Bedside Table Lamps reviews 2018


A good ambient bedside light can help you relax and get your eyes adjusted for night time. If you like to read in bed, an adjustable option could work for you – the best ones operate smoothly and can be positioned as you like.

Moreover, they are designed in such a way that they perfectly fit for bedside tables and even sofa tables. Some also have retractable built-in belts; hence, you can use them as camping lamps or garden lamps.

Where to place the bedside lamp?

The use of the bedside lamp is rather traditional, but it is true that finding a small lamp to place on the edge of his bed has something reassuring. In our frantic rhythms, going home in the evening to find the caulked atmosphere of a well-appointed room invites us to relax, to enjoy a good book or a film. Bedside lamps are therefore our first deco ally to create the soothing atmosphere you are looking for in a room. The bedside lamp, usually smaller than a traditional table lamp, can easily be placed on a bedside table, but it is also possible to imagine a more original arrangement. Placed on a stack of books or magazines, above the bed rather than at the side, on the floor, on the edge of a window or suspended, the bedside lamp is essential but is declined and adapted according to your desires.

Which lamp to use?

The bedside lamp in metal, matt or glossy, remains timeless of the furnishing of the room. With its arm articulated as a desk lamp, its industrial look will adapt to all styles. But the low bed lamps, on a fixed support, are also very functional and pleasant. Their light, although not dirigible, is closer to the bedside table and less raw as can sometimes be that of a higher lamp. But the bedside lamp is not limited to the metal lamp, other shapes have inspired designers who see the lights as a source of inspiration.

For an efficient bedside or extra light, we have selected a range of table lamps for your room. They will find their place on your bedside table, your desk or your chest of drawers, to bring a light favorable to moments of relaxation. They will sublimate the decoration of your room: contemporary, design or loft.

We have selected a range of touch lamps. With its light intensity levels choose a touch-sensitive bedside lamp is ideal for insomniacs! A bedside lamp is a key element of the decoration of a room. The bedside lamp serves not only for your reading comfort, but also to give the ambiance of the room.

They are easy to control with most of them having 4 control settings for medium, low, high, and off. Because of their performance and functionality, these cool lamps for bedroom are today available in en masse. While this may be good to the market, it can be frustrating to customers who may find it hard to get the best product. For this reason, we provide you with the following top 10 best Bedside Lamps reviews.

Simple Designs Home LT2014-WHT-2PK Table Lamps

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Add a contemporary feel to your room with these table lamps for bedroom. They feature attractive brushed nickel base for enhanced aesthetic appeal and second-to-none performance. Their touch control has 4 settings (low, high, medium, and off) for ease of use and suit all your lighting needs. These bedside table lamps are ideal for bedroom, and they are something you’ll enjoy having around. Each of them uses one 60-watt type A15 medium base bulb, though it’s not included. They are cool lamps for bedroom whose fabric shades complete their modern look.

Delta Table Lamp

  • And now for something a little more edgy, modern, and super stylish. The Delta Table Lamp is the perfect geometric accent to add to your bedroom. Available from The Cross, the lamp includes an oyster linen drum shade, along with a glazed ceramic base. Gorgeous in white, it is also available in a wide array of bold and beautiful shades. From a whimsical robins egg blue to a rich, deep shade of oxblood red. There is a color to fit with just about any bedroom palette you can imagine.

    Hand-Painted Brush Stroke Lamp

    For a small piece that makes a big statement you can’t ask for more than this. An amazing combination of abstract art and functional furnishing, this lovely table lamp is both hand-poured and hand-painted by Jana Bek Design. Like the others, this too is available in a variety of colors making it easy to find the one that fits with your bedroom’s color palette. It’s soft feminine form and flowing details make it a one-of-a-kind piece that is bound to make a big contribution to your bedside table and your entire bedroom space.

    George Nelson Bubble Lamp

    Hanging a pendant or wall mounted light is another great way to incorporate good lighting into your bedside table while saving space. And if it also happens to look fabulous, then that’s just the icing on the cake. This timeless pendant lamp available from Modernica comes in an assortment of sizes and styles. It’s sleek lines and ultra-modern white shade is sure to breathe new life into your bedroom décor.

    Cloche Table Lamp

    Some things are just too cute for words. The Cloche Table Lamp from CB2 is one. This deceptively simple, intriguingly conceptual piece consists of a brushed aluminum base and a single utility bulb that is surrounded by a glass dome. The result is a light with a modern look and the feel of an old-world gaslight all at the same time. An ideal piece for anyone looking for something more industrial to fit into a modern or traditionally-inspired room.

ZEEFO Flaxen Table Lamp for Bedroom

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This minimalist Japanese-style tatami night stand lamp is one of the best night stand lamps. It is perfect for bedroom, living room, study room, college dorm, and kids’ room. It provides warm brightness that helps light up a room’s corner without blinding or making it uncomfortably bright. Its cord length is 5.24 feet (1.6 meters) and the switch distance from the base is 0.82 foot (25 centimeters) for easy operation. Of all the modern nightstand lamps, the ZEEFO Flaxen Table Lamp comes top.

Limelights White LT2024-WHT Stick Lamp

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The Limelights White LT2024-WHT Stick Lamp comes with a charging outlet for ease of operation, and fabric shade for enhanced visual appeal. It is a fashionable and fun lamp whose performance clearly surpasses the performance of other bedside reading lamps. It is equipped with a 2 prong outlet seated in the base, which you can use to charge mobile phones, tablets, handheld games, and other small electronics. Like most quality bedside lamps, the Limelights White LT2024-WHT Stick Lamp is ideal for bedrooms, offices, dorms, and even living room. Its white color makes it one of the best bedroom lamps.

Albrillo Warm White Bedside Lamp

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Bedside reading lamps are some of the greatest things that should not miss in your bedroom. And the Albrillo Warm White Bedside Lamp is one of them. This nightstand lamp features an intelligent design that stands at 9 inches tall to save space. It is one of the best lamps for bedroom, living room, or office. Its soft and sweet light is friendly to the eye, and will let you enjoy the night without worrying of anything. The Albrillo Bedside Lamp can be a great gift idea for any occasion including Christmas, wedding, and birthdays, among others.

Regency Hill Set of 2 Table Lamps

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Enhance your bedroom’s looks with these table lamps for bedroom. They come equipped in a deep bronze finish; thus, are perfect for a console table in an entryway. They are stylish and understated bedside table lamps that feature a classic silhouette in a metal construction. Each of these lamps for bedroom takes at least 100 watts or equivalent bulb (not included). They come with shades that measure 10 inches across the top and 12 inches across the bottom as well as 9 inches on slant.

Light Accents Set of 2 Table Lamps

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Add sophistication, style, light, and ambience to your bedroom with these bedside lamps. They come in a brushed nickel finish and deliver a sleek, sophisticated design that will easily blend with any room decorated with art deco, modern, traditional, industrial or minimalist décor. These nightstand lamps also offer soft and subtle illumination that makes reading in the bed a breeze. Place them on the end tables or even on both sides of the couch to light up your living room. They are arguably the best cool lamps for bedroom.

Simple Designs LT2007-WHT-2PK Table Lamp

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Simple Designs has been on the limelight for several occasions; thanks to their quality and unique modern nightstand lamps. They are lovely, inexpensive, and practical. Moreover, they are designed to meet your basic fashion lighting needs and will be of essence to your bedroom, living space, or office. They are also energy saver with each using a single 40-watt type B E12 Candelabra base bulb (not included). These bedroom lamps also have mini chrome bases and fabric shade for advanced functionality.

Simple Designs LT2003-BLU Table Lamps

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If you want your living room, bedroom or office to look like heaven, then these table lamps should be a frontier for you. They are one of the best table lamps for bedroom whose charming and practical design will meet your fashion lighting needs. They are equipped with a white shade and feature an oval texturized stucco ceramic base for enhanced aesthetic looks. Each of them uses one 60-watt medium base bulb (not included). With these cool lamps for bedroom, you’ll be able to bring in the contemporary feel in your bedroom.

Idealeben LED Bedside Lamp

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This night stand lamp emits a warm, yellow light that’s soothing and relaxing. It is one of the best bedside reading lamps you’ll ever come across. Its retractable built-in belt allows it to be used as flashlight or camping light. Suspend it on a tree in your garden and witness everything in their beautiful nature. The lamp’s pre-installed rechargeable battery lasts for 4 – 5 hours. This bedside lamp from Idealeben is built well with no edges or corners; it is fully round for ultimate safety both for you and your kids.

Elegant Designs LT1025-BLK Table Lamp (Black)

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The Elegant Designs LT1025-BLK Table Lamp features a versatile design that enables it to fit perfectly in almost any space. It completes any look in the room with contemporary and unique design. Moreover, it boasts a 100-percent genuine leather wrapped body for durability and functionality. The strikingly handsome leather base and clean lines bring in its modern look. The Elegant Designs LT1025-BLK Table Lamp is ideal for bedside and sofa tables. It is neither too large nor too small; thus, it will perfectly fit nearly every space.


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