Top 10 Best Motorcycle Locks In 2016 Reviews


With bike robbery at a record-breaking high everywhere throughout the world, a large number of bikers are right now vigilant for compelling security frameworks with locks beating their rundowns for a few reasons. Contrasted with different frameworks, they are moderate, have temper evidence plans that render cruisers fixed, and have simple to utilize security frameworks that needn’t bother with expertise as well as experience to utilize well.

A few novel models are likewise feasible in stores with most having basic and all inclusive outlines that function admirably on a few sorts of cruisers. On the off chance that you are a piece of this gathering and are looking for a useful spending item that will never disillusion you throughout the years, this article has filtered through your accessible alternative and highlighted the 10 best that will serve you well for a considerable length of time. They are solid, inventive, and have secure outlines that will never baffle or let you down throughout the years.

10. SharkMotorcycle Shkthrot391


Intended for securing bikes, ATVs, and every other vehicle with throttle-mounted handlebars, SharkMotorcycle Shkthrot391 is a flexible lock with a visual and grunge-looking configuration that deflects criminals from a separation. It is conservative, fits serenely in glove boxes or pockets, and has a plain as day locking innovation that does not oblige ability to utilize. You should simply to fit in on your bike’s throttle and secure it to render your machine stationary.

Evacuation is additionally simpler while its research facility tried and affirmed outline is reasonable as well as has a lightweight configuration with an idiot proof bolt that opposes great effect levels. Whether a criminal appears with a mallet as well as tries to pry it free, he or she will never bargain its defensive obstruction. You get two keys with every lock acquired.


  • Quits humiliating falls – Unlike plate locks, you can’t overlook it’s set up, no twisting, no circle soil or road grime.
  • Profoundly noticeable
  • Clear as crystal, fast and simple. In the event that security is simple you’ll use it inevitably.
  • Minimal (fits effortlessly in pocket, sack or glove compartment)
  • Utilized on the back brake lever will hold the back tire from turning considering the extricating or re-torquing of the grasp nut while doing belt, grip and variator upkeep.
  • Utilized on the front brake lever will keep the bicycle from being pushed off the middle or side stand.
  • Research facility created and tried to oppose compelling effect levels.
  • Solid yet lightweight.
  • Fits most bikes, bikes and ATV’s.
  • Key not required to bolt.

9. XENA XX10-SS Disc-Lock Alarm


Do you have a cruiser that you drive with to work as well as school regularly? Have you explored different avenues regarding a few bike locks with poor results? XENA XX10-SS is a propelled Disk-Lock Alarm with a visual and sturdy stainless steel development that will shield your cruiser well from every single prying eye. It is lightweight, has a smaller and versatile plan, and components a carbide-fortified 10mm thick bolt stick that opposes pounding and Freon assaults when being used. The ultra-high quality twofold bolting framework that it accompanies enhances its quality and execution further while its stop and splash safe barrel utilizes an exceptional laser carved key that cheats can’t copy. To supplement its strong body, purchasers likewise get stun and development sensors and an inherent 120-decibel (dB) alert, fueled by a CR2 battery.

High-level chro-moly steel mono-piece development and puncturing 120dB caution make the elite XX10 an amazingly successful approach to ensure your motorbike. Featuring a game and street bike-situated fit profile with 10mm twofold bolting, carbide-fortified solidified steel locking pin and pick-evidence, solidify splash verification key and barrel. Stun and movement sensors trigger a penetrating 120dB hostile to burglary caution fueled by a solitary CR2 Lithium battery. Self-equipping, with no on-off switch, re-sets to outfitted mode inside 15 seconds.


  • Weight is 616g; 1 x CR2 3v Lithium Batteries
  • Lock highlights 10mm carbide-fortified pin, twofold bolting framework, Ultra-high quality, solidify shower safe key barrel, most extreme security key and barrel
  • It incorporates 1 XENA circle lock, 1 CR2 battery, 3 Keys, 1 XENA lock instrument scratched with Unique Key Code
  • Caution highlights 120dB alert, auto arm/incapacitate, removable alert module, stun and development sensors.

8. BigPantha Lock


On the off chance that you are worn out on losing your bike protective cap as well as coat at whatever point you step far from your bicycle and are searching for a practical arrangement on a financial plan, this smooth dark BigPantha Lock is among the best. Evaluated among the best in this specialty, this all in one lock is sturdy, has an idiot proof blend pin bolt that secures bikes and individual things well, and is made of a tough and treated metal that withstands mishandle well without losing its shape as well as breaking.

Its reduced and versatile configuration fits advantageously in pockets. Its self-curling plaited plan (6 foot long) is anything but difficult to fit and expel while its similarity with bikes, bikes, and bikes make it an absolute necessity have extra for those that rely on upon such types of transport. BigPantha Lock is shoddy and has a defensive coat that does not harm bicycles.


  • Self-Coiling Braided Steel Cable is a Full 1.82M Long (6 feet) So You Can Lock Your Jacket and Your Helmet (or Two Helmets) to Your Bike.
  • Top notch Metallic Carabiner Combination PIN Lock so that Your Helmet Will Not Get Stolen!
  • Multi-purpose gadget locks can likewise be utilized for ensuring your packs, bags, child stroller, stepping stool, garden furniture
  • Motorcycles, Scooters or Bicycles. Also, With protective coating to Prevent Damage to Your Bike or Helmet – warning – beware of cheap imitations that do not have the protective rubberized sleeve!
  • Little and LIGHT (5cm x 9cm/5oz) to Easily Tuck into Your Pocket.



As the XENA XX10-SS recorded, XENA XX6-SS is a top evaluation stainless steel bike plate lock with a light and compact outline that you can convey along amid your various outings. It is moderate; planned, tried, and endorsed to withstand a wide range of misuse; and has an imaginative push-down locking framework with a tempered 6mm locking pin made of tempered steel. For included wellbeing, the key barrel that it accompanies has a splash and stop evidence plan that keeps going long. It additionally has an inherent battery-fueled (CR2 Battery) caution (120dB), development and stun sensors that screen the region of your bike well, and an auto arm and incapacitate highlight that triggers a boisterous alert at whatever point it identifies dangers. You likewise get a one of a kind key code and a mono-square compound development that keeps going.

High-level mono-piece amalgam development and penetrating alert make the XX6 a surprisingly powerful approach to ensure your motorbike or bike. Fits practically any bike or motorbike, with a high-level mono-square compound development and a 6mm steel pushdown locking pin. Ice-shower verification and pick evidence key and barrel. Stun and movement sensors connected to a modern chip trigger a 120dB caution controlled by a solitary CR2 long-life Lithium battery. All hardware are housed in a replaceable alert module – no devices required. Self-equipping, with no on-off switch, re-sets to furnished mode inside 15 seconds.


  • It incorporates 1 XENA Disk-Lock, 1 CR2 Battery, 3 Keys, 1 XENA lock instrument carved with special key code
  • Caution highlights 120dB alert, Auto arm/incapacitate, Replaceable caution module, stun and development sensors
  • Lock highlights pushdown locking framework, 6mm steel locking pin, solidify shower safe key barrel.

6. Trimax T665LC


Ensure your speculation with the Trimax T665LC Chrome Hardened Metal Motorcycle Disk Lock. It is worked to oppose cutting, sawing and etch assaults and offers a high security hostile to bore center to prevent criminals. It accompanies an update link, which ensures that you don’t inadvertently drive off with your bike secure still. Additionally included is a pocket for simple stockpiling and convey.

Buy Trimax T665LC to get a solid metallic circle lock for cruisers with a carefully designed 10mm long-throat pin and a solidified body that functions admirably. Free of the sort of bike in your ownership, this lock won’t just secure it well additionally render it fixed at whatever point you abandon it.

Well setup, Trimax T665LC opposes cutting, etch assaults, and sawing. It likewise has a hostile to bore center that opposes prying assaults, has an advantageous push catch framework that facilitates utilization, and accompanies an update link that lets you know when it is set up or not and a helpful conveying pocket for less demanding stockpiling at home and transportation out and about.


  • The solidified metal opposes cutting, sawing and etch assaults
  • Trimax circle lock with a 10mm stick additionally accompanies a conveying pocket and update link that guarantees you don’t attempt to drive off with the lock still set up
  • It is chrome and offers a high security, against drill lock center
  • The T665LC is a solidified metal plate lock with a 10mm pin
  • Gives an extra layer of assurance for your bike.

5. Kryptonite Series 4


This fourth release of the acclaimed Kryptonite line of bike locks is a solid orange-themed model with a solidified 14mm steel shackle that opposes influence assaults and cutting. The deadbolt bolting that it accompanies, then again, secures against turn assaults well, while its plate style barrel is sturdy as well as has a fortified outline that offers prevalent hostile to force and hostile to bore insurance. Kryptonite Series 4 is moderate, has a high-force battery-controlled globule and accompanies three laser-scratched lock keys that are for all intents and purposes non-reproducible. You don’t need to burn through thousands to secure your bicycle.

Kryptonite Series 4 Evolution U-Locks made of 14mm, solidified MAX-Performance steel shackle with twofold deadbolt plan. 14mm, solidified MAX-Performance steel shackle with twofold deadbolt design High security plate style barrel with more than a million key varieties, 2 standard and 1 lit key Reinforced against drill/pull chamber with focus key area and overhead cam locking mechanism$2,250 hostile to burglary assurance


  • Fortified sleeve over crossbar and chamber gives upgraded security assurance
  • Protected twofold deadbolt locking system for broad holding power
  • Fortified interior lodging builds imperviousness to curving and influence sort assaults
  • Twofold deadbolt locking for additional quality against influence assaults
  • 14 mm solidified Kryptonium steel shackle
  • Hostile to Rattle guards keeps the shackle cozy against the crossbar and counteract superfluous commotion
  • Counterbalanced key area and overhead cam locking instrument opposes influence assaults
  • 3 keys, including 1 lit
  • The mounting framework takes into consideration 360 degree turn giving the capacity to miniaturized scale alter the lock edge to better fit and adjust to a bicycle outlines particular geometry
  • The Transit FlexFrame-U mounts rapidly and effectively and bolsters the transportation of the most widely recognized u-lock sizes
  • Vinyl covered and weatherproof
  • The Flex Frame-U fits bike outline tubing 25mm to 80mm whether round, oval, triangular or square shapes
  • U-lock measurements: 10.2 cm x 22.9 cm x 14 mm
  • Pivoting dustcover over barrel shields from earth and grime.

4. Master Lock 8290DPS


Measuring 22-inches, Master Lock 8290DPS is a vast 9-join pair of road sleeve locks with a sturdy and simple to utilize plan that purchasers appreciate. Establishment and taking care of are simple while the expansive 3-inch sleeves offered fit helpfully on fencing posts, stopping meters, and numerous other static embellishments. For those with a tight spending plan, this sleeve lock is modest. The solidified and overlaid steel used to make it has saw evidence rotates that never come up short under weight.

They additionally flex for simpler establishment and fold into a minimized bundle that you can store as well as transport effortless when it is not being used. Buy a unique to get a top-grade push catch bolt that offers esteem.


  • Minimal outline folds into equal parts to fit in seat sack, knapsack or pocket
  • Simple establishment and simple taking care of
  • Solidified overlaid steel development with solidified turn connection is for all intents and purposes difficult to cut
  • 3-inch sleeves permit locking to a stopping meter or fence post
  • The item is fabricated in china
  • 12 crawls in length for advantageous locking
  • Rotating join keeps an altered grapple point, taking without end the utilization of influence to crush
  • The item is profoundly solid and simple to utilize.

3. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper


Featuring a striking yellow theme that deters thieves from a distance and a dual-reinforced disk-style cylinder that resists prying, drilling, and all other lock tampering techniques, Kryptonite 000884 Keeper is versatile and recommended for securing motorcycles and scooters to name a few. Pricing is decent. It’s light, compact, and weatherproof design withstands both physical and environmental abuse well.

Its tempered 5mm pin, on the other hand, is durable and built to fit smaller vent holes that most standard locks often fail to fit. Whether the thief tries to ride away or roll away your motorcycle, he or she will have a difficult time wrestling with this one of a kind motorcycle lock. All you have to do is buy an original and install as needed.


  • Incorporates brilliant orange update link to anticipate riding endlessly while plate lock is locked in
  • Key Safe Program
  • Smaller, lightweight and waterproof
  • Double fortified, high security circle style barrel
  • 5mm pin diameter fits littler vent openings
  • Stapler style circle lock immobilizes vehicle to counteract move away or ride-away robbery
  • Incorporates 2 Stainless Steel keys, with ergonomic configuration to decrease the measure of torque, and keep them from twisting or breaking.

2. Kryptonite Keeper


Kryptonite manager is a creative coordinated chain bike and bike lock with a strong end pin-join plan that secures it to a solidified deadbolt. Fabricated utilizing 3T manganese steel, this lock is saw, mallet, and pry safe. All connections are solidified to withstand overwhelming influence assaults while its plate style high-security chamber is both penetrate and pick safe. Along these lines, you get a completely secured all in one bike bolt that counters all dangers well to keep your expensive extra safe in all situations. Kryptonite Keeper is reasonable, simple to utilize, and accompanies three ergonomic I keys that keep going long.

The Kryptonite Keeper Standard Lock is a reasonable D lock for moderate wrongdoing regions, 12mm solidified steel shackles, Reinforced neckline over keyway for expanded assurance, High security plate style chamber and a High security Bent Foot plan. Incorporates side mount and snap-in section and 2 stainless steel “I” keys that are more ergonomic and decrease the measure of torque being connected, to stop them bowing or breaking.


  • Incorporates click style transportation section
  • 12mm solidified steel shackle opposes hand instruments
  • 2 keys – high security, plate style
  • Weight/Dimensions: 2.42lbs/10×7.5×2
  • Defensive vinyl covering
  • Strengthened neckline over keyway for expanded security
  • High security “Bowed Foot” plan
  • Section included
  • Lock size: 4″ x 9″
  • High security plate style chamber.

1. The Club UTL810


An acclaimed utility bolt all around, The Club UTL810 tops our rundown of the best bike secures in the business sector. Measuring 8.5-11.5-inches (customizable), it is minimal, versatile, and in this manner suggested for travel. Its yellow-themed body is unmistakable from a separation while its climate safe completion makes it a perfect embellishment for use outside. Aside from securing your motorbike, you can likewise utilize this additional substantial obligation lock to secure your ATV, bike, and bike without scratching wrap up.

Secure your valuable things with the Club UTL810. It can be utilized to ensure ATVs, framework, doors, porch furniture, cruisers and the sky is the limit from there. The climate safe security piece gloats an overwhelming obligation development equipped for withstanding up to 1,500 lbs of weight. Its protected configuration takes into consideration adaptable use. This ATV utility lock arrives in a brilliant yellow complete that makes it simple to see.


  • Steel gusset in favor of the lock lodging keeps funnels from being utilized to pry the lock
  • Weight: 3 pounds 4 ounces
  • Accompanies four climate safe, seven pin keys
  • Measurements when shut: 11 creeps high x 8.25 crawls wide x 2 crawls profound
  • Vinyl covering shields bike paint from scratches and scratches
  • Alters from 8.5 inches to 11 crawls high
  • Self-locking for snappy and helpful establishment without the key
  • Materials: Case solidified steel
  • Completely movable to wipe out dead space inside the lock.


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