Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro 1002971-P Review


1.1 Diamond Archery Infinite Edge



Quality doesn’t have to come at a cost

Diamond Archery is one of the top brands when it comes to manufacturing high-quality bows and bow packages both for beginners and for advanced users. While some of the company’s highly esteemed units can cost as much as five and even six hundred dollars, this package can be purchased at a reasonable price. We’ve seen that many online retailers choose to sell it for as little as four hundred dollars and that’s a bargain for the many perks it offers. Affordability doesn’t mean it’s any less well-built. On the contrary, this bow package has all the characteristics one might ever ask for.


Get all the accessories you need with this package

The package includes all the extras a hunter might need both for target shooting and for hunting in the wild. Thus, if you decide to order the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge, you will get deliver not just the bow but also a broad diversity of accessories, some of which have been highly spoken of by many reviewers. The package contains a 3-pin tundra sight, an arrow rest, an octane quiver, a BCY string loop, a comfort wrist sling, a tube peep sight, as well as a 5” ultra-lite octane stabilizer. The value of the package is significantly increased by the presence of all these extras. If you were to decide to buy them separately, the total cost of your investment would rise to around seven or eight hundred dollars.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($332.64)



One of the top rated alternatives you might find

When it comes to critical claim, it doesn’t get better than the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge. The vast majority of the individuals who’ve chosen this alternative have nothing but good things to say about it. Some say that it’s very well-made and makes it a breeze for users to clean and maintain the bow. In addition, they’ve encountered no issue with performing adjustments whatsoever. Since both the weight and the length of the bow are adjustable, it can be a great option both for youth and for adults.


Unparalleled accuracy and smoothness

Accuracy is at the core of the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge, and let’s see why. For one, adjusting the draw weight can be performed with ease, thus making it possible for the hunter to customize the bow in complete accordance with his or her physical abilities and hunting capabilities. Besides, there’s no vibration when releasing the arrow, which is something you might come across with other various bows you might have tried in the past.




The peep doesn’t come pre-installed.

Some buyers have complained about the absence of a user’s manual.



Our verdict

Offering excellent value for the price and all the possible accessories one might need in order to tend to his or her hunting, the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge seems like a safe bet. After all, it is one of the most critically acclaimed units out there as it is both accurate and smooth and offers the best performance of today’s compound hunting bows.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($332.64)




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