Best Bouncer for Your Baby 2018 Reviews


When you are busy or want to rest and do not want to bother with your dear children then there are solutions

Of course, there’s nothing better than cuddling your baby, but there are times when you need both your hands free for other things and quite frankly, a bit of a break. That is where baby bouncers come into their own. They are the ideal location for your little one to entertain themselves for a few moments or steal some precious snoozing time, giving you time for a well-earned sit down and cuppa. If your arms are starting to feel the strain from all the bouncing your baby wants to do, consider getting them a bouncer of their own.

Most of the bouncers on the market are light enough to be moved around the house but they all have slight differences that can make it hard to know which one to choose. That is where we come in. We have put all these bouncers to the test with the help of some very sleepy newborns (and their mums) and slightly more energetic six month olds – there was also the odd toddler in the mix too – to figure out what sets them apart from all the others and why these are deserving of your attention.

Most homes today wouldn’t conceive of raising a baby without the added benefits offered by a baby bouncer. They afford parents the convenience and security of having baby play during periods throughout the day. Household chores and care for baby’s siblings are possible and pleasant while baby plays in a bouncer.

The secure and adjustable designs offer both parent and baby enough options for extended play time. Further, many parents demand the physical support and strengthening provided by activities in a bouncer.

How Should I Use a Baby Bouncer?

Any bouncer you use should have a seat belt for your baby, whether it’s a three-point or a five-point harness.

You should also make sure your bouncer has gripping feet so it won’t slide all over the place. If you have a wood or laminated floor and there aren’t non-slip feet on the bouncer, your baby could scoot all over the floor with their bouncer. If there are staircases nearby, that could be a big danger to your baby.

Sometimes after all the jumping, your baby may get tired from so much activity. Since babies love to sleep so much, before long they might be sleeping in the bouncer.

The one exception to this rule is if you buy a bouncer that can be transitioned into a reclining position that is safe for a sleeping baby. If your baby falls asleep in one of these, you can simply lower the seat down so your baby is reclining and let them keep resting.

Once your baby begins using the bouncer, keep a close eye on their weight and make sure it is still within the guidelines for the bouncer you’ve bought. Bouncers vary greatly in how much weight they’ll hold. While one may hold up to 25 pounds, another may only hold 20.

How Long Should a Baby Stay in a Bouncer?

With a swing, you can leave your baby in there safely for an hour or two without worries, but you shouldn’t use a bouncer for that long at one time, unless it’s a reclining bouncer.

My daughter used to love being in her bouncer, but after 10 minutes or so, she’d slow down on her activity level and start to get restless. When I noticed that starting to happen, I knew she was getting tired or bored with the bouncing. Then I would pick her up and give her all the cuddles she needed.

What Types of Bouncers Are There?

There are three basic types of bouncers you’ll see.

  • The reclining bouncer: This is the one that is best for newborns that don’t have control of their head movements yet. Supporting the head is crucial for a newborn, as your doctor will tell you before you leave the hospital. If you don’t properly support a newborn’s head, it can lead to brain damage, suffocation and neurological concerns (source). With the reclining bouncer, your baby’s feet will never touch the floor.
  • The upright bouncer: These are the classic type of bouncers you see babies having fun in when they are jumping as much as they can by pressing their feet off the floor. These should only be used when a baby can support the weight of their own head with their neck muscles.
  • Doorway bouncers: These hang from doorways in your house and they look like a glorified baby swing that you would see at your local park. I never used one of these because I always worried they would become dislodged from the door trim right as my baby was in the middle of an epic jump. Plus, I didn’t want my doorways blocked. I do have friends who used this type and loved it though.

Best Baby Bouncers We Choose for You

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper


This classic jumper hangs from a doorway and offers optimal height and bounce for the extra active child. Grace offers a gender neutral jungle theme with fun toys.

The toys can slide up or down to accommodate mobility and height of the child. Younger children may enjoy reaching up to grab toys when they are still not bouncing much. Older bouncers who are taller can hold onto toys near tray while bouncing away.

Doorway grip offers no-mark clamps for a secure hold without lasting marks. The straps are designed to prevent twisting or tangling.


  • Portable to Any Doorway
  • Non-marking Cover on Clamp
  • Removable, Washable Seat
  • Adjustable Height


  • Soft Toys May Bounce Into Baby’s Face if Not Removed
  • Brown Jungle Color May Be Unappealing

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo


Fisher-Price offers a festive rainforest jumperoo featuring bold colors and numerous play options in multiple areas. The design does require extra floor space, but the bouncing fun is worth it for many families who want to provide a bountiful play arena.

Hanging and dangling toys give baby an extra vantage for attention to divert in-between bounces and batting. Spinning toys, light-up action, and movement activated music make this jumperoo one hopping good time. Controls offer parents options for continuous music and lights.


  • Pivot Frame Offers Storage
  • Volume Control
  • Music, Movement, and Lights Entertainment


  • Less Compact Than Other Fold Away Bouncers
  • 3 AA Batteries Required (Not Included)

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Tiny Love Take Along Baby Bouncer.

Anyone who has used a bouncer for their baby knows that they can be really awkward and cumbersome to store, move, and travel with. The travel part is basically impossible for most baby bouncers on the market. Along came Tiny Love and made one of the best baby bouncers on the market, not only for its simple features and reliability, but also for its portability. We like the simplicity of this baby bouncer. It has flexible fabric and netting that makes it light and airy, and keeps sweat from developing against your baby’s back. The colors are modern and simple, and the 3-point harness does its job. One of our more active babies sat up and leaned forward and there was no indication that the bouncer would tip forward or have any other issues. There’s nothing fancy here: no dangling toys, music, or motion. But it’s perfect for parents who take pride in simplicity, and also the ability to transport it, store it, and otherwise quickly move it. It weighs under 5 pounds and folds up to a size that could probably fit in a normal size briefcase. We were able to easily fit it into a carry-on bag, and were really happy about how little space it took up in our closet. It’s lightweight but also sturdy and well-constructed. The fabric is high quality, as are the buckles and rubber feet to keep it from sliding around hardwood or tile floors. Folding it up was easy, though we did find that you need two hands to do it, because you have to push a button and then twist a lever. Though it has no motion built in (like the 4Moms!), we like how it responds to baby’s movement, keeping them kicking and stimulated. We also like how the bouncer seat is relatively upright, so baby is not laying back so far that they can’t really watch what’s going on. This is great when baby is watching mom or dad do their work. Cons? Well, it’s simple by design, so those looking for recline settings, music, vibrations, and dangling toys, check out #3 below for a possibly better option. Also only supports up to 20 pounds. Overall, for those interested in finding a baby bouncer seat that won’t set you back too much money and is also great for travel and easy to store, this is a great option.

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 Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo


This jumperoo features friendly animal print and animal toys with a surprising array of musical and lighting options. The bat-at toys offer reaching, stretching interaction with two variants among the three dangling compartments.

The tray area showcases an additional bat-at rattler and light-up musical piano that encourages baby to play. Side toys offer extended play time for textural exploration as well as fine motor skills exercise.

Sliding, rolling, turning, and more are discovered through the variety of toys along the Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Jumperoo.

Highlights for parents include a removable, washable seat pad and fully foldable design for compact storage. You don’t even have to detach the hanging toy bar so no pieces go missing.


  • Removable, Washable Seat
  • Folds Flat For Optimum Storage
  • Adjustable Height Extends Use
  • Battery Operated (60 Hours)


  • Seat Faces Only One Direction
  • Wide Base Needs Extra Large Storage Space

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Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition


What parent doesn’t love Baby Einstein? This special edition jumper offers vibrant colors with the company’s infamous classical and catchy music. This special edition also offers classic Einstein perks that progressive parents demand of their children’s educational toys.

The piano offers three modes of options. Counting in Spanish, English, and French is one mode. The next mode is the name of colors and the last mode is Baby Einstein’s renowned musical variations.

What is especially pertinent for this final option is that the play time is a bit extended. This is helpful for parents who truly desire for their child’s brain to receive the soothing and neurological benefits of classical music.

It is designed to go beyond mere distraction or entertainment towards a truly educational component of the jumper.


  • Language Learning Mode with Piano
  • Extended Soothing Classical Music Variations
  • Swivel Chair Offers Additional Movement Options
  • Battery Operated (20 Hours)


  • Comparatively Extensive Assembly Required for Seating
  • Cumbersome Storage Components (2 Parts)

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Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer


This brightly colored stationary bouncer seat offers a simple set-up for parents who want to keep an eye on their semi-sitting, semi-lying son or daughter. It is a perfect option for household chores in the kitchen for dishwashing or cooking, in the laundry room for sorting or folding, or even in the bathroom for showers or longer restroom breaks.

While there are no jumping, bending, or stretching activities for your child’s legs and feet, the spinning toys and large mirror are attractive playtime objects. This bouncer includes attractive, colorful details along the wire frame for additional points of interest for an observing child.

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Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer.

This is one of two Fisher Price bouncers on this list. Not surprising given they are the original baby bouncer manufacturer and they have several different bouncer models on the market at any given time. This is what they call their deluxe bouncer. Relative to the comfort curve (below), this has some extra features. In addition to a generally plusher and more conforming seat (plus a newborn insert), it also includes a cute (non-motorized) mobile, super soft fabric, music, nature sounds, and vibrations. We really appreciated the adjustable volume for the music and nature sounds, and the fact that it only stays on for up to 20 minutes and therefore doesn’t risk burning out the batteries when accidentally left on. We also thought the legs and feet were very stable, and provided a reasonable bounce level that wasn’t too much for baby. It supports up to 25 pounds, and runs on three D size batteries, which we think is a bit much. The batteries do last for a long time even with frequent use, but when you need to replace them you’ll wonder if it’s worth the money! The Deluxe Bouncer comes in several color and pattern varieties, but the features are the same. Overall, this is a fantastic bouncer that’s available for a very reasonable price.

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Fisher Price Comfort Curve Baby Bouncer.

The Fisher Price line of baby bouncers are the original and have been around for over a decade now. It’s a classic frame style with iconic colors and toy bar over the center. At the basic level, it is quite similar to the Tiny Love. The overall frame is a similar shape, but with a more modern sleek plastic design rather than the flimsy-looking metal. The colors are similar, and it has the basic soothing vibration option if you pop in a single D size battery. It also has the removable and washable cover, decent seating position, and an easy to use 3-point adjustable buckle restraint. The differences are in the toy bars, recline feature, and the toys themselves. The Fisher Price does not recline, has a push-in/pull-out toy bar that is always in the way, and the toys are relatively simple without sounds/lights or motion sensing. Six moms in our focus group had experience with the Fisher Price bouncers. The cons were mostly related to removing and putting the toy bar back on every time they used the bouncer. It is possible to slide the baby in and out from the top, but it requires a bit of a struggle. That said, it’s one of the cheaper options on our list, and has very high reliability. All of the moms said the vibration was still working – one had a Fisher-Price bouncer for 7 years and it was still going strong! If you’re on a budget and looking for a good bouncer that will last you, but does not have any of the advanced features (padding, adjustments, etc), then the Fisher Price is a great option.

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4Moms MamaRoo Motion Baby Bouncer.

The MamaRoo bouncer (well, not really a bouncer at all) is a new addition to the bouncer market as of 2012, and it is a really impressive option. Expensive, yes, but also feature-rich and unique. The MamaRoo is both capable and stylish, and adds a whole new realm of motion to bouncers. It has 5 unique motions that simulate a baby’s favorite and most relaxing activities: car ride, tree swing, rock-a-bye, ocean floating, and kangaroo bounce. There is built in music, including nature sounds and white noise, and you can also play MP3s if you attach your iPod. It has a highly adjustable seat recline, a machine washable seat, a nicely padded cover with good ergonomic support, and a sleek and unique style. This is an awesome option if you don’t really need a bouncer, per se, but rather want something a bit fancier with more features. With all of its great features and style, there are of course some drawbacks. First, it does not take batteries so you need to position it in a place close to a wall outlet. Second, because of all the moving parts, some people complain of some odd clicking noises and reliability issues; this is rare but worth mentioning (note that they have a 1-year warranty, and if you buy from Amazon you can use their free return policy). If you’re looking for something fancy and different, this is the option for you; odds are you’ll love it and think it was worth every penny!

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Buying Guide

To help the baby bouncer actually be worth every penny and take care of your baby and help you, you need to make sure your purchase turns out to be the best baby bouncer for you. To help you achieve this goal, we have compiled this buying guide.

Ensure Safety

First and foremost look into the safety that your desired product is offering. According to international safety standards, you will need to have at least a three points harness to help your baby remain in the bouncer without falling down.

However, to be extra conscious, you can always go for the five-point harness. Make sure that the size of the belt is also adjustable so that you can double check the belt and make assured safety for your child.

Choose the Motion Intensity

Some bouncers are very sensitive and even with the slight kicking, they tend to rockaround. While others may seem quite stubborn as they move around just a little with the babies’ movement. You will need to choose the one that is more suited to your child.

For example, if your baby enjoys being rocked a lot, you can always choose the one that is sensitive. You can also make your bouncer stationery by going for a lock option which allows the item to remain stationary as per your requirement.

Select the One with a Removable Seat Cover

One of the important factors to look into is to make sure that the seat cover is removable and it is washable. Remember, hygiene is very important for your baby and you will need to make sure that the cover is clean at all times, even when your child makes it dirty.

A removable cover will also sometimes give you the option to attach different colors of covers and have a little color into the bouncer. Also, make sure that the seat cover is nice and comfortable and does not have anything that may hurt your child. Check it thoroughly before putting your child for additional safety.

Ensure Its Sturdiness

Since you will have your baby in the bouncer, you need to make sure that the product is extremely sturdy. Check to confirm that it does not rock abnormally even the slightest bit. Moreover, a wide frame can help in increasing the sturdiness of the bouncer. A low frame will ensure that it does not tip on the side if your infant decides to tilt to one side.

Look For Additional Features

Additional features always make a product better than it already seems to be. You can choose features like vibration, compact storage size, carrying bag, toys, songs, and others. Make sure that the additional features do not add up to your budget more than you would require.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying the best baby bouncer for your child is very important and it may cause the curious mind of new parents to stir up some questions. We have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions to the best of our knowledge and tried to make it easier for our users.

How do I make sure that the bouncer is actually safe for my baby?

It is not a hidden fact that over the years, bouncers have been the cause of a few accidents. To make sure your child is safe in their lounger, do not necessarily go for a cheap product as it may be of bad quality.

No matter how well known the company of the contraption is, making sure to check for valid international safety commissions’ approval and stamps. These are the best way to make sure your child is secure.

Is battery better or electric ones?

If you are going for bouncers that require some form of power source then you will have to choose between battery powered and electrical ones. To match many safety standards, it is ideal for you to not go for the electrically powered ones.

You want to keep your child away from any electric sockets in the first place, it is not ideal to attach their chair to a socket. It may not exactly cause accidents, but better safe than sorry, right?

Is there a baby bouncer with car seats?

By most well-known brands there are no baby bouncers attached to car seats, and there shouldn’t even be any. The reason is that these bouncers are soft and just move a little to keep your babies calm and soothed all the time. Keeping them in a car with a thing that rocks all the time can really make them dizzy and damage their internal organs.

Are foldable bouncers safe?

Unlike what the natural paranoia of new parents says, foldable bouncers are not likely to collapse until you do not overload it with more weight than it can handle. However, for more peace of mind, you can make sure that the ones that are foldable have tough locks on them that do not flinch no matter what happens.

Also make sure that when you are unfolding the bouncer, you are completely unfolding it. Check it, recheck it, and then re-recheck it to make sure of the status of the bouncer.

What kind of seat will keep my baby most comfortable?

Of course, having a seat that will keep your baby comfortable is ideal. And since your baby has developing bones, you will need to make sure that they remain comfortable. Many seats come with a memory foam material that takes the natural shape of your child allowing them to be comfortable.

This material also keeps your child continue growing without any spinal troubles. Some seats that are made of a stretched material are also comfortable. They also work like memory foam and allow full comfort to your child.

Are their loungers with reclining options?

Yes, many loungers have the option to recline your baby as much as you want or as much as you require. The settings are easy to use and are proven very helpful for parents all around. However, make sure that there is a reclining stopped to be extra careful.

Additionally, make sure you do not touch the settings while your baby is in the seat otherwise if a strong jerk happens, you can seriously injure the internal organs or your baby and a jerk can cause them many inconveniences.

What are additional features ideal to have in a baby bouncer?

Thanks to technology, you will always have a step ahead of what you want in everything. So, when you find additional features, go for them. The vibrating effect is one feature that parents love since you can put the lounger at a standstill position and vibrate it for your child.

Songs will help them keep busy while you do your chores or while you are catching a bite to eat. Toys are also a great past time for your babies and a great way to keep them busy.

My Favorite Is…

Unless you’re looking for a reclining bouncer your baby can sleep in, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is one of the best baby bouncers you can buy.

Your baby will be constantly entertained by the toys and activities on this bouncer. With this bouncer, your baby is rewarded for his activity level. When he bounces, noise, music and lights go off.

The wide base on the bouncer gives you a level of security that the unit won’t tip over and hurt your baby.



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