Bear Archery Montana Review


1.1 Bear Archery® Montana



Unparalleled performance

Some say longbows can’t raise to par, particularly when compared to compound bows that are nowadays available in the market. The fact of the matter is that longbows will never go out of style, which is the same with the Bear Archery Montana. Even though the first prototype of this product was released back in the 1990s, it’s still going strong in regards to popularity. This situation is due to the fact that it does what it’s supposed to do with little to no effort on the part of the user. It’s fast and smooth and comfortable to shoot.


As quiet as can be

Any hunter will know that, should his or her bow make a lot of noise, the target will get scared off easily. Fortunately for individuals interested in shooting traditional bows, this one takes silence to a whole new level. While there have been buyers who claim that they have installed some cat whiskers so that they really fail to hear the bow at all, even without them the product doesn’t make almost any sound at all.


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Easy to use

When it comes to buying the right longbow for your needs, things are a tad more complicated than they would be if you were to be interested in a compound hunting bow. As is the case with other units in the line, the draw length and draw weight of this one cannot be customized. That’s why you have to be aware of your physical features so that you pick the correct draw length and strength. After you’ve done so, you have a high chance of being mesmerized by the ease of use of this alternative. It’s lightweight and sturdy and allows owners to perform as many as 500 shots in just one session.

1.2 Bear Archery® MontanaDurability is at the core of the bow

The limbs of the unit are faced and backed with fiberglass overlays. The tips are reinforced so that they allow for a strong draw. Bear Archery is a brand that’s well-known for building top-notch products, and this one lives by the company’s quality standards. Judging by the ratings acquired by this option over time, it’s safe to say that owners have a high chance of utilizing it for many years to come.


Great value for the money

Although it might not be as affordable as some other pieces of archery equipment you might come across during your research, it’s safe to say that this longbow is worth every penny. It’s been praised time and time again for offering just the right amount of power and speed, and for its excellent long lastingness. Since you won’t be spending any dollars on repairing or replacing the unit, it’s safe to say that it’s the best when it comes to cost efficiency.




Even though it’s well-built, the grip can sometimes seem a little blocky.


Our verdict

The Bear Archery Montana is a uniquely designed longbow that can take the skills to any hunting practitioner to an entirely different level. It’s easy to use and comfortable to grip and virtually makes no noise when it’s being shot. Besides, it’s durable and can help owners avoid spending any additional money on replacements or repairs.


Buy from for ($380.98)


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