Bear Archery Cruzer 754806145532 Review


Bear Archery Cruzer 754806145532 Review

1.1 Bear Archery Cruzer Ready



A highly adjustable compound bow

One of the fundamental advantages you might want to consider the Bear Archery Cruzer is that the draw range and weight of the bow are both adjustable. What this means for you is that, if you’re a beginner or a shorter individual, you can have your cake and eat it with this alternative. The range can be customized between 12 to 30 inches and the draw weight can be set from 5 lbs. to 70 lbs., depending on the physical attributes of the person who is using the bow at a certain time. Thanks to these adjustability characteristics, the product can be utilized by many archers of different skill levels or sizes. What’s more, the unit weighs in at just 3.6 pounds, making it easy for owners to carry and shoot it conveniently.

Smooth and quiet

Another reason to prospect the Bear Archery Cruzer is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise. It goes without saying that targets can get scared off by any sound, and small game such as rabbits and the likes even more so. The model is both quiet and smooth by itself. Hunters who are interested in making the bow even quieter can utilize the string suppressor and stabilizer.


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Makes shooting as comfortable as possible

As previously mentioned, the weight of this bow makes it one of the top choices of people who aren’t exactly keen on using any heavy equipment. The riser has a target-style grip that significantly improves accuracy, and the limbs of the bow can offer a vibration-free release. In fact, the manufacturers have invested a lot of time and effort in designing the grip so that it completely eliminates hand torque.


Comes with all you may need

The Bear Archery Cruzer is a compound bow package that contains all the accessories one might ever require to tending to his or her target shooting or hunting. As such, buyers will receive not just the bow but also a variety of extras, including the formerly mentioned stabilizer and string, a 4-pin lighted sight, a quiver, a nock loop, and a peep sight. In short, there’s nothing stopping you from starting hunting right after having bought the hunting bow.


Great value for the money

The majority of the reviews gathered by this item over time praise the value it offers for the cost. Many of these archers say that it’s one of the most cost-effective kits in the line, as it comes with many accessories that considerably add to the core value of the package. What’s more, the product gives a lot of room to grow, in that the draw length and the draw weight are both flexible and can be customized in accordance with the ever-growing requirements of beginners and young hunters.




The IBO speed of 310 FPS makes this option a bit slower when compared to the speed of its competitors.



Our verdict

From what we’ve gathered, the Bear Archery Cruzer is an excellent alternative for individuals who are just getting in the game of bow hunting. It has more than enough speed, can be customized depending on the taste and preferences of the user, and even comes with a nice set of accessories. Besides, it’s quiet and comfortable to shoot.


Buy from for ($379.99)


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