Best Bed Storage Organizers to Buy in 2018


If you want to create a beautiful and perfectly organized bedroom, you’re at the right place. An under bed storage is a functional accessory that can hold your pillows, clothes, shoes and other stuff to keep your room clutter-free.

Whether your home is large or small, the opportunity for added storage is always welcome. When choosing a bed with hidden storage, think about how frequently you need to access your things. Built-in drawers can be great for everyday clothes; ottoman-style lifting beds give roomier storage but are less suited to frequent use. Divan beds with a high base are the common way to add storage – if yours incorporates large side drawers, check you have the clearance to open and access them fully. This is also a category where buying flat pack saves real money – prepare for a bit of DIY if you’re on a budget.

What is an Under Bed Storage

Dreaming of neatly organized indoor environment? Tasteful and functional accessories like ottoman storages can complete your living room or entryway. But what to do with your bedroom mess? Under bed storage is a way out. It easily slides under your bed and helps you hide away numerous pillows, comforter sets, pajamas and so on. We have selected 5 best under bed storages to help you find the most suitable one. Get one and give your bedroom an exquisite look!

  • Best Plastic Bin: Sterilite 66 Qt./62 L Ultra™ Storage Box

    Plastic is the way to go if you want something airtight. This 66-quart box can hold everything from pictures, important documents, photo frames and more with its secure latches that ensure everything stays safe will in storage. The gliding wheels make taking this out from under (and putting back) a breeze while the thin 39 1/2″ x 20 1/4″ x 7″ size makes it ideal for fitting under any size of bed.

    Store clothes, extra office supplies, or even wrapping paper in an easy-to-reach, yet out-of-the-way place. This see-through plastic roller box unlatches to give you quick access to lesser-used items.

    If you are looking at this option to store under your bed just make sure you measure thespace between the floor and bed because this is seven inches tall making it a little high. Besides using under the bed this is also a great storage box for your attic and basement and stacks well with other bins in its size. 

  • Best Overall Under Bed Bag: Whitmor Jumbo Underbed Bags

    While plastic bins are often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about under bed storage — bags are another great option for storing items like clothing or bed linens since they don’t need a structured side to prevent the contents from breaking. This best-seller provides just the right amount of room to fit under the standard size bed with a height of six inches and has a width of 18″ and length of 42″ so plenty of room for all of your sweaters. For items that you only pull out once or a couple of times a year, these budget-friendly underbed storage bags are a lifesaver. They’re a less-bulky alternative to rigid plastic bins, plus the zippered lids prevent the contents from getting dusty.The construction is made of a material that repels dust and dirt so your clothing will stay clean while it is in storage. The clear vinyl top makes it easy to see what is inside when the items are in need.

    Reviewer’s love that this can be folded up when not in use and that it also has coordinating pieces that can hold shoes behind your door, cubes for smaller storage and more so you can organize your whole house in just a few clicks.

  • Best for Shoes: Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer

    One of the hardest things to organize in any household is your shoes. If you are like most, your shoes seem to multiply each season and lay in a cluttered heap at the front door. An under-bed shoe organizer is a smart move for any family with a lot of shoes because it can be used to store seasonal shoes like flip-flops or more formal shoes you break out for special occasions. If storage space is at a prime in your house you can also use it as your everyday shoe storage as you can easily slide this unit out each morning to grab a pair. 

    This model can hold 12 pairs of shoes though men with larger feet should take measurements to see if their shoes will fit. It is made of a material that will prevent dust and grime from getting in so you don’t need to worry about under bed dust from ruining your favorite shoes.

  • Best Space Saving: SpaceSaver PremiumJUMBO Vacuum Storage Bags

    If you’ve got a lot of off-season clothing, linens, jackets or other bulky items Space Saver bags are your best option for shrinking the volume down 80% with the use of a vacuum which sucks out all of the air. With this technology, you can fit bulky items easily under your bed, in your closet and beyond with ease. And it keeps stuff like mold, bacteria and smells out leaving you with fresh and clean clothes when you need them.

    Like to travel with a carry-on or are a chronic over packer? Try these bags and bring the included travel hand pump so you can bring even more in less space. 

  • Best Under Bed Drawers:

    Yes, under bed drawers are a thing and are a great idea for someone who doesn’t have a lot of dresser space and needs to access clothing under the bed frequently. What make’s these drawers is their open construction and wheels which allow the user to seamlessly pull the drawer our from under the bed and slide it back when they are done getting what they need.

    These drawers are from Ikea and come in a set of two with nine inches in height. The set will fit under the length of most beds as you pick a full/tiwn or queen size giving you plenty of storage space. Being that this is from Ikea you will have to assemble this item though it shouldn’t take long. 

  • Best Rolling: Suprima Rolling Underbed Storage Shelf

    A smart option for dorm rooms this rolling under bed storage shelf makes items easily accessible at the roll of this unit. Think of it as place to store study materials, your shower caddy, shoes or any essentials. It measures 47.24” x 20.87” x 2″ making it an ideal fit for twin and twin XL beds. It would also be a good idea for a children’s room for them to store their favorite toys on each night. No matter the use, this storage shelf is a smart investment for anyone who needs a little extra accessible space. 

  • Best Large Bags: DOKEHOM DKA1014SBL1 Thick Under Bed Clothes Storage Bag

    If you have a lot of space under your bed, a storage bag with a height greater than seven inches will give you a lot more space to store comforters, beach towels and such. This moisture-proof bags measures in at 22.4“ x 13.4″ x 9.5″so you could fit a few under your bed.

    Available in six-colors and an extra-large size, if needed, this option will keep clothes free of mildew and any moisture that might come in contact with them. Users love how durable they are and that they hold all their off-season clothing. 


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