipper then they will give you a new one immediately

We have already explained a lot about this clipper above so we think there is no need to say anything more about it again. It has so many customer reviews, so many features, and so many facilities that if you do not take this product then we think you will be the loser. So we are suggesting you buy it to be benefited. Believing our words you can try out this product once. If you do not feel good about the product performance then they are giving the guarantee to return your money.

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Cutie Pet Supply Dog Nail Clippers

The Cutie Pet dog nail clippers also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and also have a free how to video for top tips. The stainless steel blades are sharper than usual in order for a clean and safe cut.

There is a safety guard that protects your dogs nail from the sharp blades, which is something you would expect nowadays. The design of the handles are slightly different to the Simply Pets model and has been designed for ease of use.

The Cutie Pet model are the best sharp dog nail clippers and ensure the nail cut clearly and not crack. Blades that are worn down or not sharp enough simply crack and could cause your dog to flinch or become uncomfortable.

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Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper, Plier Style has been listed at the serial number of 5 on our review list. If you look at it, you will be confused by the fact that whether it is a plier or a nail clipper. Because it looks like a plier mostly. It is quite effective against thick nails because the blade of this nice clipper is made of stainless steel which is very sharp. The nails will be cut when you put it between the blades and press the handle. It has a good reputation for providing a clean cut. It is only 8 inches in length so it can be easily carried. A spring has been fitted between its two handles. For that, you will not have to open the mouth repeatedly bearing trouble. Like all other nail clippers, they also have provided guard protection to prevent over cutting. Its grip is very soft and comfortable. After seeing a lot of advantages together of this nail clipper, we did not delay a moment to include it in our today’s best dog nail clippers for thick nails review. Considering all aspects, it is a very good quality nail cutter.

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clipper

DURABLE: It is very durable and high-quality product. So its stability is much more. They have used stainless steel in blades and comfortable red plastic in the grip. To increase the stability they have attached the spring in between. This spring protects from the extra pressure. As a result, its durability is high. Using this wonderful clipper, you will be able to trim the dog nails for many years.

LOOKS LIKE THE PLIERS: This may be a great magical thing for you because it looks like a plier mostly. If a friend of yours tries to criticize you for misunderstanding it as a plier instead of nail clipper then you can make him fool explaining the real fact. Though he thought it as a plier, it is actually a clipper. Then your friend will be fooled by himself.


They have presented their features on Amazon product page randomly. But do not worry about it. We know how to present everything orderly together. From there we will present the best 5 features in front of you. Let us see what their best features are.

  • It has a comfortable plastic handle which is very comfortable to hold
  • The stainless steel sharp blade has been attached to it
  • It looks mostly like electric tools pliers
  • A built-in safeguard is provided to prevent over cutting
  • Measurement: 8-inch length by 2-4/5-inch width by 1/2-inch height

Finally, we can say that it is mostly same in terms of quality and advantages as the previous clippers mentioned above though we have listed it at number 5 on our review list. All their features and the opportunities will attract anyone. You can buy it trusting us because we always try to give a good product review to our readers.

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Shiny Pet Nail Clipper For Small Dogs

The Shiny Pet Nail clippers are designed for smaller dogs with less thick nails. They are a scissor styled nail clipper where the handles are made from recycled plastic. As you would expect the blades are stainless steel and are angled to ensure a clear cut.

Shiny Pet provide an E-Book as a tutorial to ensure you are performing an efficient and safe nail trim. They are dog nail clipper for smaller dog or puppies and will probably struggle with thick nails. If this is the case, the other alternatives are the better buy.

Backed with a lifetime money back guarantee, you can be confident in buying these nails clipper. They are the best dog nail clippers for small dogs and highly popular for this specific reason.

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Petetpet Dog Nail Trimmers

PetetPet are a reputable pet accessories brand and their clippers come with options for small and large dogs. The blade is the main focus with these clippers and are angled at 45 degrees and are made from 3.5 mm high carbon stainless steel.

This dog nail clipper does not have a safety guard but PetPet’s argument is that it ruins your “clean view”. This is true to an extent and if you are a confident with the task of cutting your dogs nail, this may be the ideal choice.

The clippers come with a filer and comb in order to remove burs and ensure smoothness. On top of this, there is a 6 month warranty but the high quality materials are very long lasting. Overall, these are the best dog nail clippers for the money with the addition of the filer and comb.

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Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Dog Nail Grooming Tool

An alternative to clippers is a dremel tool also known as a grinder, which you simply place on the dogs nail. The 7300-PT model rotates at two different speeds and uses a 60 grit sanding drum for an easy and safe trim of the dogs nails.

It is a cordless dremel, which comes with a rechargeable battery and is backed with 2 years warranty. You can expect speeds of 6,500 and 13,000 RPM, which is very good for such a cheap dremel.

If your dog is terrified by the sight of a clipper, the dremel is the best alternative and you will be able to get a better finish. The “crunch” from clipping the nail can be scary for your dog compared with a light manicure.

Overall the Dremel 7300 PT is the best nail grooming dremel you can buy and you will not be disappointed.

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At the top of our discussion, area unit able to} say that the higher than 5 product we’ve mentioned are all the most effective quality. you’ll be able to browse each product’s descriptions, features, benefits, disadvantages etc with nice attention. you’ll be able to compare the product with one another if you wish. Then you may perceive yourself that one is best than the other to shop for for you. however our opinion is to settle on anybody of the 5. All of these area unit oversubscribed within the Amazon with a awfully high average rating and reviews. we tend to attempt our greatest to bring high-quality product within the best dog nail clippers for thick nails review. that’s why we tend to analysis loads and so elite the product. therefore there’s no scope to speak unhealthy concerning any product. once reading our reviews, if you purchase any nail clipper and acquire happy, then our exertions are going to be paid off. it’s all for nowadays. want you all an honest and healthy life.


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