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Summer evenings lend themselves to outdoor entertaining, be it a glass of beer under the stars with the cat on your lap, or a full blown, guest-heavy BBQ extravaganza. Unfortunately, the UK climate can be quite unforgiving, and save for the odd occasion when you can sit outdoors beyond 10pm without the castanet accompaniment of your own chattering teeth, you’ll probably need something to take the chill off the cold night air.

The obvious, ubiquitous, outdoor heating option is the chimenea. Hailing from Mexico, they were originally used for indoor cooking and providing warmth for the household, but in recent years have been appropriated by a nation of gardeners and BBQ enthusiasts looking for something suitably rustic to place on a patio or outdoor area.

Today’s chimenea market is hot; models available range from the traditional clay chimineas to architectural metal designs. But which chimenea is best for you? Chop up the wood and marinate those chicken thighs – here’s eight of the best.

The Chimenea Buyers Guide

There are many chimineas available today that the average home owner can purchase from home improvement stores and online, with prices varying dramatically from £20-30 for budget models to well over £150. With so many of these chimineas being made from different materials, it can be tricky figuring out which is best. Can the chiminea withstand heat from a big flame? Can it use more than one fuel source? Which ones are easy to maintain?

A few key points to consider when choosing a chiminea are:

  • Fuel Types: Many chimeneas are designed to burn coal, but you also have other options such as wood/logs, brickets, and peat.
  • Weight: Would you like to be able to move the chimenea around your garden or patio without a struggle? Even though some chimeneas are tall and bulbous, you would be surprised at how little some can weigh. For example, the Gardeco Elidir Cast Iron Fire Bowl weighs 18kg while the La Hacienda XL Murcia Steel Chimenea only weighs 13 kg.
  • Accessories: All of the chimeneas in this review come with a grill, but others like the Gardeco Fire Bowl come with a charcoal grill and a multi-tool. It is imperative when seeking the best chimenea to know what is included. If you choose charcoal as your fuel choice, be sure that a charcoal grate is included. While this is important, you can also find the La Hacienda Extra Large Colorado includes a log grate and a metal tool.
  • Maintainance: Every chimenea in this list are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Steel and cast iron chimeneas are easy to clean and keep in working order, but clay models need a little more attention and care. All of them have a cover that fits every individual brand and model, although they must be purchased separately. Sometimes however, you can buy them with the cover included so be sure to compare prices as the cover is sometimes discounted when purchased with the chiminea as a set.

This should help you have a better understanding of what you should look for and consider before making a purchase. To look at a more in depth list of features each model provides, read our full recommended chimenea review below.

1. Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace – Blue Rooster ALCH014-CH – Dragonfly Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace

The Blue Rooster ALCH014-CH – Dragonfly Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace is made from heavy-duty cast metal. It is a durable chiminea made to withstand the elements. Manufactured from aluminum, the Blue Rooster is lightweight but tough. It is easy to move around outside too. The fireplace features a dragonfly design with a fern accent. It looks great and is a unique chiminea that is sure to spark up a conversation. The model comes with a guard and you can even cook on the included grill plate. The model is economical too and that is why it is the number one chiminea in our list.

2. Hampton Bay Cast Iron Chiminea 54 in. Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

The Hampton Bay Cast Iron Chiminea 54 in. Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace is simply one of the best chimeneas on the list. It is economical and made of metal. This means it is made to last. The chimenea is lightweight with a pot belly designed for incredible thermal transfer. You’ll be warm no matter where you stand. The only down side is that it doesn’t include a cooking plate but other than that. It is a great choice.

3. Deckmate Sonora Outdoor Chiminea Fireplace Model 30199

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This sturdy cast iron chiminea features a rubbed bronze finish. It has a big belly that gives a full 360-degree view of fire with fine wire mesh spark screen and a cap on top to keep out rain.Embossed with cast iron construction and furnished with a high temperature paint finish, this product weighs 75 pounds measuring 21 x 21 x 51.6 inches in dimension. Its components come packaged in parts in a carton and have to be assembled.

It is fuelled with burning wood or artificial logs 51.6 inches high and has a large sliding door for the addition of fuel. It comes with a log grate, a fire tool and an ash catcher for easy and effortless clean-up. This chiminea is for outdoor use only and would be a great addition to any patio.

4. La Hacienda 56141US Aspen Chiminea

This product is made of cast iron finished with high temperature black paint that is heat resistant. The high temperature paint ensures that the surface does not rust making it very durable. Its belly is made of mix cast iron, has a steel smoke outlet and with a fine wire mesh spark screen. It is also equipped with a grill top for outdoor cooking.La Hacienda chiminea weighs 26.8 pounds and measures 49.2 x 19.3 x 19.3 inches in dimension. It is classically styled standing 4.1 ft. tall. It comes with its parts packed in a carton for easy movement and is easily assembled together.

This model of La Hacienda Aspen chiminea has a large door for adding fuel, a rain lid to minimize water damage and an ash catcher for easy clean up. It could be fuelled with burning wood, artificial log or charcoal.

It is meant for outdoor use only and I recommend it for purchase.

5. The Blue Rooster Cast Aluminium Prairie Chiminea

This safe clean single opening traditional chiminea has a hinged stainless steel safety mouth screen. It also has an extra-large mouth opening of a traditional chiminea allowing for a full view of the fire. The hinged safety screen allows for easy addition of wood.This cast aluminium chiminea weighs 80 pounds and measures 22 x 22 x 52 inches in dimension. It is made of non-rusting solid cast aluminium alloy and has carry handles for easy movement.

It has a removable neck for grilling, cast iron grilling insert, cast iron bottom grate to support fire, spark arrestor neck insert and a removable matching lid. This product also comes with a touch up paint bottle and a wood tool.

Prairie chiminea is surely one to consider for anyone who loves the warmth of a fire.

6. Deeco CP DM6035J-AA Western Basket Weave Jr. Chiminea with Cast Aluminum, Spark Guard Screen

The Deeco Western Basket Weave Jr. Chimney is a compact version of the standard chiminea and it is made of heavy duty cast aluminum. The Deeco is made for those with a smaller patio or backyard. It is portable and weighs less than 50 pounds. With a wire screen design, the chiminea works great and radiates heat all the way around the model.

7. KD Clay Chimenea Lines

The KD Clay Chimenea is a classic choice made from clay, if you like to do things the “old fashioned way”, give this model a try. You should be aware that this particular chimenea is not as durable as the metal ones on this list. It also weighs in at over 70 pounds, so this isn’t a model you can move around easily. The chimenea comes with its own base that keeps it upright and sturdy. This chimenea is perfect for those who want to capture that classic Latin America look for a fraction of the cost.

8. Esschert Design FF109 Small Terrace Heater

The Esschert Design FF109 Small Terrace Heater is a great chiminea if you want something you can easily move around or arrange in your backyard. It weighs less than 50 pounds and is a smaller model. The Esschert features a large, wide mouth that vents well and radiates heat uniformly. It is a great choice for the small patio or deck. It is also made of cast iron so you’ll know it will last for years to come.



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