Best Dog Gates for Indoors and Outdoors, Your Dogs Safe and Contained in 2020


One of the first things you’ll need to do when you bring Fido home is pet-proof your home. You’ll need to keep your little guy safe from things that can hurt him… and protect your things from him, too! You’ll need to keep puppy in areas designated for him and gates allow you to do just that. When you’re shopping, you’ll notice a lot of these gates will say “infant” or “child-proofing.” Don’t worry; baby gates work for your furry babies, too.
We’ve listed 35 of the top-rated, most functional indoor gates for your dog below, in alphabetical order. Ratings, based on Amazon reviews, are current as of the time of this writing. If you’re looking for the best gate to keep your dogs where they need to be in your home, look no further – there’s a gate on this list that works for just about any configuration you may need.

Dogs can be unpredictable, and this is especially true for puppies. Dog trainers warn that even the most well-trained dogs can sometimes cause serious trouble and injure themselves, especially when we do not have time to monitor them all the time. This is where using best dog gates indoor or outdoor can be very helpful. Furthermore, according to veterinarians, crating your dog or using pet gates is arguably the best way to prevent your dog from soiling the house as well.

We’ve previously tested and reviewed some of the best dog gates on the market (and we’re including some of the reviews and videos below for each pet gate), comparing top rated brands side by side. In this article, we’re ranking ten all-time best dog gates indoor and outdoor. Here are five of the well-known options that have proven to be very popular among pet owners:


Choosing the Best Dog Gates for Your Home

While most dogs are unpredictable, puppies are especially so, which is why I often recommend picking the best dog gates as one of the essential supplies when new pet owners ask me what will they need. These pet gates are barriers that will prevent your pet from entering or exiting a specific area. They are designed to keep your pet away from anything that could cause him harm, too.

Typically dog gates are made of either wood, metal or plastic. As I’ve explained in my video comparison review, there are a few things that you need to consider before deciding which gate is right for your dog.

1. Pick one that will contain your dog as he grows. Your puppy may be little now, but you want to buy a pet gate that will still work when he’s full grown. If you buy a gate designed for small dogs, your dog may be able to easily jump over when he’s grown.

2. Choose the appropriate size and strength. You need a gate that will withstand the pressure your pet is sure to put on it. A small breed will not likely be able to push over many dog gates, but a large breed dog would easily knock down even the largest free-standing gate.

3. Think about the purpose of the gate. Where will it be used? This will help to determine the best size and type of gate to purchase. Will you be traveling with it? If so, you’ll want a lightweight gate that is easy to store. Will it be used indoors, outdoors or both? This will help you decide what type of gate – wood, metal or plastic – you should purchase.

There’s one last thing you need to think about. There are three different types of pet dog gates for dogs:

Free-standing gates – they stand up all by themselves. You simply put them out as boundary line for you dog. These gates are best for well-trained dogs or older pets that won’t test the boundary, as they can be knocked over easily.

Pressure mounted gates – these need to go in between two walls or in a doorway. They may be widened in very small increments. Each time they are widened the sides of the gate put a bit more pressure on the walls or on each side of the doorway. When the final adjustment is made, there is enough pressure on each side to hold the gate.

Hardware mounted gates – these gates require hardware to be fastened to the walls or to both sides of a doorway. Using a latching system, they can be opened and closed at will. The drawback to these gates is that they permanent holes in your walls or doorway and they can’t be moved on a whim.

Whether the pressure mounted, hardware mounted or free-standing gates are better, you can see in my video review and read more details about my testing. For the best dog gates indoor and outdoor brands, we tested these products for several very important factors, including: effectiveness, durability, ease of use,  price and cost-effectiveness. Here are the ten best dog gates you can get today.

What are the Best Dog Gates Indoor & Outdoor?
top 10 best gates for dogs for pet safety in 2020

1. Richell One-Touch II Gate

These first option best dog gates indoor come in mahogany, white, or autumn wood. The pet safety gates fit openings of 3 to 5 feet and have a tension-mount design that ensures the gates won’t wobble if/when your dog tries to make a break for it. These indoor dog gates have an easy-open anti doggy door that is convenient for humans, yet secured from your Fido. It swings open both ways and weighs fifteen pounds of solid wood.

The reason Richell One-Touch 150 Model Wide Expandable Pet Gate are listed as the first of best dog gates indoor is because of its design, which is tension mount and incredibly sturdy. Also, the different wood finishing options make it very versatile for dog owners to pick which goes best with their home decor.

PROS: Pet parents who tried Richell One-Touch 150 Model Wide Expandable Pet Gate have given it rave reviews, from commenting on these best indoor dog gates’ overall elegant appearance to complimenting the actual framework of the design. It’s a very sturdy gate, made of wood and steel, and it will withstand even bigger dogs who might attempt to run right through it. These best dog gates indoor are also very versatile in their lengths, working with doorways that are between three and five feet wide.

One of the worst feelings is spending money on a pet product and then taking it home to realize that it doesn’t fit and you have to return it and start from square one. With this pet safety gate, it will fit a wide range of doorways depending on what you need. These best indoor dog gates are easy to install, according to majority of customers, and won’t take long to set up. All the tools are included. Though it is pricey, the pet gate is well worth the money spent.

CONS: As aforementioned, these dog gates indoor are on the expensive side—but it also is worth the money. It’s a solid investment for someone who frequently leaves their dog(s) home alone, but doesn’t want to crate them. A second negative is that the thumb slide on the latch is confusing for younger kids who want to get in there. It’s dog proof and, apparently, childproof in some cases.

The doggy door also doesn’t open at a full 180 degree angle. There’s a gap there that isn’t formed from a vertical angle, but it is still able to be maneuvered. All in all, it is a sturdy, solid pet safety gate that is an investment that will pay off regardless of whether you own a house or a bigger apartment.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners:“I just bought this gate because I needed something semi-permanent in my living room to keep my new puppy from running all over the house. My first gate looked very cheap and kept falling down because it didn’t have a door and I just propped it against the wall. I needed a gate with a door. I checked at least 3 different sites besides Amazon for a “rich” looking gate WITH a…”


2. Freestanding Walk Through Gate 5 Panel

Made by Dynamic Accents, this Walk-Through 5-Panel Free Standing Gate is easily the second one of the best dog gates indoor for pet safety. It has a mahogany finish that the company claims is “pet friendly,” and it is 32 inches high (a little bit shorter than your average three year old).

The hinges are double and the five panels form a “zig zag” on these indoor dog gates that expands or shortens to your desired overall length. It can fit doorways up to nine feet wide. The dog door is made of powder-coated steel and the tension-spring hinge prevents dogs from pushing the door open themselves. The overall gate material is poplar hardwood.

We decided to list Walk-Through 5-Panel Free Standing Gate as the second best dog gates indoor right after the first because I found out that the zig zag panels opened up to a certain length, but were a little hard to get into for a human. Also, the finishing only had one option, so you didn’t have much versatility there. Still, it seems to be a fantastic pet safety gate according to many reviewers.

PROS: Walk-Through 5-Panel Free Standing Gate are extremely sturdy, due to the powder-coated steel and hardwood construction. The entire fence is able to close off an area with a wide entrance-way, something that is useful if you’re planning to take your dog out somewhere that has a wide enclosure-opening. These second best dog gates indoor are very well-made and can be removed easily when you’re not using them because of the latch. The latch is simple to unlock, yet will be sturdy if your dog tries to ram it.

CONS: If you have a dog that shows a surprising amount of ingenuity, these indoor dog gates could be problematic once your pooch figures out the latch. One customer with a beagle (a notoriously clever dog) said that her pet gate for dogs purchase started out well, but the beagle eventually caught on and was able to come and go as she pleased.

If your dog is this smart, he or she might be able to put the pieces together and figure out how to work his way out of this dog playpen. A way to avoid that is to put in some dog toys and treats that your dog likes in the enclosed area. If he or she doesn’t have a reason to leave (boredom, curiosity, etc.) the safety of the gated area, they won’t have the incentive to trick their way out.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “The price is totally worth this product. It is very sturdy and well made and looks really nice. The only negative I see is the latch on the door would only take a good nudge with a nose to lift it up and open it. One of our Beagles is very smart so we knew he’d have that figured out before too long. Since we only needed 4 panels to span our doorway and we didn’t really need…”


3. Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Gate

The famous Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate is at the third place on our list of best dog gates indoor, and to no shame at all. This indoor pet safety gate has six panels and can cover a span of around fifteen feet. This best indoor dog gate is recommended for small dogs, as the pet gate can be folded into a small enclosure to put your dog in (like a pet playpen).

It is almost 32 inches in height and can also function as just a freestanding gate for dogs. The panels are detachable, so you can adjust the size to fit your home’s needs. The panels of this indoor dog gate are locked at either 90 or 180 degrees, depending on what you need. The gate door is lockable, but easy enough for humans to figure out if they are going from room to room (you won’t have to move the whole pet safety gate to get where you want to go).

It’s a great option, but I chose to put Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate as the third one of the best dog gates indoor because the panels lock at right or straight angles, so that diminishes flexibility. But for homes with floor plans that were amenable to this, it was a great fit.

PROS: One of the best features of Richell 3-in-1 Convertible Elite Pet Gate is that it is so simple to put together; you don’t need any tools. You just use the pins and lock caps on these best dog gates indoor to maneuver the pet gate to the position you want it in, a blessing for dog owners tired of putting together labyrinth-like pieces of dog equipment.

It is versatile, as you can add on or take off pieces to adjust the indoor dog gate to your home’s needs. You can also take apart the pet gate panels and use smaller sections for different areas in the house. The linking mechanism is easy enough to allow for this diversity in setup configurations. It’s built well and the wood is attractive enough that this won’t be an eyesore.

CONS: This doggy gate is very expensive, but customers have roundly agreed that that expensiveness is well worth it. Also, the pieces may be kind of heavy for you to move around according to several dog gate reviews from other customers (the gate weighs 50 pounds with a shipping weight of 58 pounds), although the linking mechanism is easy to use. These indoor dog gates are recommended for smaller dogs, so if your dog is a good climber, that could be problematic for you if he or she gets a running start and is able to scale the 31” jump.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “I can’t tell you how much I love this!!! Took me about 15 minutes to unpack it and put it together! NO TOOLS just drop in the pins and put the lock caps on! Excellent Quality! The only down fall that I have is that the gate has adjustable feet but the panels don’t. I will call them tomorrow, I am sure can get the adjustable feet for the other panels. And the other…”


4. Cardinal Perfect Fit Gate

Just as their Richell competitor, Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate are just as great of an option as one of the best dog gates indoor. It has six panels and can either fold into a hexagon-shape enclosure or it can be used in its full length, which is 12 feet in length. It works as a playpen for dogs, gate, or any form you can make with the panels.

There is a puppy door built-in. It folds like an accordion for storage and is made of painted wood and black steel. The doggy door is spring-loaded and the gate-door latch is located on an existing panel.

My choice to place Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate as the fourth best indoor dog gates is due to it is very versatile in its potential uses, yet the hexagon length is slightly small for larger dogs and it can really only fit a certain size dog (small or medium at most).

PROS: The configuration of Cardinal Gates Perfect Fit Pet Gate as the fourth best dog gates indoor is a big reason it is so well rated by many customers online. Because the panels of these pet safety gates are easy to interchange and unlock, you can make whichever shape you need with these six panels that are available for you to play around with.

The puppy door is also useful for dog owners who have young dogs that the need to reach in and out of the indoor dog gate enclosure for. Puppies are wild and this dog gate is sturdy enough to hold them back and keep them in one place. The materials the pet gate is made of are attractive enough that they’ll fit well with most home décor schemes. The well-constructed design and versatility of these fourth best dog gates indoor make it worth the money.

CONS: Seeing as the height is a little over two feet, if you have a taller dog, he or she might be able to jump or climb over this pet safety gate. Also, the doggy gate itself is heavy and can be awkward to move around even when in a folded position. But overall, the sturdiness of the gate is what is contributing to the heaviness, so that can be considered when lifting it.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “This gate is exactly as advertised. The only downside for me is that it is a tad cumbersome when folded and somewhat heavy to move around when fully folded, but I doubt that it would be an issue for a younger person. I still really like it’s versatility and it looks nice as well…”


5.Richell One-Touch Gate II

Another Richell product, the Richell-Extra Wide Tension Mount Pet Gate, this one is slightly less popular with customers looking for the best dog gates indoor. It has been widened to extend across further distances, and the pet gate can fit doorways three to five feet wide. It is recommended for dogs between eight and forty-four pounds and is 34.6 inches high.

This dog safety gate is made of hardwood and has rubber stoppers that will prevent it from scratching up your floors and walls. The design, as indicated in the title, is tension-mount and impervious to slipping or being easily jostled. The pet safety gate lock can be done and undone with one hand and there is a 90 day warranty.

I decided to place Richell-Extra Wide Tension Mount Pet Gate as the fifth best dog gates indoor, and that’s because it is a well-designed gate, however, the size scope is limited. Pet owners with larger dogs wouldn’t be able to really use this pet gate, though it’s great for small sized dogs.

PROS: As with the other Richell products, the sturdiness of Richell-Extra Wide Tension Mount Pet Gate is a big plus. The hardwood is very beautiful (read: not an eyesore) and the stoppers prevent your walls and floors from being scratched, which is a huge bonus for pet owners tired of buffing out scratches and scrapes.

Another positive aspect of these fifth best dog gates indoor is their ease of use. The lock on the pet safety gate is very simple to maneuver, but that ease doesn’t interfere with the security of the gate. The tension mount will help keep your dogs from making a break for it. Customers overall were most satisfied with the appearance and the strength of this doggy gate—they felt secure leaving their canine home alone with the Richell gate up.

CONS: This indoor pet gate is only suited for dogs less than 44 pounds, so if you have a bigger dog, this probably isn’t the gate for you (same if you’re an owner with a dog that can easily scale heights of three feet). Also, it’s important to clarify the sizing, as some customers found that the size descriptions needed more precision. The sizes of these fifth best indoor dog gates hallway are three feet, four feet, OR six feet. If you have a doorway that is outside one of these specific ranges, the gate will not fit and, as one customer put it, you may have to use some “redneck engineering” to re-size the pet gate.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “This product only fits openings from 35-37inches OR 47-49 inches OR 59-61 inches. If your opening is not within one of these ranges, it will not fit. Different sites state different things. I have an opening of 57 inches and after some redneck engineering I got it to fit. Make sure to measure and see if your opening falls in one of these specific measurements as there is no adjustment…”



As indicated in the title, Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z pet gate makes a “Z” formation when it is set up for your dog. Even though it’s the sixth on our list of best dog gates indoor, this is still a great option to consider. This pet safety gate is collapsible and expandable (sort of like an accordion).

The wood has a Walnut finish to it. There is a walk-through door on the doggy gate and it can span areas of up to 72 inches wide (six feet). The pet gate is thirty inches high (two and a half feet) and the gate is appropriate for pets of all weights.

Now I chose to put Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z as my choice for the sixth position of best dog gates indoor because the Z formation is convenient for floor plans of all different types, but the height of the gate is somewhat low, meaning that dogs that are tall could probably escape.

PROS: Pet parents who purchased Primetime Petz 360 Degree Z were especially enthused by this gate’s construction because of the beautiful wood finish and the fact that that wood was chew-resistant. It also is easy to construct, as it basically folds out to the desired length like an accordion and can be collapsed for easy storage. The pet door located in the gate is for our—the humans’—use. No more hopping the gate and almost tripping and breaking our necks with these best dog gates indoor.

With the doggy door in place, you can conveniently leave and enter when you want and re-lock the opening on your way in or out so your pooch can’t get back through. Customers with complex home floor plans in their houses were most fond of this pet safety gate’s Z-formation design, as that worked with their home’s interior the best (as opposed to a gate at solely 90 or 180 degree angles.

CONS: The height of this gate is only two and a half feet tall, so if your dog is big enough to jump it, this might not be the best indoor dog gate that you should choose. And, as some customers noted, if your dog is big enough to ram the pet gate, he or she could send it sprawling, as it is not designed with clips to secure it to the wall (though you could purchase some and add them into the gate design).

Keep in mind the size and height of your Fido when looking around for best dog gates indoor anywhere. If you think that he or she will be hard on the dog safety gate and repeatedly attempt to knock it over and ram it, this might not be for you.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “This product works great and looks beautiful! We used it to open up/block off an area by the back door (and their dog door) so they can come in and out from the heat. They get the much needed break from the 110+ temp out here in AZ and we don’t have to worry that a boxer, a pit bull and a queensland heeler are eating our couches! The only drawback was the price is a little high and the…”


7.Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

One more great product from the famous Richell manufacturer. This Richell Mission Aztec Freestanding Pet Gate is our seventh one of the best dog gates indoor, and it’s mostly recommended for dog owners with pets between 6.6 and 33 pounds.

It has rubber feet to keep it in place and its dimensions are 23.6 inches by 42.1 inches by 20.5 inches. The width of this pet safety gate is adjustable to fit different-sized hallways and openings. It is free-standing and doesn’t need to be attached to the wall; it can be set up wherever’s necessary.

I’m placing Richell Mission Aztec Freestanding Pet Gate as the seventh one of the best dog gates indoor because although the design is very beautiful, the size limit is constrictive. Owners with larger dogs wouldn’t be able to use these pet safety gates.

PROS: Customers of Richell Mission Aztec Freestanding Pet Gate were especially enthusiastic about how beautiful this gate is—and they’re right. It’s made of Autumn-Matte hardwood and has stained glance windows in an Aztec pattern. It’s definitely made with style (and function) in mind, and is probably one of the most good looking pet safety gates on this whole list of best dog gates indoor we have going here.

The pet gate also expands from 42.1 inches to 72, providing a decent width that it can accommodate. The doggy gate is sturdy enough to stay freestanding and the rubber feet keep it locked in place. It’s very heavy (the shipping weight is 31.4 pounds) and it has two side panels that help keep it upright. Although it doesn’t attach to the wall, it still is very solid in its position.

CONS: There is a size limit on this gate (33 pounds) and dog owners who found themselves trying to fit bigger dogs behind the gate realized very quickly that the two-foot height made escape very easy for their pups. One customer said she would “definitely recommend this gate for ‘non-jumpers.’”

It’s also not always easy to store, as the pet safety gate collapses to a width that is still over three feet long. So if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of closet space (small apartments), be aware that storage with these indoor dog gates requires at least three and a half feet of space.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “I needed an extra wide dog gate to keep my two dogs from playing in the dining room. This was the prettiest one I found. It had thin bars at the bottom that doesn’t look obtrusive, and the top has a plastic panel that looks like a Frank Lloyd Wright design. When the sun shines through, it puts a pretty reflection on the floor. The feet turn to make it a flat panel when you want to…”


8.Richell Wood Freestanding Gate High-Large

I quickly found out – as I’m sure you have too by now – that Richell owns a big chunk of the market on the best dog gates indoor or outdoor. It comes as no surprise that we have another one from them, and it’s the Richell Freestanding Pet Gate that comes in an autumn matte finish (it is constructed of wood) and its dimensions are 23.6 x 39.4 x 27.6 inches.

It can extend from 39.4 inches to 70.9 inches. This indoor pet safety gate is recommended for dogs from 6.5 to 33 pounds, so small-sized. Its side panels fold in and there is a 1 ¼ inch space between the slats in the gate. It also has rubber feet to prevent the gate from sliding.

With so many other Richell products listed above, I don’t feel bad about listing Richell Freestanding Pet Gate as the eight one of the best dog gates indoor on the list. Why? Because this doggy gate is beautiful, but like the one before it, the size limit makes it very restricted to smaller dogs only.

PROS: Richell Freestanding Pet Gate is easy to hold up, and many customers commented that the rubber feet and the side panels kept it very sturdy. It’s also easy on the eyes and convenient to store because its side panels collapse down. Owners who tried these eight best dog gates indoor and who have small dogs commented that this pet safety gate had wire slats that made it very sturdy, preventing the dogs from slipping through the slats (as one owner with a Chihuahua puppy said had been a problem) or budging it over.

CONS: Again, this gate has a size limit and if your dog can scale heights of two feet, he or she may be able to get over it and run through the house. Also, though this is collapsible, the width of the collapsed pet gate makes it a little over three feet in length, so be sure you have that storage space available.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “Pros: — Great looking gate compliments our hardwoods much more so than a white plastic gate (ugh). — The HL and HS are almost 8″ taller than the other Richell gates. The extra height is definitely needed if your dog(s) is larger than a tea-cup breed. The Freestanding design is fairly sturdy although…”


9.Dog Gate-n-Crate for Small to Medium Size Dogs

Made of hardwood, the side panels of Hard Wooden Freestanding Pet Dog Gate rotate nearly 360 degrees and the center panel is a fixed 180 degree angle. These ninth best dog gates indoor are made of wooden slats and the dimensions are 40 inches (but that stretches out to 70 when expanded) and have a height of 20 inches. There are integrated handles on the center panel of these pet safety gates for easy transport.

In my opinion, Hard Wooden Freestanding Pet Dog Gate deserves to be placed at the ninth position on the best dog gates indoor list because the center panel is fixed, so there isn’t much flexibility. Also, the height of these pet safety gates is very low. But for small dogs, this will work great to block off stairs, of course.

PROS: Those who purchased Hard Wooden Freestanding Pet Dog Gate have noted in their reviews the unusual design of the dog safety gate as one of its strongest suits. Because the sides rotate almost 360 degrees, this ninth best indoor dog gates can accommodate any floor plan or entrance-way (another possible option is to use it as a barrier in front of the stairs). The wooden design looks almost colonial and it’s lightweight enough—26 pounds—that it won’t be a pain to carry around. As one customer said, “It looks like a piece of furniture instead of a gate.”

CONS: This pet safety gate is really low. At 20 inches, it is able to be easily jumped over by smaller dogs. If you want to prevent that, you’ll need to either train your dog not to jump over it (good luck with that!) or only use it for non-jumpers who won’t try to hop over. Alternatively, look into getting some other best indoor dog gates from above or search for anything taller.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “I love this gate, great quality and looks beautiful. I know many people complain of it being too low. However, I love the fact that it’s low. It allows me to easily cross over it. If you are looking to move the opening section each time, this is not the gate for you since it does not swing that smoothly. It swings well enough but not for constant use. I agree with the others that my yorkie can jump…”


10.Dynamic Accents All Wood Freestanding Gate

Last but not least on our list of best dog gates indoor, Brookstone Free Standing Pet Gate is a decent option. It is 20 inches tall and has a width of 39 ¼ inches that expands to 72 at its full width. It is made of a dark hardwood and the end panels are 18 inches. The pet gate comes assembled and doesn’t require any tools to use or install. The width is adjustable, which is always a great option to have on your pet safety gates for home.

Finally, I chose to put Brookstone Free Standing Pet Gate as my last pick on this list of best dog gates indoor because the wide length, though versatile, is still not high enough to be able to successfully keep out larger and even medium sized dogs.

11. Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate with Walk Through Door

Current Rating: 4.2

This indoor gate might be the perfect solution for any temporary living situations. If you plan on taking your pooch with you on vacation or having a friend watch them, this is the way to dog-proof without the permanence of hardware installation. And if you hate bothering with the struggle of the pressure gates, this may be your long term fix, too. You can even turn this 4-section gate into a mini dog play yard for a temporary pen for your pup.

Key Features:

  • Free-standing
  • Portable and easy to take down
  • Wood composition with decorative bones along the top
  • Walk through gate with latch

12. Carlson 76 Inch Wide Flexi Configurable Walk Through Pet Gate

Current Rating: 4.0

Because you can configure this gate at nearly any angle, there are countless possibilities. You can bow the gate out or make a squared angle to attach to your nonstandard walls. The mounting is permanent so you don’t have to worry about it falling down. And the steel design makes it unlikely your chewing puppy will be able to get through this gate. The walk-through option means this will simply become a part or your daily routine – just like opening the garage door.

Key Features:

  • Human walk-through inside gate and separate small dog or puppy gate
  • 3 configurable panels with rotating hardware to adapt to unusual spaces
  • Folds down for easy storage

13. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate with Pet Door

Current Rating: 4.3

This gate is perfect if you want to install something semi-permanent and don’t want to drill into your walls. You may lose some steadiness in the pressure installation and the install may be a just bit trickier, but your walls will thank you. The lock is one that there’s zero chance your pooch will figure out. Opposable thumbs required!

Key Features:

  • All-steel construction makes the gate extra durable
  • Human walk-through PLUS pet door for cats or smaller dogs
  • Pressure mount system makes the gate portable

14. Carlson Pet Products Design Studio Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate

Current Rating: 4.2

This may look like the Carlson Extra Wide indoor, walk-through gate listed above on paper, but in life it looks like it’s received the designer upgrade. The black steel and wood panel at the top make this gate more likely to blend in with your home, rather than stand out. If the only thing keeping you from purchasing a dog gate so far has been what an eye sore most gates are, then this gate’s for you.

Key Features:

  • Sleek black steel with decorative cherry panel
  • Human walk through PLUS pet door for cats or smaller dogs
  • Wall-saving pressure mounts

15. Carlson Pet Products Lil’ Tuffy Expandable Gate with Small Pet Door

Current Rating: 4.5

If your best friend is a little guy, this adorable house gate might be just the solution for you. No walk-through is needed here: it’s only 18″ high, so stepping over is no problem. You’ll find the Carlson patented small pet door for your little ones to pass through in this gate as well, so you won’t need to pull the barrier down for them. It’s a pressure-mounted install, but with a bar running horizontally down the center, it is more sturdy than you may expect.

Key Features:

  • Small pet door
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Only 18″ tall; stepping over is a breeze

16. Ergo Pressure or Hardware Mount Plastic Gate

Current Rating: 3.8

This gate is likely the one you’ve seen the most, and for good reason. Most gates aren’t really meant to be permanent. If a homeowner wanted an area permanently blocked off, they would likely block it with a wall or heavy furniture. If you only want to have one gate to keep your pup in the room you’re in then having one that takes mere seconds to take down and put up is the way to go. This gate does have the option of a hardware install, too, though. If you’re gate-experimenting, this makes for a great tester to find out what works.

Key Features:

  • Simple install; fast removal
  • Incredibly portable
  • Hardware OR pressure mount

17. Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate

Current Rating: 4.4

This gate is for the already-trained dog who still needs to know his boundaries. The gate is hardware installed with a latch and therefore it won’t simply fall if the pressure isn’t just right. Calmer dogs would be best-suited for this gate, because the wood may prove too tempting for teething puppies. Only one hand is required to open, close, and expand the gate, though that convenience can’t be overlooked in a busy dog parent’s life.

Key Features:

  • Provides a barrier for openings up to 60″ wide
  • Swings open to allow passing through without taking down
  • One-hand operation

18. Evenflo Position and Lock Tall Pressure Mount Wood Gate

Current Rating: 3.8

You may be able to guess from the title what sets this indoor dog gate apart from its shorter counterpart: it’s tall, at 32″ high. Therefore, if you just need a basic dog gate for your furry guy who happens to be a big one, then this is it.

Key Features:

  • The height makes it great for taller dogs
  • Pressure-mount makes install easy
  • Easily moved and stored

19. Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate

Current Rating: 3.5

This wood and plastic gate is your good old standby: a basic gate to block the path of your dog. It may not have loads of bells and whistles, but for $10, it’s a superb value!

Key Features:

  • Customize your gate with color options
  • Pressure mounted with a locking bar that makes the temporary install feel extra sturdy
  • Great value

20. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

Current Rating: 4.4

This #1 best seller on Amazon is a no-muss, no-fuss gate. It’s a simple install and fits most basic needs. If your pet is ambitious, this gate may be knocked or jumped over; it is only 27 inches high. The fabric material will allow you to machine wash away any stains, but it will also let your pup push and weaken it over time. This gate may be perfect for your dog’s every day needs, but will work best with a well-behaved pooch.

Key Features:

  • No tools required; fast and easy install
  • Non-marring rubber bumpers to prevent wall damage
  • Expand from 38″-60″ wide

21. IRIS Exercise Panel Pet Playpen with Door – 34 Inch

Current Rating: 4.4

There may come a time when you realize no matter how much you dog-proof your home, you just have to put your pooch in an all-enclosed play pen, if for no other reason than because you just can’t afford to replace all your shoes every time you leave the house. If you’re finding yourself facing this dilemma, popping this guy in the center of a room before you head out may be your solution. You can add or subtract panels as is appropriate for your space and pup.

Key Features:

  • Customize with color choices
  • Doggy door with locks to prevent escape
  • It folds in half to store when not in use

22. IRIS Pet Playpen with Door, 24-Inch

Current Rating: 4.3

Much like its larger counterpart listed above, this is a possible solution to the dog who is mischievous while his parents are away. If your fur baby is a smaller dog or you just have a smaller home, this is the option for you. It’s only 24″ high, so be aware of your little guy’s jumping capabilities. But with a width of just under 3 feet, it fits in your cramped spaces much more comfortably.

Key Features:

  • Customize with color choices
  • More compact for smaller dogs and spaces
  • Portable so you can take it with you

23. Munchkin Loft Aluminum Baby Gate, Silver

Current Rating: 4.6

If you want the best of both installation worlds, this indoor dog gate is a great choice. You mount the gate using hardware to affix permanently to your wall, but the quick release allows you to pull a lever and simply remove it from the wall entirely. Because most walls aren’t perfectly straight, the integrated tuning system (ITS) lets you adjust the mount to create a perfect fit. The right fit provides a huge increase in steadiness.

Key Features:

  • Fast removal
  • Perfect fit with the ITS
  • Walk-through door swings open in both directions

24. Summer Infant Retractable Gate

Current Rating: 4.2

A retractable gate may not be the solution if your pooch is overly enthusiastic, but if he just needs to know his boundaries, this is great for him. It retracts, so storing won’t be an issue at all and you won’t have to worry about guests struggling with how to get through. Sometimes, the hassle-free aspect just can’t be over sold. Once it’s mounted, you don’t have to worry about it again.

Key Features:

  • Hardware-mounted
  • Baseboard kit for an even install
  • Simple open and retracting release

25. PETMAKER Freestanding Wooden Pet Gate, Mahogany

Current Rating: 3.3

This gate folds flat to just 2 inches, so will easily slide behind a bookcase or under a couch to tuck it perfectly out of sight when you don’t need it. The wood gate is free-standing, so there’s no installation required, but it wouldn’t take much determination from your pooch to work his way through. If your puppy only needs to know his boundaries and you prefer the attractive wood style, though, this is a good fit.

Key Features:

  • Wood gate comes in 4 colors
  • No installation required
  • Easily folds for storage

26. Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Gate with Door 30″

Current Rating: 4.2

This barrier’s hinges make it easily configured to your individual space. As another free-standing gate, there is no installation and it is easily stowed. Its portability makes it easy to move from one place to another if you don’t need a permanent gate in a fixed location.

Key Features:

  • Easily stored
  • Classy wood finish
  • Walk-through gate

27. Primetime Petz 360˚ Configurable Gate with Door, 36″

Current Rating: 4.0

At 36 inches high, this is one of the tallest gates on the list. Because it’s freestanding, a determined dog can push the edge away from the wall. This is for your extra big dogs who just need the reminder that not everything is their playground.

Key Features:

  • Extra height keeps dog in
  • All wood construction
  • Walk-through gate

28. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

Current Rating: 4.4

If your dilemma is a large and unusual space needing blocked off, this 8-panel walk-through gate is a possible solution. You can use it as a play yard or mount it for a more permanent room partition.

Key Features:

  • Easily customized to fit your specific needs
  • All-steel construction makes it durable and prevents chewing
  • Can block up to a 16-foot opening

29. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

Current Rating: 4.3

This is a walk-through gate that you can open with just one hand, making it especially useful if you’re also wrangling small children or often have your hands full. Because of the installation options, it’s probably best described as semi-permanent. While it is pressure-mounted, it also comes with hardware to drill additional bumpers into the wall if you’re so inclined.

Key Features:

  • Wall-saving pressure mount
  • Steel construction
  • Walk-through gate

30. Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate

Current Rating: 4.4

This free-standing gate is portable so it can move with you. The side panels add additional stability without encroaching on room space. The wood and metal design gives it a classy and functional feel. You can expand the barrier from 39.8″ to 71.3″, and the one-screw addition will keep the size from changing unintentionally.

Key Features:

  • Side panels add stability
  • Design options: 4 wood colors
  • Easily installed and portable

31. Safety 1st Pressure Mount Lift, Lock and Swing Gate

Current Rating: 3.8

You can use the pressure mount or use the hardware and turn this gate into a swing gate. This is a great option to choose if you’re not yet sure which will work best for your dog. Try the pressure-mount out and if you find yourself wishing you didn’t have to step over it, then use the hardware to install the swing gate feature.

Key Features:

  • Mount and swing-open or pressure-mount
  • One-hand release on top
  • Fits most standard openings, expanding from 28″-42″ wide

32. Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru

Current Rating: 4.2

This gate is extra wide, fitting a bigger opening up to 72″, and extra tall, at 36″ for larger dogs or those who love to jump. The walk-through gate latches, and operation only requires one hand.

Key Features:

  • Hardware install for stability and permanence
  • 72″ wide and 36″ tall
  • Walk-through gate

33. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Beige

Current Rating: 4.5

Installing this walk-through gate will keep you from constantly climbing over or taking down your safety precautions. It is pressure-mounted, though, so you can take it with you, and with optional hardware you can still maximize the stability.

Key Features:

  • Pressure-mounted to prevent wall damage
  • Auto-close and stopper to prevent gate from opening both ways
  • 36″ tall to block jumpers and bigger dogs

34. Summer Infant Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Current Rating: 4.1

This pressure-mounted gate has additional hardware cups to screw into the wall for the top of the stairs. This provides added stability so your pup won’t fall down the stairs if he tries to knock it down.

Key Features:

  • Pressure-mounted
  • Walk-through
  • Metal gate
  • Extra hardware for top-of-stairway installation

35. North States Superyard 3 In 1 Arched Decor Metal, Matte Bronze

Current Rating: 4.7

Dog-proofing an open floor plan is difficult. Having 12 feet of barrier can surely help. The possibilities with this gate are almost endless. You can enclose it and create a play yard; use it as a wall and door type barrier; you can remove pieces or add additional. Your imagination may help you find the perfect way to configure this gate to suit your needs. You can use the hardware to install it permanently, or you can rely on the length to zigzag it to make a freestanding gate.

Key Features:

PROS: This pet gate for dogs has a versatile width length that allows it to function in different spaces in your home, according to multiple online reviews from customers who purchased Brookstone Free Standing Pet Gate. It’s also easy to move, and dog owners especially were delighted at the fact that it was made of such a pretty wood. The design is free-standing, so there is no installation that needs to be done and thus no damage to walls will be done if you treat this safety gate for pets carefully.

CONS: One more time yet again – this pet gate is for small dogs alone. The height is 20 inches, meaning that if you have a jumper for a dog or any other pet that’s able to get over that height of your indoor pet gate, this might be a problem for you. Also, one customer remarked that it is “not easy” to store in a smaller closet because it isn’t as collapsible, which can become a huge problem.

From dog gate reviews of other pet owners: “I had been using baby gates to confine my small dogs. But too many people were having trouble operating the gate locking mechanism. These low profile gates are the perfect solution. They are light and easy to move out of the way. They can be stepped over easily. The warm white works very well in my home. They are the perfect solution for confining small dogs in…”

Why else should you consider buying dog gates indoor?

Best dog gates indoor are a valuable tool for pet owners for several reasons. First, sometimes you don’t want to keep your dog in the kennel the whole time if you’re looking to try to keep him or her in somewhere.

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Let’s say there’s a family get-together and your dog tends to want to run wild at those, as was the case with my Australian Shepherd, Walter, who terrorized our household’s Thanksgiving party one year by catapulting himself directly onto the table and ruining the meticulously carved turkey.

You might not want to lock him or her away from family time into a small, confined space, but you still don’t want your Fido running amuck. By purchasing either one of these best dog gates indoor, you can fence off an area that your dog can play in that isn’t as small as a dog crate, but won’t let them interfere with the rest of the household.

Dog gates indoor or outdoors are also an important pet safety measure. Most homes have a lot of sharp objects and other dangerous things (toxic cleaning chemicals, electrical outlets/cords, knives, vases that can fall off tables and give your dog a concussion) that a dog can find him or herself entangled with.

If you want to leave your dog at home while you’re gone, a dog gate indoor is the best way to prevent your pet from roaming the house and possibly hurting him or herself on one of the dangerous household items.

Dogs want to feel like they’re a part of the family, but we don’t always want them right by us (for both of our sake). By purchasing one of these best indoor dog gates, you’ll be able to curtail your dog’s accommodations while also still being able to play with him or her—you can fit inside an indoor dog gate area, but you can’t fit inside a dog kennel.

The list of best dog gates indoor below will tell you the top ten options of superb indoor dog gates as rated by customers who bought them. Most of these dog gates indoor are made of high-quality materials and provide the most secure, locked confines for your dog to ensure pet safety measures are up to par. By prioritizing your dog’s safety first, these indoor dog gates combine comfort with security.

The pet gates are each different in size and shape, some being more appropriate for small dogs and others dog gates for large dogs, but they all provide safety. In each of the product overviews below, I’ll give you a quick rundown of the best dog gates indoor options and then tell you the pros and cons of the product as per customers’ notes.

How should I choose the best dog gates indoor?

So now that I’ve presented you with a list of top ten best dog gates indoor that I have gathered from hours of research and reading, how do you pick the pet safety gate that’s right for your and your canine? Let me try to give you some tips on that, but do look around elsewhere for more precise advice.

First, consider your dog’s height and weight. You want a safety gate for pets that will be able to keep your dog safely confined without risking them jumping over it and/or breaking it. You want to make sure that you check the height and width of the best dog gates indoor that you buy (which I tried and listed for you in the descriptions of each product option) to ensure that they are appropriate for your pet’s size.

Second, think about your home, your floor plans, your decor and everything else that will come in contact with your doggy gates. Everyone’s floor plans and width needs are different, so a pet gate’s collapsibility, width, and length are important factors in what you choose. Check whether your future buy of pet safety gates are collapsible for storage and the other measurements for your doorways or considered areas. By checking through the characteristics of your dog and your home, you’ll select the pet gate for dogs that best fits the both of you. Happy shopping!


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