Best Backless Bar Stool Chairs Review 2019


When you look at the design of the bar stool as well as the materials from which they are made, you will realize that there are quite a few options which are available. That is why it can be a confusing task to choose the right kind of barstools.

Stools can be so useful in the kitchen whethere it is making a cup of coffee , preparing a meal or  afamily gathering around the table, the majority of barstool have a gas lift mechanism which is really simple to operate , to rise the chair up simply lift the manual stick up and to lower it down all you have to do is to sit on the chair and hold the stick till you are in the level that comforts you , there are also classic stools and wooden stools where the sit height is nonadjustable but it’s quiet well made to give you a comfort sit , there is a number of different finishes of barstools from which you can choose the best design is the one that suits your kitchen or living room and is comfortable to you , most kitchen work sets are 90 cm from the floor to the underside of the surface therefor most comfortable sits are from 65 to 68 cm (24 to 27 inches) allowing sufficiently V legs .


It’s hard to go wrong with a classic wooden saddle-seat bar stool. This basic, space-saving shape has been around for decades, and the backless seats can scoot almost all the way under the countertop to give you more wiggle room when not in use.. The seat is wide but on the shallow side, great for perching at the countertop, but not so large that it will crowd the pass-through space in a small or medium-sized kitchen. The carved seat is comfortable to sit in, and the braces along the legs offer a natural footrest. Made of solid beech wood with a walnut finish, this stool is done in a medium wood tone that works in both casual and formal spaces. These stools are available in both bar and counter height, so they’ll work for just about any kitchen or bar table. Try the Winsome Wood Saddle Stool in the counter-height size if you need a shorter option.

Hillsdale Furniture Montello Good Quality Old Steel Backless Swivel Counter Stool

if you are tired of cheap and wobbly bar stools and decided to buy a little nicer ones then the hillslade backless Stool chair is the first choice you should put in consideration it is built well, easy to assemble and looks great where ever you put it in your house .

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Hillsdale 4950-830 Kelford good quality Backless Swivel Bar Stool, Antique Bronze

this barstool backless chair besides being well made in a modern design way it has  very strong metal legs the chair is well made and sturdy the stool chair is amazing it looks even better in person since the leather is almost a coppery iridescent color not just a boring brown it’s not too hard to put together and it looks good where ever you put it .

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Good Quality Cheap Plastic Stack Stools, Assorted Norwood Commercial Furniture NOR-1101AC-SO (Pack of 5 barstools)

looking for the cheapest/best backless stool ?  this is it , a pack of 5 plastic nicely made barstools  these barstool chairs are mostly bought for children ,students , teenagers and even adults we didn’t test  long term use by adults but if you use them right they will make you happy , these stools come already assembled.

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Winsome 29-Inch Square Leg good quality Bar Stool, Black, (Set of 2 chairs)

the maximum weight seems to be 225 lbs on the label but one of the users have had a friend who’s weight was over 350 lbs sit on one of these  stools that was 29 inches and the stool was fine , a good news if you have children that these barstools do not tip over easy so you can insure that your children are safe the measurments of the leg base of the chair From the bottom of the round top the legs are 29 inches it is made of wood which is some sort of hardwood with a dark walnut stain on it. It seems to be fairly scratch resistant.

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Best Budget: Winsome Wood Beveled Seat Bar Stool in Cherry

A stylish bar stool for under $25? Totally possible! To find a budget-friendly bar stool, look for ones made of inexpensive materials, like wood or aluminum, with a no-frills construction so you’re not paying for bells and whistles like swivel mechanics, upholstery or extra design details. What you’ll find: Stools like these that are solid, well-constructed, and made of real wood, in a warm finish that works well in many kitchens. This classic round four-leg design works well in casual spaces, and can lend a friendly tone to formal kitchens, too. And unlike a lot of other budget-friendly furniture, these stools come fully assembled.


Best Metal: Flash Furniture Backless Metal Bar Stool

Metal is a durable material that works with a variety of kitchen decors, from rustic to modern and even traditional. And because metal can come in so many finishes and colors, it can take easily take on different looks, even in the same basic shape. The square-topped metal stool is a longtime favorite in restaurants and cafes that has made its way into the home. In neutral colors like black, silver or white, it can seamlessly blend into a space without making too much of a style statement, a great option if you already have dramatic lighting or tile. But in a bright color, like orange or Kelly green, it can inject the room with a playful personality, just by changing up the seating. These metal stools are stackable and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile option for many spaces.

Best Outdoor: Stewart Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools (Set of 2)

Whether you have a bar set up in your backyard or a higher table for dining, a weatherproof bar stool is a must to truly enjoy the space. Typically, outdoor bar stools are made of the same materials as other outdoor furnishings, such as wicker, metal, treated woods and plastic. Your outdoor bar stools don’t have to match your other outdoor furnishings exactly; in fact, it can be nice to contrast materials and textures in the entire space. These outdoor bar stools offer a great combination of comfort and durability. A high back and generous arms, combined with the woven seat and back, make them comfortable for lounging for lengths of time. They’re made of PE wicker over a coated iron frame to make them weather-resistant. And the wicker look is a classic for outdoor furnishings for its tropical feel.

Best Swivel: Roundhill Furniture Chrome Swivel Stools (Set of 2)

Swivel stools are great for entertaining or for placing in areas where you might transition between conversing with people in one spot and then another. Many people like having the option to move around as they sit, and if you’re concerned about scratching your floors (if you have hardwood, for example), swivel chairs can be a good option since people don’t need to scoot them away from the countertop to get right into their seats. Swivel bar stools are available in a range of styles, from a classic chrome diner-look stools to pub-style wooden ones. This streamlined set is a more modern take on the swivel, with an ergonomically curved seat and shiny chrome base. It’s available in three solid colors. And as a bonus, this swivel seat is also adjustable from counter height to bar height, making it easy for both children and adults in a range of heights to get comfortable at the countertop.

Best Counter Height: Threshold Windsor Counter Height Stool

Wood is a tried-and-true material for seating. It’s sturdy, can be carved or stained in myriad styles, and is pretty much impervious to spills if you address them quickly. Wooden stools also has more give than their metal counterparts, making them more comfortable for most people to sit in. Add to that a tall, generous seat back, like this Windsor-style seat, and you have a counter height stool that family and guests will be happy to hang out in for hours. This classically-shaped stool comes in black and white, plus three more peppy colors to work in a range of spaces. In a classic neutral, it can fit in with a formal or traditional space, but in a bright color like lemon yellow or mint, it’s a truly modern update for a fun dining space.

Best Upholstered: Threshold Brookline Tufted Barstool

While barstools tend to be considered a more casual seating option, a traditionally-styled upholstered bar stool can be just as formal as a true dining chair. In elegant kitchens, they can match the tone and in more casual ones they are one of the most comfortable options for seating. Plus, you can typically find more patterns and colors in fabric than you will in other materials. That fabric can be covered or replaced in a few years if you want to change the look or need to spruce up shabby, tired fabric. While fabric or leather seats will require more upkeep than wipe-clean plastic or metal ones, a material pre-treated with stain resistance usually cleans up quickly. This tufted upholstered bar stool comes in both counter height and bar height and in a range of soft neutral tones and elegant pastel colors, as well. Millennial pink, anyone? If you need a shorter bar stool, try the Threshold Brookline Tufted Barstool in the 25-inch height.

Things to look for while buying bar stool

The factors which you need to consider before choosing the right stool include:

  • Material from which they are made: Stools can be made from wood or they can be made from any kind of metal. You need to always look at the materials and thereafter you have to take a call. Also, a lot will be dependent on the type of decor which is present in your premises. Once you are able to take into account the type of decor, it will become easier for you to choose the right stool.
  • Height adjustable: You need to always keep in mind that as far as possible, you have to choose the stools which have a height adjustment mechanism. When you are able to choose the stools which are height adjustable, it will become easier for you to make it versatile as per the needs.
  • Back support: You have to also keep in mind whether you need the stools with the back support or whether you need the stools without back support. With the back support, it will become easier for the individual to occupy it for a longer period of time. That is why you have to look at the back support as well and thereafter you have to take a call.
  • Type of upholstery: When you’re choosing a bar stool, spillages are pretty common. That is why you have to look at the type of upholstery involved. If it gets damaged due to the spillages of drinks or hot water, it is a good idea to buy one which is liquid proof. Also, you have to look at the cleaning mechanism as well and thereafter you have to make a decision about the stools which you choose.

Thus, when you’re looking for a bar stools for your premises; you have to look at the different designs of the stools which we mentioned above. With the help of this list, you will be able to certainly find the stools which are suitable for the decor of your premises. All of these are highly durable and stable which ensure that you will not have to worry about any wear and tear or damage to the stools.


Barstools are the perfect option for you whether you want to create a sitting arrangement around your home bar or whether you’re looking for barstools for commercial premises. In addition to that, they go pretty well along with the countertop in the kitchen as well. Thus, the applications of barstools are pretty versatile.



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