Best Dishwashers Review 2018


We all love to host parties and dinners at home but the turn off is the unproductive work that bogs us down later on. Yes, we are talking about cleaning those piles of dishes and cutlery that you are left to deal with alone!

Technology has touched many aspects of life and probably one of the best inventions could be the dishwashers to do that stuff for you! The physical scrubbing is replaced with the hot water spray and rotating spray arms.  And aren’t we thankful for it?

If you are planning to buy best dishwasher, here is the checklist you should consider before making a decision. Go through it and make an informed decision to get the best value for your money! Why? Because there are plenty of options available in the market that are vying for your attention and of course, money!

  • As if forty targeted spray jets weren’t enough to tackle your dirtiest plates and cookware, this Energy Star top-control dishwasher also features a self-cleaning filter that continuously breaks down food particles in the wash water without making much noise. That means less soaking, less pre-rinsing, and less free time wasted on doing the dishes. There’s room for a dinner party’s worth of place settings in the tall stainless steel tub, and sliding tines in the lower rack can easily accommodate deep or narrow serving dishes. The utility basket in the upper rack can also be removed for handy lid and utensil washing.

    When it comes to cycles, there are several to choose from, including an express wash that’s good for taking care of a lightly soiled load in about 20 minutes. Use the detergent and rinse-aid dispensers for precision dosing, which should also help reduce spotting on items. The drying mechanism, which incorporates a fan, is also very effective, so you should notice less water pooling on your items. The only downside is that regular cycle times do run a bit long, but with a little bit of planning and patience, that shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Best Quiet: Bosch 500 Series 44-Decibel Built-In Dishwasher

    If being quiet is at the top of your must-haves when buying a new dishwasher look no further than the Bosch 500 Series which is the quietest brand in the U.S. Ringing in at only 44 decibels this machine will purr its way to cleanness. Besides being “quiet” this model also has a flexible third rack to hold 30% more, has a Clean30 cycle that will clean dishes in 30 minutes and flexible tines to hold casserole dishes or irregularly shaped items.

    Reviewers love the spotless clean at a low sound this machine provides. New and old Bosch customers are all a fan of the Bosch 500 Series. 

  • Best Front Control Dishwasher: Maytag Front Control Dishwasher

    Maytag has spent time elevating the brand over the last few years by focusing on developing high quality, dependable items with affordable price tags. They didn’t fail us with the Front Control Dishwasher. This model features the most powerful motor on the market to ensure that you’re trusting your dishes to a well-groomed machine ready to take on delicate and tough stuck-on messes alike.

    The device features a built-in 4-blade stainless steel chopper to really break down food particles that stick to our dishware. You get five different wash cycles, including PowerBlast which works to get out the toughest of stuck-on grime from each and every dish. You get the space for 14 different place settings along with a tiered top rack and a removable utensil basket.

    Plus, there is Steam Sanitation option which uses high heat and steam to disinfect your dishes. All of which can be easily activated and customized on the front control panel. You can purchase this model in black, white, or stainless steel with

  • Best Dishwasher with Third Level Rack: Whirlpool Tall Tub

    Finding enough room for all the dishes and utensils you need to clean can be difficult in an average dishwasher. Awkward items with odd shapes only make matters worse. Dishwashers with a third level rack, however, provide more room in an otherwise unoccupied space. The Whirlpool Tall Tub, for example, will give you up to 37% more space compared to the average dishwasher without losing the quality wash features.

    This dishwasher comes with a plethora of handy additions such as tap touch controls and a quiet operation. The soil sensor will adjust the flow and amount of water depending on the level of grime to save on water usage. Dual interior jets will also ensure all of the dishes on each of the three levels will get the same rinse and main wash so nothing is left dirty when the cycle has completed. 

  • Best White Finish Dishwasher: Maytag 24-inch Front Control Built-In Dishwasher

    If you have a more classic feeling to your kitchen, then a dishwasher with a white finish may fit in best with your other appliances. The stainless steel inner tub makes it the perfect, powerful unit to complete your kitchen. The $495 price tag isn’t bad either.

    The visible front controls make it easy to use for everyone in the family, especially if you have your children loading up the dishwasher themselves as a chore. They won’t have to stand on their tip toes to figure out how to work it. The inner system is great: boasting a nylon rack system, a full silverware basket.

    Many often worry that their dishwashers just won’t catch all of the food and residue that may be left over after a delicious meal. Luckily, Maytag uses a built-in chopper in the model which breaks down your food particles, so you know that your dishes are as clean as possible. There also five different wash cycles: auto clean, normal, quick wash, rinse, and PowerBlast uses high pressure spray jets and hot water to remove stuck-on foods.

  • Best Drawer Dishwasher: Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 Double DishDrawer

    Heavy duty cooks need a dishwasher that can match their serious kitchen skills. That’s why you may want to consider a drawer dishwasher. All together you can fit fourteen place settings into this 24-inch unit. You get a standard six wash cycles, along with quick wash.

    The Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 Double DishDrawer was designed to fit into many existing kitchens. The convenience of two separate drawers makes this dishwasher friendly to use for just a few dishes, or a true half to a full load. This unit is not only a looker, but the technology and research behind it makes it the perfect choice households that simply don’t have time to hand wash, but want the same spotless effects.

    This is definitely not the option for those looking to invest in a more budget friendly option. However, if you are looking to upgrade some of your appliances, then this dishwasher would be great to consider. The EZKleen stainless steel finish melds with the modern kitchens of today.

  • Best 18-inch Dishwasher: Frigidaire 55-Decibel Built-In Dishwasher

    Unfortunately, we don’t always have all of the space that we want or need for new appliances. Many homes simply don’t have the capacity for a 24-inch dishwasher. This is where the Frigidaire 55-Decibel Built-In Dishwasher comes in. This model is thin and compact enough to fit in the tightest of kitchen spaces.

    Don’t worry, the lack of width doesn’t mean you’re missing out great features, or even much-needed space for that matter. This model has six different wash cycles: heavy, normal, light,china crystal, energy saver and rinse. That’s refreshing, considering most people wouldn’t trust a dishwasher with their beloved china pieces. However, Frigidaire’s china crystal cycle focuses on gentle cleaning and reduced water pressure.

    The dishwasher also has a filtration system of its own built-in to its stainless steel interior. You can buy this model in either a black or stainless steel finish depending on your kitchen and home’s style.

  • Best High-End Dishwasher: Bosch 800 Series Bar Handle Dishwasher

     If you are in the market for a high-end dishwasher, then, of course, you are going to want the best of the best. Bosch’s hefty price tag comes with an array of lofty expectations. The 24-inch width allows for the capacity to diligently wash 16 place settings at once. Large families can rejoice in the idea of never having to wash a dish by hand again thanks to this machine. Holidays can be hosted in your home without dreading the cleanup.

    With a tall dishwasher like this, you can happily depend on the MyWay rack system which allows for you to add a 3rd rack to the washer to fit more items in. The MyWay rack system also boasts RackMatic, which ensures each and every rack fits comfortably every time thanks to the three different height levels. The EasyGlide mechanism is also a winning featuring, allowing for you to smoothly and calmly load and unload every wash.

    As if things couldn’t get better, Bosch has installed a 24/7 Aquastop system, which is a four-part leak prevention system that uses sensors to detect any malfunction with water flow, and stops leaks while also potentially turning its self off.

  • Best Portable Dishwasher: GE Portable

     Heavy, full-size dishwashers are almost impossible to get into tiny spaces and kitchens. Most small cooking areas simply do without a convenient, automatic way to clean the dishes. If this sounds like your kitchen, don’t settle for just washing dishes out of the sink. A compact dishwasher like the GE portable washer is narrow in width and height to conveniently tuck the unit away when space is at a premium.

    The dishwasher comes with a five-level power scrub that provides more power than the sizeof the unit may suggest. Water is filtered using a two-stage system to get the smaller particles that might come from the dirty dishes. With a small motor, the dishwasher runs quietly and can handle up to 12 dishes of various sizes at once. 

    Best Dishwasher Buying Guide 2018

    Estimate your Every Day Needs:

    Are you living with your partner and eat out most of the times, or do you have a large family, which leaves you with loads of dishes every day? This estimate of need will help you to decide the washing capacity of the dishwasher you are going to purchase.


    The world of dishwashers, like any other realm of technology, is changing everyday with new features being introduced to the machines on a daily basis. So, before you make a purchase, keep a note of them.


    It all comes down to money. No matter what your requirements are or what kind of features you are looking for, it is the moolah that has the last word in the buying department.  We say that don’t get tempted with all those shiny metallic pieces and try all of them to lose focus. Stick to your budget and requirement to save time. Moreover, if you want to save money, you can also subscribe to online marketplaces to get coupons and exclusive discounts during festive seasons.

    Space Available:

    So, when you have analyzed your needs and budget carefully, it is time to make some room for the dishwasher. If you are living in a rented space or in an apartment where walking without stubbed toes is a challenge, you need to be realistic with your expectations. So, while you would scan through best dishwashers that could do the chore for a family of 10, ideally you should be looking for that could fit into a wall and is compact!

    Dishwasher Reviews and Ratings:

    While you are looking for discounts and searching for the dishwashers online, look for the dishwasher reviews as well. Usually, customers give dishwasher ratings as per their experience, ease of usage and based on their features. This will help you to choose dishwasher carefully and of course, the best one!

    The Features you should look for Top Rated Dishwashers:

    Washing Cycle:

    Dishwashers usually have three arms that rotate and spray arms to circulate water during the wash. You can set the washing cycles as per your needs, where only one or two arms are needed to clean the utensils.  Nowadays, to provide powerful cleaning, the dishwasher manufacturers have placed sprays in strategic place to provide powerful jet stream and turbo wash modes. So, it is very important that while you are on a lookout of top-rated dishwashers, go for the ones that are keeping their pace with evolving technology.

    Like washing machines, dishwashers also have three cycles of normal, light and heavy modes. The wash cycles can be further accentuated with special wash cycle to get rid of heavy greasing lot of pans and pots. Extra and special cycle also give you liberty of customization to set your own wash cycle as per your satisfaction.

    Some of the specialized wash cycles could be sanitizing rinse, steam clean, glass care cycle for delicate glass dishes and extra rinse mode. However, please note that using the extra features can increase the time span for wash cycles considerably.

    Energy Efficiency:

    Energy star certified dishwashers are the ones that could help you save some buck while reducing energy as well as water consumption.  The Energy Star guidelines are established by US Department of Energy and US Environmental Protection Agency and the best dishwashers follow them.  You can also check their CEE ratings.

    To save on water consumption, you can also develop a habit to scrape the leftovers in dishes in the trash bin or run them under water.

    Half-Load Mode:

    Because you should be able to finish the load within the stipulated time! If you have lighter load of dishes to do, you should be able to just go for easy wash mode that uses one spray arm and shorter period. Moreover, you should also be able to utilize eco-wash and speed wash cycles in dishwasher.

    Soil Sensors:

    This helps the dishwashers to use water and cleaning agents till the time its sensors detect that the dishes are clean, rending the dishwashers super efficient and economical.

    Dry Cycle:

    Ensure if the dishwasher utilizes only fan or heat as well to dry the dishes.  The heat cycle means more energy consumption and unless needed, you should be able to turn it off.

    Apart from these, there are a variety of features that you should be wary of while buying a dishwasher in 2017.  Some of them are:

    Quiet and Easy Performance:

    You are investing in dishwasher to ensure that you don’t have to go through the troublesome routine of cleaning the dishes and of course, your peace of mind! So, make sure that it doesn’t give you sleepless nights or force you to move out of house when it is down at its work. Effective and noiseless performance is the key! You can also check the DBA rating of the machine for the same.

    Design of Dishwasher:

    Dishwasher drawers or rack and bar handles not only decide how the machine would look, but also impact the user experience considerably.  Exterior finish of dishwasher should match the existing range of appliance and kitchen décor. You can go for stainless steel exterior if you have patience and time to clear the fingerprints every time or you can go for stainless steel-like feel that is more workable and easy to clean material.  Similarly, pocket handles or recessed handles make it easier to clean the machine.


    Most of best dishwashers 2018 come with the feature of custom panel where you can design in accordance with the rest of kitchen panel. Similarly, control panel can be hidden in the wall panel or semi-integrated in the segment to keep the panel out of reach from children.

    The Interior Tub:

    This is what basically decides the cost of a dishwasher. A plastic tub model may cost lesser than a dishwasher with stainless steel model, but the latter might be able to dry the dishes faster with its heat feature as well as be durable, odor-resistant and stain-proof to a greater extent.


    Dishwater installation should always be done with the help of a professional installer. However, there are DIY installation packs are also available.

    Versatile Washing System:

    There are times when the load is lighter and sometimes, when it is lighter but need intensive cleaning. For everything, your dishwasher should be capable of that.

    After-Sales Support:

    May be this is the reason where you should go for top rated dishwashers in 2018 because you don’t want to find to find yourself in hassle and fumbling with endless trail of responses if you experience any technical issue.   Premium brands provide you with a centralized customer support that aim to settle issues within 24 hours of lodging a complaint.

     Types of Dishwashers available in the market

    There are four types of dishwashers available in the market.

    Standard Dishwasher:

    These dishwashers are the most common and have the standard two racks featuring dials and buttons to set the cycles. Some of the new models also feature temperature and hot water settings on touch screen panels.

    Compact Dishwashers

    Most of manufacturers prefer this type of dishwashers as their product line.  These are lightweight and as the name suggests, compact.

    Drawer Dishwashers

    Drawers are the fresh addition to the product line of dishwashers that enable you to customize the energy and water consumption in accordance with the load of dishes. You can also find double drawer models that help you accommodate and run a decent load of dishes using customizable setting.

    Countertop Dishwashers:

    If your kitchen is spacious, you can go for this model. These have wheels and you can move them easily.  With proper electric outlets in place, you can store, move in and move out the dishwasher as and when as well as where you want to!

    Dishwasher Capacity:

    • Standard Dishwasher: 10-12 five piece
    • Compact Dishwasher: 5-8 five piece
    • Countertop: 10-12 five piece

    Settings of Dishwashers and Regular Features:

    Dry Setting:

    This is a crucial feature that decides the dry settings of the machine.  You should be able to decide the heat setting of the dishwasher that you wish to use it or not.  If you have allergies or are extra conscious about hygiene, it is recommended that you use heat or steam to dry the dishes.  Without heat, the dishes will take extra time to clean.  Dishwashers with plastic tubs don’t come with heat features because the tub won’t be able to stand the temperature. Hence, go for dishwashers with stainless steel tub.

    Wash and Rinse Cycle:

    The wash and rinse cycle now come with advanced features such as steam panel, pre wash mode, delayed wash mode and different dish patterns for glass dishes and so on.

    Display Panel:

    The dishwasher’s user experience is based on the display panel. In traditional models, it is located on the front of machines whereas some of the advanced models have top controls that facilitate easy viewing and accessibility to the users without letting them sprain their necks.

    Delayed Wash Cycle:

    Like advanced washing machines, dishwashers now have delayed start panels that can be used when you aren’t around or want to run the dishwasher when you have time.  You can delay wash cycles for 2 to 8 hours.

    Noise Proof:

    Gone are the days when dishwashers used to create a lot of noise. Now, they are insulated for silence performance. So, now you can run the machine at night or even during the odd hours without awaking your neighbors. You can check DBA ratings for the same.

    Flexible Drawers / Racks:

    Advanced dishwasher models come with flexible drawers that can be used when you have lots of dishes to work on.  Usually you have two racks but the third rack can be adjusted for extra space and dishes. The flexible racks also mean that you can alter them to accommodate dishes of different size and height.

    Final Words :

    So, here are the points you should be thinking about when you plan to buy best dishwasher 2018. Remember, it is one-time investment and one dishwasher could work well for years if maintained well. So, take all these points well into consideration and be a smart customer!


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