Bear Archery Titan Review





The perfect option for young beginners

The Bear Archery Titan has been designed for youth. What this means for the end-user is that individuals from 12 years old and up are more than free to utilize this alternative. However, this does not leave out shorter hunters as well as female archers, whose physical features are a great fit for this bow. Since it is relatively easy to put together and shoot, the unit leaves a lot of room for grow. In fact, we’ve noticed that many of the people who took the time to review this product claim that they’ve seen a lot of progress in their target shooting thanks to the Titan.


Suitable for target practice and hunting small game

According to the archery equipment legal requirements, this bow is not appropriate for hunting medium and large game. This situation is due to the light draw weight of the unit. Even so, there’s nothing stopping young archers from practicing their craft using the provided paper target or separate compressed foam target blocks that are available for purchase separately. Archers who practice a lot will notice a serious degree of progress in terms of learning how to use the bow, which is why they’ll soon enough try their best at hunting small game. This type of living target is legally allowed with the draw weight of the Titan.


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Comfortable and lightweight

Since the model has been built with youth in mind, it goes without saying that the manufacturing brand has put a lot of time and effort into making it as lightweight as possible. The comfortable grip lets users practice for hours on end. Holding and shooting the bow for a long time isn’t related to any sort of discomfort thanks to the characteristics of the design.

Can be used both by left-handed and right-handed users

One of the core advantages of choosing this alternative is that it’s ambidextrous. In other words, if you have two young or shorter relatives of whom one is a lefty and the other is a righty, they can both utilize the same bow. This detail adds to the cost-effectiveness of the option.

Excellent value for the cost

Although it’s a rather basic longbow, the Bear Archery Titan offers immense value for the price. Considering that more than one hundred and fifty Amazon buyers took the time to provide positive ratings, we believe that it’s safe to say that the model is worth every penny. From 16-year-old girls to 12-year-old nephews, the Titan is can meet and sometimes exceed the expectations of young hunters in the United States and Canada. Even if the speed of this longbow can’t be compared with the one of some of its competitors, one ought to keep in mind that it’s intended for teenagers and small individuals.




Some users have reported that it makes a bit too much noise for a bow in this size category.



Our verdict

If you’ve been meaning to offer a gift to a younger relative interested in learning the basics of archery and bow hunting, you’ve just found the perfect present. The Bear Archery Titan combines affordability with convenience and reliability, thus satisfying the requirements of eager learners.


Buy from for ($42.9)


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